Looking for a copilot in a space roleplay

Started by Tick, July 18, 2011, 08:45:30 PM

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Mostly looking for a lady or liege for this but will consider lords of course

Alright, I am desperately craving a space rp, and not just any space roleplay. I tend to have specific tastes with this sort of thing so hear me out first of all and I will give you as best an explanation as I can. I would prefer aliens in some way, they don’t have to be involved in sex or romance but they add an exotic feel I enjoy. They can also be humanoid or not. I want the spaceship to be the base of the plot but to move to other worlds relatively frequently, possibly some asteroid mines or space stations as well.

I like world and plot building with my partner, so this is more of a guideline over things I want and if you are interesting in building such a story with me.

Plot: Something high pressure and serious. It can be survival in the SGU sort of way, or if you screw up all hell breaks lose. Either way I can work with it. But I am looking for a type of plot where they are making due with limited resources and struggling to keep moving but coming up with creative ways to compensate. Mind you I like the technical aspects being defined, I am not looking for a electrical engineer. I am okay with half BSing it as long as it is believable. If it is obvious BSing then it kinda ruins the realism to me. I mean you have to obviously try to mess this up in my opinion

Pace: Fast, dire and full throttle. I don’t like slow plots, I find them rather unrealistic the majority of the time and boring when they are realistic. Give me a overall goal or objective, and keep working towards it. The one time I am okay with slow is in a Star Trek sort of way, “Keep the piece, but shit is really starting to hit the fan.” I don’t mind breaks mind you, just if I have to wait four pages for someone to leave the room, I am done.

Sex: Discussable but not smut

Characters: I am not in the mood to play a submissive but I will play a male, female, herm trans, whatever you want if you give me an interesting alternative character and you realize I tend to suck at women. I want characters that are realistic, like no super shy clumsy animesche girls in the military. That always made me wanna stab someone since I don’t think that would ever fly. I love tomgirls and would appreciate that if you can run it. It would require a bit of work from both of us to play multiple npcs

Length: Long term plot, negotiable posts. I like three paragraph posts minimum but I understand some scenes work best in one paragraphs(which I prefer to do on an instantmessenger personally) and am willing to discuss situations.

Posting speed: I really would prefer daily, if not, more. But I am really lenient as long as you don’t up and disappear on me. That’s a big one for me, so if you stick around long enough we get five pages I a perfectly fine with waiting a few days, but preferably no longer then 4.

That’s all I can think of for now. I am not as picky as I sound so if you are interested please send me a message.