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Author Topic: Tales from the Vault of Victory (Kevben's Idea thread)  (Read 1050 times)

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Tales from the Vault of Victory (Kevben's Idea thread)
« on: July 22, 2011, 10:18:12 pm »
This is my first shot at an idea thread, since I'm usually the one that goes out looking for idea's made by others, but now want to see if anyone is interested with any of the idea's my mind could currently come up with. If your interested please, PLEASE, shot me a PM as I would prefer PM's to posts here. I probably won't even see any posts here if I don't check here regularly so a PM would be a wise choice. Hope to hear from some of you who read.

Note: If a guy is interested in any of my plots and don't mind playing a woman I will give em a shot, though I will ask for an example with maybe an exception or two.

Title: Strangers in the Mountains
Genre: High Magic, Fantasy
Elements: Romance, Con Sex, maybe rape
World: Original
Pairing: Mage Knight X Special commoner

Rundown: A small village hidden in the woods near the Wyrmwall mountains is attacked after knowing peace for almost five decades. The attack happens a few days before the festival commemorating the peace the villagers have enjoyed for so long, is suddenly attacked by a seemingly random band of barbarians and take several villagers captive, including your character. A few days later my character and four others set out to find and rescue her, the only survivor since the others were killed for one reason or another. They will then return to her village only to find it completely razed to the ground and learn that there is something much darker going on than random barbarian attacks.

Info: My character is a mage knight, a soldier who posses the spark of the Magi, and is trained to be deadly in both the fields of magic, specifically destruction magic, and the art of swordplay.

The girl is simply the only daughter to the local blacksmith. She also posses the spark of the magi but has kept her talent hidden out of fear, although she will do what she can if her emotions are strong enough to override that fear.

What I'm looking for is someone to play a head-strong girl, and yes she's eighteen. She's the ind of woman who thinks that she can do anything that a guy can do and will set out to prove that she can. I can see and prefer this being a long-term game, although this can be split in two and the first can be played up to where the mage-knight returns the girl home and I can look for someone else to continue it as another game. I'd also prefer a lady to play the blacksmith's daughter but I am willing to let a guy play her as well, but I will ask that when approached by a guy that they send me a sample of them playing as the female gender.

Title: To Hell and Back
Genre: Steampunk, High Fantasy
Elements: Possible romance, con sex, some light bondage
World: Warmachine
Pairing: Journeyman Warcaster X fledgling Warcaster

Rundown: In the town of Highgate the mayors daughter has recently turned eighteen and is now allowed to marry the man of her choice and the whole town show up to celebrate the birthday/wedding. As all of them partied and drank to the soon to be new couple's health an eerie green mist rolled in on the seaside town. Too late was the alarm raised and the guards called to quickly ready for battle as appearing from the mist was the infamous and unholy ship, The Widower, and as it barely docked at one of the ports undead forces and Helljacks poured forth from its dark hulls and joining in on the slaughter to come was the ship's captain, the Pirate Queen Skarre and undisputed ruler of the Satyx Reaver Witches. The fight that came was no more than a massacre as none of the guards remained at their posts save but a few who died quickly in the initial attack.

Soon the town was razed to the ground in less than an hour and only two of its inhabitants were left alive: the mayors daughter and a simple guard who was allowed to live only so that he could spread the story of what had happened. The soldier made a two day journey southward to reach the fortress city of Southshield, and once he confirmed that the black smoke they had seen was indeed a Cyrx raid, did a hot-headed warcaster set out with a fleet of several ships and a small army at his command to rescue the girl that was taken prisoner.

Info: I will be playing the warcaster who set out to rescue the girl, a reckless man who has a strong sense of justice and a deep seated hatred for Cyrx and its undead denizens that borders on the fanatical level.

You will be playing the mayors daughter, a woman who was barely 18 when she had the only life she's ever known taken away from in a blink of an eye. She is strong willed, unlike some women however, and she does whatever she can to get on the nerves of the Pirate Queen and even learns that she can mentally control the Helljacks just like a warcaster and uses that until Skarre retakes control of her Helljacks.

