Just a small idea or two... (F seeking M)

Started by Axenia, July 22, 2011, 01:54:44 PM

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An idea I have thought about for a while.

Forced into marriage
   For years two kingdoms have been meeting each other on the battlefield, fighting over a disagreement long forgotten. For generations fathers and sons have ended their lives on the battlefield, leaving the grieving widows to pick up the pieces at home. King Roland, the ruler of the losing kingdom Alyran, decides to try and end the war by offering his most priced possesion to the kingdom of Therill, his daughter princess Eliana. He knows the king has a son, and that the prince is not yet married. But it is also known that the prince has the tendencies to be a ruthless man, known on the battlefield as the bringer of death. He is known to let a servant suffer the whip, is he displeases him.
   The princess does not want this marriage to happen, on her way to Therill she decides to make a run for it, leaving her guards behind. She is trained in battle and able to take care of herself. She is a kind soul who wants to enjoy life. The guards try to find her, but when night comes the have to give up. One of them has ridden to Therill to inform the King and prince of the situation. The King is prepared to let the guard suffer for his incompetence, but the prince stops him, seeing this as a challenge. He wants to find the princess and bring her back with him, is she wants to or not.

I have pictured a fighting scene between the prince and the princess when he finds her, forcing her to return with him. She despises him, which only amuses him as he is used to women throwing them selves at him.
   If this has caught your interest, please PM me. I am open to changes and suggestions.

From shield maiden to slave
   The daughter of a Viking chief has been trained all her life in battle skills, seeing that the Chief never had a son. She is both beautiful and very deadly, it has been years since she has lost a fight not since she was 12 years old. Now she is 18, and respected by the hardest warriors in the tribe. One night their village gets attack by a rivaling tribe, caught off guard the village has little chance of winning the battle. She shield maiden fights bravely, trying with all her power to keep her father safe. But she fails, a warrior much bigger and stronger than she is ends her winning streak. He is anything but gentle towards her as they fight, he knocks her out, the last thing she sees before passing out is the death of her father.
   She is taken to the ship while unconscious, bound on both hands and feet. On the journey she tries to find ways of escaping, but the warrior always shows up spoiling her plans. he forces her to be his slave, doing whatever he asks of her.

I have also thought about trying a non con father/daughter RP, though I do not have a specific idea in mind. If you have an idea to an RP for this theme, just send me a PM.