What happens if two RPers meet...unknowingly (seeking dominant m or f)

Started by Pixietwist, July 21, 2011, 08:45:20 PM

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I've had an idea bouncing around in my head for a while.  New couple, met through some sort of "normal" means.  They're past the "Ok, I like you, you like me" stage and things are starting to heat up in the bedroom.

The twist is they're both avid role players of the kinkiest sort, but both are keeping that a secret.  People they meet online aren't really *real*!  No one really craves trying me up tightly and making me beg for sexual release.  That's all just fantasy!

That's the basic premise, have had a couple of thoughts about how it could work. 

Maybe the more dominant partner accidentally loses control and gets a little rough...but the secretly submissive partner responds...amazingly well!  So they try again, intentionally this time, slowly pushing and pushing.  They remain shy, not really talking about what they're doing until they've hit the point something *has* to be said (when things move beyond the fuzzy hand cuffs or requests for flirty clothing).

Maybe they've been RP partners, even frequent partners.  Basically leading double lives, with each other.  They know each others kinks inside and out, but don't know the basic things about each other.  This could be written as a mirrored play with two sets of characters.  Over time, the two "pairs" would grow more and more similar, as the RL pair gets to know each other sexually and the RPing pair get to know each other personally.

I'd like to write the submissive female partner.  I have a slight preference for female for the dominant character.  The character gender preference is only slight though, mostly looking for someone that says, "hey, that's a nifty idea!"

Send me a PM if interested.