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Author Topic: Stripe's Ideas [M or F wanted]  (Read 548 times)

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Stripe's Ideas [M or F wanted]
« on: July 20, 2011, 11:48:53 AM »
I have been on a long hiatus and am just coming back.  I would love to be able to start a story, so have posted ideas below.  It dosn't matter to me at this time whether the one playing with is male or female.  I usually play a female character, who is often on the submissive side though by no means passive.  I am more than willing to play out other ideas or to have my own altered to create a better story.  :)

I am willing to work with players playing characters of any gender.

Ideas With Spoilers

This idea takes place about a year after the character I am thinkng of playing for the story is found not guilty of killing someone using her magic.  the one wh arrested her and had her tried has had enough of what he sees as injustice and has come up with a plan for revenge.  He kidnaps her, drugs her so she cannot use her magic to get free and gives her as a gift to someone who specializes in breaking recalitrant slaves. I am thinking the game would begin with ehr waking up in this peron's dungeon or home.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Sana had always thought what the war mages had told her about it being posssible to be so afraid that the fear went away was a lie, until now.  She didn't feel much of anything as she watched the head of the Council counting the votes.  She didn't expect to survive the night, and hoped her execution would at least be quick.  people who used their magic to kill seldom were let off, even in cases more cut and dried than hers, and with the one who had arrested her saying that the murder was premeditated, she knew her chances weren't good.  She heard the hiss of anger the war mage let out though, and for the first time since all this had begun, looked up at the head of the council who had stood.  She saw the banked fury in his eyes and knew, even as he spoke the verdict.  Not guilty.  She turned to exit the chamber, her eyes touching the one who would have executed her.  The fury and hate she saw in his eyes sent chills down her spine and for a moment she wondered if she would have been better off if the verdit had been guilty.

A war between the and the slayers has been raging for a year now when Shae is kidnapped by the vampire leader.  As the leader of the clan she had thought she wuld be held for ransom.  Instead she is trained as a servant, companion and right hand to the vampire's leader and finds herself questioning everything she has ever been taught.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Eyes closed tightly, Shae shuddered, alone in ehr quarters, tears slipping down her cheeks.  War.  It would be war between the hunters nad vampires.  And it was at least partially her fault.  She hadn't known the meeting was a setup when she had knelt and offered her blood to the vampire leader.  She hadn't known about the ambush when she had allowed her greatest enemy to see her,and in doing so, convinved her to come to the meeting her mother had set up.  She hadn't known...And she didn't know why it matttered to her that now the vampire leader would hate her, would think she was in on the whole thing. 

Sent to prison for killing her husband, a pillar of the community, noone cared why she did it or even if she did it.  The only thing that mattered was that someone be punished. That someone was her.  She doesn’t expect to ever be free again, so she starts to build a life in prison with the help of her cellmate, a woman she develops a crush on and eventually falls in love with.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She would forever remember the sound of bars slamming home.  The sound of her life shattering, again.  The yelling and screaming from the other inmates had been the worst though, and Ariana dreaded going out onto the exercise yard tomorrow.  She was a small woman, and while she had learned the basics of defending herself, she wasn't sure she knew enough to keep herself alive.  She curled in a corner, blocking otu the noise as best she could and laying down, trying to ignore the fact she wanted to cry, ignoring that she wanted out of here already.  It would be a long sentence.  She would not let herself give into despair.
Years ago, the Master Vampire had been forced into a decades long slumber.  Without someone to enforce the old laws, vampires have become a lawless species and have formed a world where might makes right.  Currently, the vampires are in charge, and the humans are viewed as second class citizens.  This is the world the master will awaken to, and the world she will want to change with her fated servant by her side.  The question is, will that servant be willing after spending a lifetime hating the vampires?

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Fanged vermin.  That's what she saw the vampires as.  That was all she wanted to see them as.  Why then, was she making this yearly pilgrimage to the sepulchre where the reason all the vermin came to Hidden Falls lay.  The master Vampire had been asleep for centuries, or so she had been told.  She had been told that when the Master had laid to sleep, the vampires had been greater than they were now, that they had been an honorable people.  She didn't believe it.  Nowadays, the vampires ran things, just about and only saw humans as food, as walking bags of blood.  She had only been fed on once, and had sworn to herself, never again.  She didn't like the vermin, and yet every year, on this date, was drawn to where their master lay. Shaking her head at her own folly, she turned and left.  She had to get home, behind a door where no vampire could come, before the sun went down.

