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Started by Siruya, July 25, 2011, 07:04:44 PM

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I wanted to put down a list of things I'd really love to try right now. These are just vague ideas at the moment, but if any interest is shown, I'll try to elaborate.

** = I have ideas for a plot.
# = I do not have ideas for a plot.
Red text: I crave this right now.

Symphony of Ages
(follow link for description of series)

I'm interested in a Rhapsody/Achmed pairing or a Jo/Grunthor pairing (Jo would be at least 17). ** (all F/M)
For the Rhapsody/Achmed pairing, we would be playing around with domination/submission themes.

For a Jo/Grunthor pairing, we would be playing around with teasing, tickling, pain-play and some rough housing. Far more romance with this pairing than with Rhapsody or Achmed.

A Song of Ice and Fire**
(follow link for description of series)
I'm interested in a Cersei/Jaime pairing or a Sansa/Sandor Clegane pairing (Sansa would be at least 17). **(all F/M)
Cersei/Jaime would be exploring incest themes, domination, and pregnancy play.

For Sansa and Sandor, we would broach non consensual themes.

Forgotten Realms (D&D) #
(follow link for description of series)
I'm interested in a Entreri/Jarlaxle pairing for this. (M/M)

I'm not sure what we would explore in this...my ideas are running a bit slow.

*Original Characters/Settings will be posted within a day. I wanted to put up my fandom interests first.

Dragon Age (I or II)**
(follow link for description of series)
I'm really interested in playing out a Mage/Qunari pairing, whether with original characters or with pre-existing ones (like Morrigan/Sten). My favorite Qunari was the Arishok from DAII. The pairing can be F/F or M/M, but I prefer not to have any F/M in this one unless it is between canonical characters. I'm interested in exploring control, orgasm denial, and humiliation in this one.


The Yuki-onna
(The Snow Woman) (F/F or F/M)

A Yuki-onna is a Japanese snow spirit capable of bringing blizzards and storms. The spirit is usually malignant to humans, but in some stories, the Yuki-onna is portrayed as hungering for warmth. Sometimes she will disguise herself as a human and marry/take a mortal lover. The Yuki-onna can hide her true nature flawlessly, but what Yuki-onna despise more than anything are lies.

The plot? Many years ago, a young boy/girl lost in the mountains encounters a horrific blizzard. He/she believes he is going to die, but an unearthly beautiful woman throws a strange gossamer cloak over him/her, whispers that he/she is beautiful, and promises to spare his/her life. However, the victim must never tell anyone what he/she has seen. Years later, the same boy/girl, now a handsome man/woman, returns to the scene of the trauma and finds a beautiful young woman, cold and stranded, on the mountainside. Her name is Yuki, and she shows a deep love and interest in her savior.

Yuki is actually the malicious spirit, and she is waiting for her lover to break his/her word about that fateful cold night. And when the victim does, Yuki will drag him/her away to her palace of snow forever.

Involves: Dom/Sub switch (Yuki will be very submissive and sweet as a human, but horrifyingly dominant as the Yuki-onna, bondage, anything you believe can reasonably fit into this roleplay.

The Yuki-onna NSFW

Yuki the human woman NSFW

*Note: I suppose this could be modified to be a M/M  by changing the spirit to a Yuki-otoko, or a "Snow Man," although I feel silly thinking like that.


In Dreams: We Love and Die (F/F, F/M, M/M, also trans-gender/sexual friendly)

Two people are born with an innate psychic link. They have never met, but they always share dreams together. They discover over time that they are immensely attracted to one another, and they strive to find and meet each other in the real world. Things get complicated when one of them becomes more psychically inclined than the other, and he/she begins dominating the other person's dreams, forcing sexual situations and distorting the shared dream realm to allow impossible acts and scenarios. When the dreams start to become too much to bear, the partner tries to flee, and it becomes a race to see if the dom can find his/her sub in real life at last.

The characters would be able to take additional forms in the dream world, but they would likely keep it to things that suit their personalities.

If I play a male:
Male forms, Unsure if NSFW

True form:

Angelic Dream form:

Form for water/swimming:

If I play a female:
Female forms, Unsure if NSFW

True form:

Ghost form:

Swimming form: