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Author Topic: Daughters of the Wild {OOC}  (Read 985 times)

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Daughters of the Wild {OOC}
« on: July 22, 2011, 09:43:53 AM »
All content in this play must stay PG-13; however, this may change depending upon if I am approved or not. If I am, this play might be moved to the adult forums.


In the recent months, King Jokum, ruler of Tareen, has received word that there is an untouched rich gold mine in the depths of Valdur Forest. The mine had been discovered by his own men as they returned home from hunting. Since that first discovery, King Jokum has repeatedly sent scouts to pinpoint the mine’s exact location. However, every scout that went in has yet to return. That is, all save for one. For the most recent scouting mission, King Jokum sent out a group of three scouts together but only one returned. The news he brought back though was somewhat unsatisfactory to the King.

The scout had reported seeing two Sylaeans in the same area as the mine, which meant that a small tribe was hidden somewhere in that area. Even though the Sylaeans had been killing his men, King Jokum saw this as an opportunity as well. Sylaeans were rare these days and he was determined to capture them all, keeping a few for himself and selling the rest as slaves. So he sent out rather small groups of soldiers, thinking that finding the tribe’s home and having them captured would be very easy. He was, in fact, very wrong.

Time after time soldiers were sent in then returned numbering fewer than when they first left and all injured to some extent. How this small tribe was besting his soldiers, King Jokum didn’t know but it made him more and more furious. Finally he decided to send out a notice all across Tareen and even out across other kingdoms and areas of Lirun, wanting to hire skilled men for a mission with the reward being more than they could ever dream.

And so these men came from all across Lirun and upon arrival their mission was given and explained: A tribe of Sylaeans needed to be captured and brought in. The mission was easy enough and they were to work as a group to capture the tribe. King Jokum sent a group of soldiers to escort the men to a certain location and there they would rest for the night and start the mission in the morning. Yet when these men find the Sylaeans, will they complete their mission to capture the women? Or will they deter and fall in love?

A rare race numbering very few and close to being nonexistent, but they can live anywhere from 500 to 1,000 years. They live in small tribes in the wilds of Lirun where any civilization has yet to ravage the land, hiding away in remote areas. As a general rule Sylaeans do not interact with any of the other races or allow their homes to be found. They are very secretive and highly protective of their own, especially their children, which are made up of only girls as well. As such, it is very rare for a Sylaean to be seen by another not of her own race, but there have been sightings in the past. As such, scholars have been able to come up with a somewhat vague description based on all sightings.

Sylaeans somewhat resemble Elves in stature and appearance, but their average height is closer to that of Human women. Their faces are of an angular shape and ears look the same as a Human’s but pointed at the tip. Eyes are usually the color of a jewel or metal and hair always a striking color. Skin tone and color can be anywhere from pale to a dark bronze.

Another fact that has been discovered and noted by scholars is that with each Sylaean sighting there is always an animal traveling with her or at least nearby. These animals are believed to be a form of spirit guide for the Sylaeans but the animal is never the same.

Another rare race but unlike the Sylaeans, the Drekin are not diminishing in numbers. Nor are they growing in numbers. The consensus has so far always stayed the same and that success could be due in part to the fact that all Drekin are loners. Like the Sylaeans, the Drekin are a single-sex race, but they are all males instead of females. Some Drekin have been known to unite in pairs but they are few and far between since both could have an interest in the same woman and thus a battle ensues between them.

The Drekin are all physically fit and perfect specimens of masculinity, but it is their ability to shift into dragons that make them so fascinating. How their race came into existence is unknown to all except the Drekin themselves, but it is believed that their shifting ability is somehow linked to a dragon ancestor in the past. Yet unlike true dragons, who can live for 10,000 years or more, a Drekin’s lifespan usually only lasts for about 5,000 years. The dragon forms of all Drekin are the same size as true dragons and look virtually the same; however, there is always a telltale mark that distinguishes a Drekin from a dragon. And just like all other dragons, their hair, scales, and eyes can be any color. In their human forms, a Drekin’s height can range between five-feet-ten-inches and almost seven feet.

