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Goku { DBZ } x Sailor Scout { Odd Pairing }

Started by KikuLei, July 25, 2011, 02:24:04 PM

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I am really craving something a bit off. Perhaps Merging these two different animes. Perhaps somehow Goku dies or one of the Sailor Scouts have a dream and they cross worlds? I also had an idea, from which I got from a game where both of them kill a strong foe and it causes their worlds to merge due to such a strong force from the enemy's explosion / death. Perhaps they've even been in the same world and didn't know. Goku possibly looking for the Dragon balls in their area which can be used in any of them as a reason for them to join forces.

{ Not just willing to Rp with Goku, but also others if asked. I also have a custom Sailor Scout. }

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This sounds good. Can do it anyway you want if your interested.

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I have some things going on right now with health, I am sorry replies come slow.
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I am interested in playing Sailor Mars or Sailor Moon if you are interested


Well, I prefer to play the female so...?

{ I messaged you Daimon. }