High-Fantasy-- Seeking literate, challenging partner.

Started by Malrunar, July 24, 2011, 12:21:52 PM

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This story needs some nurturing. I’ve got scenes and ideas jumbled up in my head, so it’s a little difficult in its current state to flesh it all out in a few paragraphs. I’m going to need the right partner for this; but before I get into requirements, let me try to share some of the story.

This would be a twisted version of the Lord of the Rings; we have a world set in high-fantasy that’s balancing on an edge, about to spill out into a war which will change everything forever. There is an artifact that needs to be recovered and destroyed/replaced/used to put ‘good’ on the winning side, and there is a small band of people who have gathered together with the similar goal, forming their own fellowship. But here is where most of the similarities end.

This artifact was already stolen, and by someone unpredicted and unexpected; a thief who didn’t understand what the hell she was getting into. Somehow, she managed to slip in and out without the aid of others, and now that she has this item –she finds that she can’t get rid of it. (Either it’s a physical impossibility, or it keeps reappearing. If it’s a jewel or trinket of some kind, I imagine it imbedding into her skin and quite possibly allowing her some extra powers. This is open for discussion!) Our small band of heroes, thinking they may have already have lost, then stumble upon the thief before they could drink away their sorrows; and find their positions reversed. Heroes have turned into kidnappers, forcing her along and to work along their side. A woman who has no business in politics is now centered in a war that is already starting to spill over the seams, and now that fate has shifted, the odds are stacked even higher against them.

So there is the gist of it.

I’m looking for a partner who is willing to take on multiple characters (which would be a shared task,) someone who knows how to tell a story and keep me challenged, since I hope and plan to do the same thing. Details are important to me, and the more you write, the more I will. Give me something to feed my muse and I’ll eagerly wrap around your words and quite possibly you finger. Now a bonus: the few RPs I’m in now are updating about once a week. I’d love to find something that updated more often than that –but if you can’t then I’ll accept it. Life comes first, after all.

Please PM me if you’re interested and/or would like to flesh out some more details or ideas, that's part of the fun!