All Drekin can breathe magical fire in their dragon forms but they cannot in their human forms, nor can they fly in it. Yet in both forms they have superhuman strength and senses. Also, a Drekin heals faster than any other race but is not instantaneous. Shifting does help their wounds to heal a little faster but only by a marginal amount. As for killing a Drekin, it can only be done the same as if one were trying to kill an Elf.

A widely common race throughout the continent, these people can be both civilized and uncivilized. Their general appearance is of a decent range with height being anywhere from five feet to six feet and a few inches. Hair, skin, and eye color is fairly plain but there is the occasional over average dullness or brightness of eyes. Humans have been known to live up to anywhere between fifty and seventy years of age and rarely any older than that. They may not have any special powers or abilities in the general consensus but they make up for that in numbers. Many human kingdoms are widespread across Lirun and their civilization prospers every day.

Closer in number to Humans, Elves are the second leading population of Lirun. However, unlike Humans they do not live just anywhere and like Sylaeans they live in forests alongside nature. Yet like Humans, they live in forest cities where the land itself is still living and dense but altered for the Elves to live in massive trees and create walkways between the trees and stairs up and down them. With some of the Human kingdoms, the Elves have long-lasting peace treaties with, while others they are wary and neutral about interaction. They have also managed to befriend a few Drekin while others want nothing to do with the Elves or other races.

Elven males usually stand at around the same height as a Drekin while maidens stand closer to the shorter average height of Human men. All Elves are slim but well built in stature, standing tall and proud. Eyes are normally bright colors whereas their hair can be a light or dark color. Like Sylaeans, Elves can live anywhere from 500 to 1,000 years. But unlike them, they cannot get sick and can only be killed through old age, a fatal wound, poison, or a curse.

All Elves possess some magic, whether it is a small or great amount. However, each individual’s talent develops differently.

Not so rare but not so common a race either, Changelings are a barbarian race. Their society can live in a number of different ways from loners to nomadic tribes. Like Humans, they have the ability to leave anywhere, even in deathly cold or hot regions where life is normally known to not exist. And like the Humans still, there are frequent wars and disputes going on within the society. Some tribes and clans are allies while others are rivals. Some also have allied with the Elves and one or a few Human kingdoms while others see them as enemies. The same goes for the Drekin.

Being able to live anywhere in the world, Changelings have a wide range in appearance. The average heights of both men and women are the same as the Human men and women. Their stature is the same as the Humans, coming in any shape and size. Both hair and eyes are normally darker colors, as well as their skin tone. But the most notable features about a Changeling are that: 1) they can shift into animals, and 2) in their human forms they have a single physical feature from the animal they shift into. A Changelings lifespan is between 100 and 150 years but can be killed by any means whether it is sickness, fatal wounds, old age, curse, or poison. Lastly, Changelings heal at the same pace as Humans do.

The only kind of magic Changelings have is each individual has the ability to shift into a single non-supernatural animal – wolf, cat, fox, deer, horse, bird, lizard, etc. This is only determined by the animals of what a child’s parents are and even though cross-mating (two Changelings of different animals mating) is commonplace, the child that comes out of this mating takes after only one parent and that same parent is the one who raises the child.


[Name] (Has to be unique, nothing common. Also, Sylaeans have no surnames.)
[Age] (Nothing under 18.)
[Appearance] (Description or picture.)
[Ability] (Has to be reasonably minimal, nothing extreme or over the top. Do not use the same thing as another person.)
[Weapons] (Medieval only!)
[Personality] (Be a little descriptive.)
[Other] (Anything else you might want to add.)
[Guardian Beast] (Description or picture. Can be almost anything, either non-supernatural or supernatural creature – panther, dog, unicorn, hippogryph, etc. No dragons!!)
[History] (Describe how your character came about her Guardian Beast. Need at least two full paragraphs.)

