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April 10, 2021, 09:10:20 am

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Author Topic: Bored Female looking for Male writers! (Advanced and Literate prefered)  (Read 1045 times)

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Offline MissInkTopic starter

Salutations from the King sized dork!

I welcome you fellow players of role


Please, take a seat..have a hot chocolate.


Note: To all those who have games currently going with me and I havent replied. Deeply sorry, not intentional. Very busy with personal life, just came our of hospital a few weeks ago. Big curfuffle.


Now would you kindly*read the rules below. Would be ever so time saving for both of us if you did.   (*Bioshock pun intended)  But I know alot of you don' Im asking you now before I catch you out and waste both of our time.



At least 3-5 paragraphs per intro and 3-4 per post with literate & descriptive writing!

Good grasp of English and grammar. Be able to make full sentences that make sense.

Please remember to describe the appearance of your character. Images are fine.

Creative with characters, plot ideas and twists

Long Term Rp

Be patent. Im trying to juggle a fulltime job, education and a social life. I may not be able to post everyday, but I will try.

Original Characters

I am a very talkative and friendly person so please, I would like to be friends as well as rp partners.

Having your main character as your gender, side characters I dont mind




I accept human and non human characters (within reason. Angels, demons, furries, aliens are fine. Centaurs, Orcs, Slime…not so much)

Email is preferred! But Boards and PMs are also fine.

Fluffy romance




People who choose to ignore these rules and waste my time!


Broken English

Basic intros (As in - No detail of characters looks, past and present)

Chat Speak

Stalking – Please don’t message me everyday because I haven’t replied. I do have a life.

  Characters below the age of 17

Anyone who has the IQ of a glass of water. Please be able to hold a descent conversation with me.

Please don’t ask me what I am in the mood for. Message me with what you want to do or an idea of what you want to do.


I also have no limits on bad language or violence/blood/gore

Thank you. Carry on reading for my plots, after these short messages -


message me for rps on PMs or on Boards


I have been roleplaying for 8 years and I am a Creative Writing student and currently writing a novel.

Here is a selection of plots, plus I am accepting your plots for consideration! Feel free to suggest

IF YOU ARE PLAYING A FURRY or non-human - I would like my male partners to have a non human cock that corresponds to the chosen race (But human ones are fine too) – Canines/wolves to have knotted and Dragons to have ribbed ect (No Barbs) or have an made up design of your own!

I am also looking for Anime, Movie and Video Game rps! Please check out what I do at the bottom of the board!!!


Do not hesitate to ask me anything! =3




~Rich Mans Slave~

Fantasy and Real life. Sex based. Casual
(Can be Role Reversed into Rich Woman’s Slave)


Since the 60s, the Pentagon have been conducting underground experiments on humans and animals, taking children from orphanages to use in their work. All failed until the early 90s, and they managed to start keeping their creations alive by genetically moding the eggs and sperms of humans and animals to accept eachother. Some turned out Neko like others furry like. Of course there were medical complications which took them into the the early 00's to fix, and the fruits of their work became healthy beings. The government then came clean about their experiments and tried to introduce this new race into the world and they were instantly rejected by 95% of the world. Human rights protests broke out and blamed them for playing God. They needed to get rid of these beings and the human rights laws prevented them from 'putting them down'. So, they sold them to people willing to buy them and also buy them out of the credit crunch. You, have just inherited your fathers home grown business and you want to expand on it and make it bigger. Everyone has their own deep dark fetishes and you plan to play on them. You buy either a neko or furry and she loves you deeply for it and wants nothing more than to make you happy. You use her and 'pimp' her out to potental business partners. Have her sit by you as you barter and everyone takes the bait.

You could also buy a male and exploit them both if you wish to play furry too



~On a Roar~

It started out as small travelling business for healing the disease of death , but the power of necromancy sent him insane, resurrecting the dead for his own desires. Building horrific undead creatures to take over major cities.

She decides to fight against him but she can't do it alone. She calls on one of the gods(you) and makes a pact with him to which she gives up her womb to bring you to earth to fight along side her. (Anthro prefered but not required)

Expect - Horror, action and adventure. Mainly for Medieval Fantasy but can switch to Modern on request.




