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Author Topic: Taboo Passions [M LF F]  (Read 4269 times)

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Offline rahatngtTopic starter

Taboo Passions [M LF F]
« on: July 18, 2011, 11:07:10 pm »
A list of my new plots

It started at the concert CRAVING

Liz Johnson was a sensual and beautiful woman at 39 with an equally gorgeous daughter Jenna. The neglected mom, the wife of a world trotting and probably cheating husband, she was now at the new year concert with her daughter at her insistence. She was looking gorgeous in her black dress, fitted beautifully on her lovely curves. She was unsure though in the throng of people with loud music feeling the air.

Suddenly she stiffed at the feel of someone pressing against her, too close and a man. But before she could say anything her body stiffened as a hand came around slithering swiftly upward. Before she could make a soft protest a gasp of pleasure came out as a lone thumb expertly played with her nipple through the fabric getting it all hungry for attention.

What followed would be a sensual if daring groping and the press of a considerable hardon against her ass. It was something that would leave her with a swamped pantie. So when he leaves her hanging with an instruction to meet and a cell number what does Liz do?

Probable character models (options are welcome)

Liz Hurley

Brooke Shields
Kate Walsh


Lily's Pleasure

When Lily Johnson went to confront her arrogant gym teacher in private for insulting her. After all daddy's girl Lily was used to having her way even in her posh private school. What she didn't expect that he wouldn't be at all intimidated by her or her father's money but would end up learning a lot from the buff teacher.

Inspiration photo NSFW ]]

Actually I'm not sure of the plot but this image was very evocative. Maybe he's a neighbor but what dose he do. I'm trying to think o something that fit his physic. Suggestions are welcome.


The Writer

Jason Roberts was a 33 year successful writer. He wasn't traditionally handsome but had a rugged look and he was single. And as the neighborhood watched, the single man moved in to the recently vacated house, got settled in ... a charming if a little loner man.

But what happens when words started to go around that he was a writer specially when someone else figures out who he was. Jason Roberts was one of the most successful erotic novel writers of today. Does that make him an attractive prospect to the ladies of the neighborhood? The trophy wives, the sexy cougar or maybe the lusty daughters ...

NSFW photos His writing desk? Eager wives Unsatisfied MILF


The DA's suprise TAKEN

At 35 Leila Johnson was a rather young and very successful DA (or maybe the assitant DA). She is a rather good looking woman but a real tough and confident woman. Her aggressive, no nonsense attitude makes it tough for the men in her life to be comfortable and confident around her. She naturally didn't like pansy men. So it was no wonder that her relations were few and far between.

It was all going very smoothly if albeit lonely and she filled her days with her work until one day she got quite the surprise. Getting back early one day a little after lunch she went through her door with a silent efficiency only to stop in shock as muffled groaning and moaning came from inside. Taking deep relaxing breath she moved forward with the phone ready in her hand for a speed dial to 911.

What caught her eyes through the open door was never a possibility in her mind. It was her building manager, lying sprawled on her silken bed sheet, feet spread and placed on the floor and his throbbing ohh so huge cock was wrapped around her silken lingerie (her one secret indulgence) as he played with himself with closed eyes.

Maybe a hairy, a little chubby 40 something manager? Or the 22 year old lanky toned young man? ... anyway he is very much in lust with her.

Possible characters


Working Dirty CRAVING

Original idea from Alleycat since she had been MIA for a while now at E unfortunately.

It all started couple of years back when a falling star came to vivid stardom with a non-simulated sex scene in a mainstream movie. There wasn't so much visual as was the knowledge that there were real sex happening and the combination made it a box office hit. It started after that, coined as working dirty every year one or two movie would have such scenes. Some were properly done into box office hit and some into sleazy porn status.

Our story would be about one such movie where the main star would be working dirty. I'm thinking of the game starting at the negotiation and bargaining phase with the director/producer and the starlet. There are different options open to the background.

A young actress looking for acceptance of her growing up to a mature actress and separate her from her younger days (i.e. Jessica Beil's nude shot incident).

A grown up actress looking for breaking new ground in her career or someone's last attempt before going into irrelevance.

Brooke Shields, Liz Hurley as model again maybe :)

I would love to hear your ideas surrounding this particular theme and characters age/model etc. of course.


The Cheating wife

How would Lisa's first experience into an adulterous one night stand would work for her?

I have a lot of version of this in my mind. Lisa getting blackmaled :) or other notions. Different age and social status to mix up and all that. Happy to discuss.


Beyond Teasing - A Queen Bee story

Nicole have always had things going her way until one man wasn't impress with her stunning beauty and she learned the price of playing with a man and how being outplayed might actually be good for her.

NSFW photos


The Limo

The story of a pair of escorts or models. See the photo on how they welcome the the client/manager/producer to the limo.

NSFW photos


Black Widow Love TAKEN

Craving the black widow having a sexual tryst with someone, something depraved and passion. Plot ideas are rather flexible.

SFW photos

The Vacation and Heiress CRAVING

Lily was on vacation in a tropical paradise as she was invited to stay in the private island of a renowned businessman, someone she had heard of glancingly. What she didn't expect as she was sunning herself in the private beach alongside the property the lusty moan coming from inside the house all morning that shocked and aroused her.

It totally surprised her that a well into middle age average looking man would go on for such long with what sounded like a pretty young thing. Her reaction to the whole morning was no surprise as Frank joined her later in the day for some sunning himself in his robe. The result was that Lily found herself replacing the local young thing for a wild vacation.

Would it last beyond the vale? ....

SFW ... model possibility

Julia Lescova

Amber Heard
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Offline Hungteennudist

Re: Taboo Passions [M LF F]
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2011, 02:23:25 pm »
I loved "The Writer" scenario. I love the idea of being fresh on a block of wondering women. I have a couple ways I'd love to take this and hopefully we can start something up.

Offline rahatngtTopic starter

Re: Taboo Passions [M LF F]
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2011, 12:00:13 pm »
Updated with "The DA's Surprise"

Offline rahatngtTopic starter

Re: Taboo Passions [M LF F]
« Reply #3 on: July 26, 2011, 12:53:51 am »
Updated with "Working Dirty".

Offline rahatngtTopic starter

Re: Taboo Passions [M LF F]
« Reply #4 on: September 04, 2011, 11:42:46 am »
Added two new stories. Just sketch at the moment, might update with more flesh and more plots later.

Offline rahatngtTopic starter

Re: Taboo Passions [M LF F]
« Reply #5 on: October 06, 2011, 03:38:35 pm »
Updated with Limo and Black Widow request.

Offline rahatngtTopic starter

Re: Taboo Passions [M LF F]
« Reply #6 on: November 14, 2011, 10:03:30 pm »
Updated with The Vacation and Heiress