Other Races
(I want at least one of each race. After that I don’t care.)
[Race] (Human, Elf, Drekin, or Changeling)
[Age] (Nothing under 18.)
True: (Disregard if Human or Changeling.)
Appearing: (Disregard if Human or Changeling.)
[Appearance] (Description or picture. This is needed for both forms of Drekin and Changelings.)
[Ability] (Elves only! Do not use the same ability as another and be reasonable.)
[Weapons] (Medieval only!)
[Occupation] (If not only a merc, then what else?)
[Personality] (Be a little descriptive.)
[Other] (Anything else you might want to add.
[History] (Explain a little about his life, where he came from, how he came about the mission notice, etc. Don’t have to use all those topics but they are little ideas. Need two full paragraphs at least.)

1. No god-moding or power-moding.
2. No over-powered characters. Be reasonable.
3. No killing another player’s character without their permission.
4. Keep OOC to a minimum in the IC thread.
5. At least 2 paragraphs are required per post and each paragraph must be at least 6 to 8 sentences in length.
6. Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation is required. The occasional mistake is okay; no one is perfect. No L337 5p34k or chat speak in IC thread!! Both are okay in OOC thread but be mindful that others may not be able to interpret.
7. Players must post at least once a day. I will accept the occasional missed day but if that happens way too often you will be removed from the play and your character killed.
8. If you are going to be absent for a certain amount of time, put up a notice in the OOC thread.

(At this time I am only accepting 6 men and women. All women are Sylaens and men can only be one of the other 4 races. Depending on responses after all spots have already been filled, I may open a few more but the number of Sylaeans to men must stay even. Also, I am only allowing ONE character per person. This might change depending on player interest.)

1. Mirei - Chief (Midnyte Rose)

(Again, one of each of the 4 other races will only be accepted first. After that the other 2 characters can be whatever.)
1. (Human)
2. (Drekin)
3. (Elf)
4. (Changeling)
5. (Temp. Unavailable)
6. (Temp. Unavailable)


(My character)

[Name] Mirei

True: 218
Appearing: 20-23

[Height] 5'2

[Appearance] Silver eyes.

[Ability] Mirei can somewhat communicate with animals, not through words but through emotions. In this way she can help an animal that is badly injured more easily since she can sense where the animal's pain is localized. Also, she can ask animals to do things for her but never force them.

1. Bow and arrow
2. Two to three daggers at a time

[Personality] Even-tempered and level-headed, Mirei makes decisions as needed based upon available facts and her own instincts. She's protective of her tribe and does what she must to be sure everyone is safe. There are the occasional moments when her emotions get the better of her but she otherwise keeps herself in check. She is generally kind to her tribemates but is detached when in the presence of strangers and/or trespassers.

[Guardian Beast] Ryzek - Streamline Griffin

Ever since she was young, her mother, the previous tribe chief, had taught her everything she needed to know about being the tribe's chief. On top of that she learned all the skills a Sylaean needed to know to survive whether she was with the tribe or not. Yet during all those years she also liked to explore the forest on her own, sometimes ditching her daily lessons and duties to do so.

It was during one of these trips that she met her Guardian Beast, Ryzek. He was only a young chick himself but had somehow found his way away from the safety of his nest. Far, far away. He hadn't even been old enough to be able to fly yet. It had been obvious to Mirei that the griffin liked to explore just as much as she did. But during his exploration he had gotten himself hurt.

Upon that discovery, Mirei had taken him back to her tribe. There with guidance from her mother she brought the little griffin back to health over a long period. By the end, Mirei and the griffin were inseparable. Shortly after, it was discovered that the griffin was, in fact, Mirei's Guardian Beast. Given the name Ryzek, the pair grew up together and were hardly seen apart from then on.

Offline selfexiled

Re: Daughters of the Wild {OOC}
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2011, 07:47:59 AM »
You have one here too. I got a character for this over on RPGFO, and tried making a second so we could start it up but you disappeared.