(Can be Role Reversed with myself as the trainer)


All Pokemon will be Pokemorphs or normal pokemon (on request as morphs prefered)

I want to 18+ up the current pokemon world by having the essence of real life in it. In battles, the pokemon have the risk of actually being seriously hurt so it may not be allowed unless in controlled environments or even league certified grounds where the referee can stand in and there is first aid on site. Anything else is considered ‘illegal fights’   There are pokemon based narcotics floating around the streets. In rougher cities, there are fierce gang wars between gangs of trainers. You get the idea…be creative with it.

Your character can be anything from an explorer to a breeder. Or an artist to a budding or experienced trainer. Maybe you are apart of the gangs or an illegal underground battle champion. Get creative. 



Any Apocalypse setting or Fallout.

Fallout- Supermutants have grown massively in numbers and are starting to threaten waste landers way of life. They are starting to kidnap, slaughter settlements to build homes, overrun intact buildings and even attack cities. Its now even more unsafe to travel across the wastes.


~Pirates~ Medieval or Sci-Fi or BulletStorm

You are a Pirate captain (either a Space Pirate or...Sea Pirate), you have almost a billion of bounty on your head. As i pirate, you are fond of drinking and often pick up women to get your end away.


Medieval-  A great pirate who stole half of the worlds fortune was killed and the location of his treasure died with him. Luckily, word is spreading among pirates that his daughter is still alive and knows the location of the treasure. You know she works in a pirate bar in London and you find her. After charming her into bed, you have previously drugged her and take her sleeping, spent body to your ship and set sail. Unfortunately, you are not the only people looking for her.


Sci Fi- While setting down on Titan, Saturn's biggest moon, you hit a few bars there with your shipmates. You get talking and drinking with a woman. After leaving your friends and crawling to other bars, you finally get invited back to her apartment and tango. Talking with her in the morning, you find out of her past and find out she is being kicked out of her apartment in a few days. Knowing you cant do anything to help, you leave.

You turn up there again a few days later, just as she is packing to leave tomorrow. You tango again then offer her a place within your crew. As well as fighting off alien war ships, pillaging planets and raiding cargo ships, you find time to fornicate in every room in the ship, regardless if anyone is in the room or not.



You can be an existing character or an OC. (Up to you how you play this, wether you are playing for money or to settle a score or...whatever you want)

The King of Iron Fist Tournament is back and its prize is 100 million. You are a talented hopeful, sitting on the plane to Japan, where the first few rounds are being held. You are presented with a ribbon you must wear around your neck. As soon as you step off the plane, and collect your bag, the preliminaries begin. You can challenge whomever you wish and must retrieve his ribbon in order for you to continue on to the hotel. Those left without, get back onto the plane.

You pick a weakling for an easy fight, and target a young woman who looks out of place. When you challenge her, she gives up her ribbon to you without a fight and announces that she must have gotten on the wrong plane, because she was here to route on a friend. She takes great interest in you after she watches you fight and becomes your die hard fan and pesters you non stop. No matter how hard you try to get rid of her, she always comes back. However, you are not interested in are more interested in the masked women who can hold her own in a fight better than most men.


~It takes the Hearts of many~

Medieval or Modern

There is an artifact that is said to give the user powers of a god. Enough to bring the world to its knees before you and you want it. However, i comes with a price. You will slowly lose your soul and become a mindless puppet for the evil artifact. You beileve you are much too strong for the evil to take hold of you and sure that you will be able to maintain control of it. But its been hidden for many years and no one knows where it is. No one but the followers of the artifact but they are few and far between. Lucky enough for you, a half demon you know is a follower and you 'forcefully demand' her asistence in finding it.

You can be alittle rough with her, perhaps some mild NC.



~The Unicorn Mask~

A nice fluffy medieval fantasy love story for those who fancy it.

