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Author Topic: Lightshock's Bright Idea's (M Seeking Dom/Switch F)  (Read 859 times)

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Lightshock's Bright Idea's (M Seeking Dom/Switch F)
« on: July 22, 2011, 06:11:05 PM »
Okay, so I read something on wikipedia about Valley Girls. Basically for those of you who don't know the term, it Is basically a term used to represent American women who can be described as colloquial English-speaking, materialistic, self-centered, hedonistic, and often sexually promiscuous, and a "ditzy" or "airhead" personality, and unapologetically "spoiled" behavior that shows more interest in shopping, personal appearance and social status than in intellectual development or personal accomplishment (PRACTICALLY copied from Wikipedia LOL).

I haven't really had an RP on E for a while, so I would love it if someone would be up for trying an Idea based on this with me. I tend to play Switch, perhaps leaning more to Sub, but I can TRY Dominant if it's truly desired. I prefer Dominant Girls, though Switch is fine too, and I can try to adjust for Submissive Girls.

Here are a few Idea's that I would like to try include:

  • That Guy was like SO British~ - Your Valley Girl is in her usual habitat, the Mall, and she's introduced by her best friend to her Distant Cousin, who's from the United Kingdom (My character). She is immediately Attracted to both him and his, in her own words "Like, TOTALLY Sexy Voice". Her Best Friend is all for them getting together, and helps your Valley Girl continue to meet with this British Lad. Will the Brit fall for the Valley's Seduction?
  • The New...Teacher? My character's Class Get's a new Tutor/Subject Teacher. She's Sexy, She's Voluptuous...and she's a Valley Girl, meaning, despite her being very good at her job, no-one in the class concentrates due to her "like, totally wierd voice", and, in the guy's case anyway, her Flirty Personality and Looks. My character in particular is smitten with the Teacher, always offering to stay behind and help her with anything needed doing...what happens when one time he get's more to do than just helping her mark tests?
  • A Valley Dorm? (Harem) - Mark Tennant, Aged 19, has been sent to a Boarding School by his parent's. It's not because he's particularly any bother to them, it's because he actually requested to continue his education, and to get away for a while. There is a problem though. the Boy's Dorm is completely full, meaning he can't really go there...however, He then receives a letter with a proposition. They will allow him to attend, if He can live with Sleeping on his own in the room in the girls dorm, and that he is not allowed to socialise in the common room of the girls dorm...however, the Girls dorm is full of Sexy, Voluptuous Valley Girls, who are all "like, SO TOTALLY excited" at the prospect of having a BOY to have fun with in their dorm. What exactly will happen to Mark when he's under strict supervision, both from authority, and from the lustful eye's of the girls?
Other Ideas

Mirror Mirror. - You are an Attractive, Sexy, Successful Middle-Aged women (From 25-40). You have a well-paid job, you own a very fancy Sports Car, and you live happily on your own...but you also have a Secret Weapon...A Sexy, Kinky Secret Weapon, that keeps your sex drives satisfied despite you still being single. a Special, Magic Mirror that you have in your bedroom. Every Night, you sit down at the Mirror to do your make-up, putting on some Eyeshadow, putting on soem blush, and applying lipstick to your lips thoroughly...and then, you speak those magic words "Mirror Mirror, on the wall...Give me a Man, so handsome and tall~". and every night, the Magic Mirror Give's you what you want, Even allowing your choice, allowing you to Search the city for the man of your dreams, who you will have your sexy, seductive way with tonight.

((Basically this can go either two ways: 1. I play a Young 19-21 year old that you so desperately want, and you use your mirror to make me your property. - 2. I can play several different men that will be your plaything each night. any other ideas are welcome. :) ))

The Hunter...or the Prey? A young Swordsman has lived his whole life being taught the ways of the sword by his family, and taught the means of slaying evil...He is taught this all because of one reason: You. The young Warrior has been instructed that you are an evil, Disgusting, Vile Creature, that threaten's the Safety of his Village constantly and must be destroyed...however they rather conveniently missed out one part: you are also voluptuous. gorgeous, and what most men desire among all, and your not afraid to use your looks to your advantage...So the question is, will the young Warrior Still manage to defeat You and your Wicked Ways, or will he cave to your Temptation, and fall to your Seduction?

((There isn't much of a limit to what KIND of Evil creature you play, whether it be a Demon, Succubus, Alien, etc., however I will say I am NOT into Furries, so avoid that route if possible.))

So yeah, Wierd Ideas, but i'd love to try them. IF you have any ideas that involve Valley girls, I would love to hear them though! my On/Off PAge is located in my signature. If your interested, either leave a message on the thread or PM me. Thanks!

EDIT: I thought I'd also add some pairing's i'd like to try, and some Games, anime, etc. that I watch and wouldn't mind trying.


Succubus x Human *****
Alien x Human *****
Demon x Human ***
Vampire x Human **
Neko x Human ***
Pokemon Gijinka (Pokemon with Humanoid characteristics) x Human (most likely a trainer LOL) ***
SuperVillainess x SuperHero *****
SuperHeroine x SuperHero ***
Goddess x Human ***
Elven x Human **
Witch x Human ***
Female Werewolf x Human *
Princess/Queen x Human (Knight/Cilivian) *
Teacher x Student (I'd prefer Female Teacher but is fine either way) **
Master x Slave (Again, prefer Female Master but either's fine.) **
Corrupt cop x Thief or Witness ***
Nurse x Patient **

(Note: I'd be the Character on the Right in every Case, though alteration's can of course be made. The Stars indicate how much I crave each Pairing.)


Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy (only one's I've never played at all are V, VI, IX, and XI)
Legend Of Zelda
Dragonball Z

Well, there we have it. If you've got anything you wanna try with me, just feel free to ask. ^^
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*UPDATE* Added Pairings and fandoms that I'd like to try.

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Re: Valley Girl meet's her Man. (M Seeking Dom F) ((ADDING OTHER IDEAS TOO))
« Reply #2 on: September 21, 2011, 09:15:30 AM »
*UPDATE* Added 'Mirror Mirror' Idea.

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Re: Valley Girl meet's her Man. (M Seeking Dom F) ((ADDING OTHER IDEAS TOO))
« Reply #3 on: September 25, 2011, 07:20:53 PM »
*UPDATE* Added 'the Hunter...Or the Prey?' Idea.

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Re: Lightshock's Bright Idea's (M Seeking Dom/Switch F)
« Reply #4 on: December 25, 2011, 06:14:02 PM »
Just a quick update. Really craving a Yu-Gi-Oh! RP right now. Can either be DuelistxDuelist or DuelistxDuel Spirit. Anyone who would be willing to help me with that or have any ideas for it please let me know. :)

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Re: Lightshock's Bright Idea's (M Seeking Dom/Switch F)
« Reply #5 on: July 26, 2012, 04:41:16 PM »
Okay, another Desire (other than my Lipstick Fetish, but linked to it), has come to me. I'd like to do an RP based on One/Both of these Pictures.

This and This.

SInce it's obviously Mario Monster's, I could either play one of the two Mario Bros., Or perhap's play My OC that's somehow Sucked into the Mushroom Kingdom. If anyone is interested in RPing One/Both/All of these Creature's for me, let me know via PM. :)