Offline Kitten667

Re: Daughters of the Wild {OOC}
« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2011, 09:32:17 PM »
[Name] Islay
True: 107
Appearing: 20
[Height] 5'7''
[Appearance] A tall, curvy woman with bronze colored skin and bright jade colored eyes. Her hair is a dark crimson almost black and falls to her waist.
[Ability] She is a psychic and can cause minor pain through her eyes.
[Weapons] Bow and arrows and sometimes a sword.
[Personality] Islay is very untrusting of everyone and is quick to start a fight. Once she trusts you she can be friendly and funny. She loves children and animals. She is quite stubborn and headstrong.
[Other] Not that I can think of...
[Guardian Beast] An unusualy large and fast snow white tiger with black stripes named Myandra.
[History] Islay was always an adventerouse girl and often went out alone or with her sister. One day while hunting {If they do that ^^} she was about to take down a deer when a white tiger cub got to it first. Islay tried to shot the cub but when she looked into it's eyes she felt sorry for it and let it go, running back to camp.

A few days later when hunting again the cub found her and lay down in front of her, exposing it's belly and purring. Islay took in the cub and raised it naming it Myandra. The tiger is always with her and often hunts with her. The two often go running together and cause mischief.

Offline Seventh

Re: Daughters of the Wild {OOC}
« Reply #3 on: November 29, 2011, 11:36:39 PM »
If you'll have me, I'd love to take part. Sounds like a fun RP to cut my teeth with as a new member~!

Name: Balaam
Race: Changeling
Age: 31

Height: 5'11"
As a man, Balaam bears a thick-set frame; with wide shoulders but a square build. Green-gold eyes stare out from an angular face and jaw. Balaam's hair is a rich black and is bound back loosely, falling half way to the base of his spine. His skin is a darkened bronze, marked in several places by livid white scars, including one running vertically from chin to lower lip. He is dressed in a mixture of cloth, skins and furs but is supported by bands and plates of boiled leather and metal studs. Lastly, as is a feature of Changelings, Balaam bears the rosette spots of his animal form over his entire back, spreading to his shoulders, upper arms, the back of his neck and his scalp beneath his hair.

As a Jaguar, Balaam is a large, stocky example of the species, weighing in at a considerable 145kg and measuring eight feet from nose to tail tip. His fur is a tawny brown with a white underbelly, but is covered in the solid black rosette markings of his species.
Weapons: Balaam's primary weapon is a thick dagger seven inches long and as thick as three fingers. He also carries with him a sling, and a small but heavy warhammer with ornate metalwork shaped into the head, an item he looted following a skirmish.

Occupation: As part of a small nomad tribe of Changelings, Balaam's duties foremost comprise of hunting and ranging.

Personality: Balaam is a solitary individual but is naturally cold and abrasive to others and so Balaam is viewed as an unsavoury character amongst people other than his own. But he is also loyal, proud, self-controlled, very patient and fiercly intelligent despite his barbaric nature, though when agitated his aggression bubbles with very little warning signs on the surface before erupting violently and on occassion with a fatal outcome. He is fond of bright colours, warm climates, turtles (as a culinary dish) and citrus fruits. He has a savage dislike of Drekin, and loathes vegetables.

Other: At 31, Balaam is still young for a Changeling, but has fathered several children, but none followed his Jaguar form, and so has not raised any of them.

Balaam was raised by his father Kan, as he favoured the Jaguar that was his father's changed form over the Osprey of his mother. Kan was part of the same tribe that Bal roams Tareen with today, and held the same roles within the small community. Whilst scouting another tribe, Kan lost his footing and stumbled down a cliff face, resulting in the fatal breaking of his spine and neck. By then, Balaam was already matured and independent, and so recovered quickly from his grief.

Troubles with the very same tribe, who were of greater number and comprising of several large, powerful mammals and apex predators, drove Balaam and the others further deeper into Tareen. It was then that word reached the Elder, a Gaboon Viper, of King Jokum's search for the most skilled men in all the kingdom with promises of riches and rewards for the successful.

With plans and dreams of becoming wealthy and powerful, the elders selected their most capable hunter and warrior and sent him on his way. With the mission explained, Bal could only think the King's men soft and weak, and licked his lips at the thought of how easy the task would be - he'd faced more difficult scenarios during his scouting missions. He coolly agreed to be partnered with the others selected, and journeyed with the escort to the Valdur forest's depths where the King's gold mine, and the Sylaeans, awaited.