Bubby is giving in to temptation! Seeking DOMINANT male!

Started by bubby, July 23, 2011, 02:03:50 AM

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I give in. I want a solo RP, but it has seriously been SO LONG, I have a bit of trepidation.

I need a DOMINANT man, who is willing to put up with my DOMINANT female. I am thinking along the lines of a Stockholm Syndrome type of RP.

I want a warrior king type of man, who perhaps has captured my warrior from another kingdom, royalty maybe, but she will most assuredly be a strong willed wench.

My idea of you

And here's me!

I want bondage, but no torture. I like to be tied up and spanked, not get the crap beat out me. I want someone capable of coming up with a good story premise, as I suck at starting a RP, but I am  VERY good follower. I suggest you check out the RP's I am currently involved in to see my writing style (links  below). I want someone willing and capable to match it.

I don't expect this RP to be fast moving, as it will be something that I'll only post when the 'mood' strikes me, therefore if you're willing to move along slow as well...boom!

IF YOU'RE INTERESTED.... PM me a link to a writing sample. If I get any takers, and I choose you, I'll PM you!