You are the king of a large city and you are married to your childhood sweetheart. She is constantly followed by her personal assistant, a young woman in a Unicorn mask. She is forced to wear this mask under strict orders by the Queen, your wife and she is not allowed to take it off until her work is over, nor is she allowed to speak to you without permission. Secretly, she is falling in love with you. However, she has a secret of her own. She is an assassin from the local assassins guild.


~Never again~

Your life has been turned upside down. Your last memory was being hit in a terrible car crash...but you have just woken up on a bed in the morgue. For reasons unknown to you, you now have super natural powers. You can jump higher than any other and run faster than any other. You can also transmorph your body parts into weapons (eg: Arms into blades) and any other powers you can choose yourself.

The city you lived in is slowly becoming over run with a virus that are slowly turning people in monsters. My character will either be a friend or a stranger he meets, but you will end up living with her. Will you join the virus and destroy the world? Or will you be the world savour?


~Fall on your shoulder~


You are a famous rock star, playing a gig tonight at the London O2 arena. A young woman has won VIP tickets to meet you after your show. Shes in a controling relationship and unhappy. During casual drinks back stage, you get carried away and end up sleeping with her. Few weeks later, you are due to leave London that night but reseave a unexpected phone call from the hotel front desk. You meet with the girl you slept with over coffee and she explains that he is pregnant. Instead of getting an abortion and going back to her controling boyfriend, you take her on your tour with you.


~The Crow~


Long ago there was a romance between angel and a demon, which bore a child they named Crow. This caused a war between the two to wipe out the other. The child was killed, but the blood lived on 'infecting' a human to remain alive which gives the 'infected' human charcoal coloured wings, and the power to enter the demon and angel realms, but doing so will kill the host.

Lucifer wants her to invade the angels realm and the angels do not want a human to die so one of the strongest angels, a Seraphim, is sent to protect the person until the blood infection leaves the host. Demons of all shapes and sizes will come after her, and she needs a guardian.

~Zoo with a twist~

Anthro or Neko-like

You are fresh from the lab being transported to these where you will live out the rest of your days.

It is an island in the middle of the zoo, surrounded by water. It had an out door and indoor bit but there is no privacy but for a cave, that leads to a small room underground. It is already home to a female wolf girl. The keeper will give them luxuries if they do something for him. The keepers get a pay rise, if they can attract alot of attention to their

exhibits so the keeper (I would like to share this role) will ask the two do things for the crowd, which can be anything, fighting, bathing, interacting with the public, escape, being intermate...Anything!


There are those who are born with supernatural powers (Like Xmen) and are not accepted by norms

1)   Most, if not all gifted people have been detained by the government for experiments. You are in a concreet room, next to a girl in the next room. The goverment are planning to have you both in the army.

2)   A city has been built in the middle of nowhere. Walled all the way around with homes, shops and everything a city needs inside. At the age of 18, all registered people with a gift are sent to this city to live forever inside. For a few years, it went its full of gangs who are forever at war with eachother, resulting in the destruction of the city. Its a dog eat dog world.


~Horror Inc~

We are a duo who are mercs for hire to sort out the worlds supernatural mishaps. From zombies to vampires and necromancers to curses with an arsenal of weapons.


~Experiment 6063~

Aliens have been watching our life for years and the result of it is numbered experiments, all created humans. Finally one has been a success and so much so, has slaughtered her masters and creators and sealed away in a pod. You have been sent into space to pick up this unidentified pod and bring it back to earth. She takes the first person who she saw once she came around from her coma is you, and you are now, is her new master.  Her memories are slowly returning and will be back to normal in a few days. She has the ability to bring earth to its knees, but she needs your command to do so. Will you hide her from the government or take earth into your own hands?



~Final Fantasy 7, 8 & 9~

Im looking to rewriting these stories with ocs. Anyone interested, please get in touch.



L.A Noire

Pirates of the Carrabean

Mortal Kombat


FullMetal Achemist

Fruits Basket

Fallout 3/New Vegas


Shaman King

Final Fantasy 7,9,10,13

Silent Hill

Resident Evil

Avatar (Not the anime)

Battle Royale

NiGHTS into Dreams



Ninja Scroll