Title: Eternal Damnation
Genre: Sci-fi
Elements: Non-con that slowly turns to con, rape, tentacle, and much more depending on your offs
World: Warhammer 40K
Pairing: Slaanesh worshiping Chaos Lord X Sister of Battle turned slave

Rundown: A planet under control of the Imperium with a small force of adeptus sororitas, or Sisters of Battle from the Order of Our Martyred Lady, suddenly falls under attack by the Blood Gorgons who worship Slaanesh, the Chaos god of Pleasure. The local PDF is quickly overrun and slaughtered but it is the sisters that actually put up a bit of a fight. One sister in particular caught the eye of the leading Chaos lord and he orders her capture at all costs. Was it her beauty despite being a Sister that drew his evil eye to her? Or mayhap how her faith in the Emperor shined brighter than even that of the Cannonness? None of his followers knew but she was marked now and all knew not to deny their lord of what he wanted.

At the final clash she is finally captured, despite the fierc fight that she puts up, and she is then whisked away to their lords flagship where she is stripped of her gear and introduced to the other slaves before she is called upon to "server" her new master.

Info: I shall be playing a Slaanesh-worshiping Chaos lord who is constantly adding to his collection of slaves while you will be playing the captured sister of battle who, at first, resists what she now has to do but will then slowly succumb and eventually worship Slaanesh herself. I see this as a constant fuck story with all sorts of potential. Rape, tentacle, bondage, beast and anything else can happen in this idea.

Title: A Tormented Soul
Genre: Fictional, Modern
Elements: Romance, Con sex, Bondage (light or heavy), and any other but mainly depends on your on's and if they clash with my offs.
World: Modern day with Greek gods
Pairing: Cursed Spartan X Modern Day Woman

Rundown: Centuries ago, a Spartan was found with his wife and children dead and their blood on him and a fellow Spartan dead at his feet. Aphrodite was angered by the fact that the Spartan began to curse her name for bringing about their deaths, and so to punish the mortal she cursed him and bound his soul into a book so that any woman who says his name 3 times may summon him for a full rotation of the moon starting on the day she called him into being and serve as their sexual slave until their time was up and he was once again place back inside the book. Now a woman, six months divorced and with a stalker, has given her the book one April day and decides to give the book a try.

Info: The story is pretty straightforward. I'll be playing as the Spartan sex slave while you play the divorced woman. Will she summon and have her way with him as all the women before her? Or will she be touched by the story he eventually shares with her and tempt the Goddess of Love's wrath to free him from his curse? And is the story as simple as that or is there more hidden that an only be revealed by talking to Aphrodite?

Title: The Angle Experiment
Genre: Modern
Elements: Can be romance, non-con, rape, whatever you can think of.
World: Modern Day
Pairing: Scientist x Experiment

Rundown: A group of scientists are working towards one goal, to make a para-human. They receive funding from various groups who would plan on using these para-humans as living weapons. At first most of the test subjects were missing kids that were kidnapped and held against their will while animal DNA was spliced into their genetic makeup but these quickly failed. After putting their heads together and looking at the data, it soon dawned to them that the younger the children, the better the chances for a success there was and so soon started approaching expecting mothers, telling them that they would be willing to offer a large sum of cash if they could "enhance" the growing child in their wombs. What the mothers didn't know was that the White Coats, as soon as the child was born, replaced the babe with another one and stole the one that they had spliced animal DNA into.

Cassandra is one such child, having been with the White Coats for seventeen years and her eighteenth birthday is coming up. Only one person cared enough to remember about her birthday, one of the White Coats named Lysander Edgewright, who was also one of a few White Coats who was starting to get tired with all of the kidnapping and experimenting and watching as children and teens passed away before them and never getting to experience a full life because of them. He, out of all of those involved with Cassandra, was the only one that seemed to treat her like a true human being and not just another product that could be thrown away once she was all used up. He had something planned, but what it was he would never tell her exactly as it would ruin the surprise on her birthday.

Info: This rp can start on either the day of her birthday or the day before, the choice is yours, and Cassandra's name can also be changed as well, after all, EVERYTHING is negotiable. One last thing, this game can range from either vanilla, meaning nothing bad happens, to extreme. I currently have no real offs except for no scat, so it all depends on your offs.