RedFang stalks for more RP partners.

Started by RedFang, July 21, 2011, 11:44:10 PM

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I don't have any current RPs going and well that's getting a bit boring so I'm back here throwing out some ideas, if you like what you read just post below or send me a PM.

Slave Android:
In the future there are planets that are considered resorts, just tropical paradises, and rich companies and people colonize these planets.  However these planets are also targets to pirates, raiders, space vampires, aliens, etc. Anything fantasy twisted to suit a futuristic setting is alright with me.  Always back to the basic plot.  A young man who has just finished out his college degree in robotics visits his parents on the resort planet, Ladunra.

He finds that his father and mother were not at their large house and infact were both on different bussiness trips through the galaxy.  Rather bored and not yet looking for a career he explores the massive port city of the planet.  While touring the scene he comes across a street vendor who asks a rather obscure question about history.  The man just having studied the subject the year before answers promptly.

The vendor turns out to be a representative for a robotic sex slave business and takes him to see the CEO.  Once they meet the CEO he informs him that the man has won the most advanced model or companion robot ever created.  He is then presented with her, but she doesn't look like any robot he has ever seen.  Once she is activated in front of him her AI kicks in and over the next days she learns and becomes more alive.

You can twist her character however you want, make her submissive, spontanious, lustful, shy, dominate, however you feel this android should be is fine with me.

>.> Don't forget there are space vampire pirates out there looking at this planet to nom nom also.

:D so if you like the idea let me know
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