The premise here is a reality show, something like 'Who wants to marry a millionaire?' was.  The contestant has been entereed by a friend, and for whatever reason, chooses to go through with it, never expecting to win.  She does however, grow to like the one that she is competing to amrry and he/she her.  The question is, can she win over everyone else competing?  The other idea I have is a reality shw more like Big Brother was, where she and another competitor find love and attraction between them.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The whole thing was supposed to be a lark.  Anna had never expected her friend to be chosen to compete on the show.  she had never expected the producer to fall in love with the notion of a contestant being surprised with the opportunity to compete for the ability to marry a millionaire.  Anna rang the doorbell again, hearing footsteps coming from around back.  She turned to see her friend stepping out of the garden, dressed in arumpled t-shirt and holey jeans.  Yup, she was dead.  Deader when her friend saw the camera men hiding in the bushes. 

The two kingdoms have been warring for as long as anyone can remember, and it has devastated both.  To secure peace, a marriage has been arranged between the princess of one kingdom and the war general and leader of the other. 

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Mara looked out at the battlefield.  The war haunted her dreams, tore at her mind.  She closed her eyes, gathered herself and stepped out onto the battle field, rollling up her sleeves and starting to tend the wounded.  As a princess she was supposed to be above this, supposed to b safe in the citadel but she had to do something to help her people.  She knelt by one of the wounded, taking his hand in her and looking down, startling as she saw the uniform the soldier wore.  The enemy.  She froze, her eyes taking in more details about the soldier.  His rank was high for one who looked so young.  Had the war decimated the otherside as much as it had her own?  She nearly stood, passing the wounded soldier on, then stayed when the eyes opened filled with pain and fear.  She gently brushed the hair back, and gave him water, starting to check him over for injuries.  She paused when she heard thundering hoofbeats, seeing her personal guard leading a saddled horse.  She stood.  "What is it?"

"The enemy are coming, princess...We need to get you out of here!"  She paused, then gave the soldier another sip of water and some ain relievers.  She spoke after a moment's debate.

"Your people are on their way."  She mounted up, and raced off.  It wasn't until later that she would realize that the one whose wounds she had tended was the general, and the leader of the enemy.

Spoiler-less Ideas

This idea is a pair that was deeply deeply in love years ago, a rich boy or girl and a poorer girl.  I am thinking that either the poor girls mother threatened to expose a skeleton in her closet that would have ruined hte rich boy/girl or the rich boy's mother threatened to make sure a dream of his wouldn't happen if they stayed together.  The one being threatened broke it off, and the girl fled.  Now, years later, she's back, and successful.  For some reason she and her old flame wind up meeting again, and everything comes out.  Is there enough between them still to light a new flame?  I think it would be fun finding out!

This plot bunny revolves around a pair of enemies, maybe two opposing generals of an army, maybe the two heads of competing companies, a vampire and vampire hunter, maybe a light mage and a dark mage, a vampire and werewolf, maybe even a super hero and a super villain.  For what ever reason, we can plot it out easily, every year on a certain date, they meet under a truce and sit and talk.  Eventually hatred yields to respect, respect to understanding nad understanding to friendship and so on and so forth.  I would love to play out the meetings and how they affect the relationship between the two for the rest of the year and how events between truces affect the truce itself.

Less Fleshed Out Ideas

In this game, I am thinking of the daughter of a high ranking dignitary and her bodyguard.  She would be living alone, maybe even estranged from her family.  The body guard would be come a friend and confidant for her, and maybe even have sparks flying between the two.

In this game I am thinking a woman who grew up distrusting cops and authority figures in general for some reason is set up on a blind date with a cop.  She finds she likes the cop and wants to build a relationship, but has a hard time moving past her distrust of authority in general.
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Re: Stripe's Ideas [M or F wanted]
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Re: Stripe's Ideas [M or F wanted]
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Added more ideas, hid the spoilers and reserved the second post in case it is ever needed