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Author Topic: The Passerby  (Read 563 times)

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The Passerby
« on: July 17, 2011, 09:24:05 PM »
This can work as a one on one, but very welcoming to being a large group RP.

This story will be based on the timeline and events of World War 2. Certain things have been added for creative license. This is NOT an accurate re-enactment. Nor is it intended to be. In other words, just play. No debates over the actual historical facts. Nor will I let ANYTHING go. Use common sense. No personal computers or cell phones.

Players are welcome to join as pub patrons or other “refugees” or enemies. Yes, I am asking for people to play Jews. It is only because that is what adds the most suspense. If you do not wish to play a Jew, that is fine. There's enough excitement in that time for even the non-Jews. Especially the ones who disageed with Hitler.

The timeline below is just an idea. We can change it or throw it away and do something completely different.


Our game begins February 1939. Germany has begun invading cities and country sides. Out of fear, France had restricted travel in and out of the country.

Around mid-January, Kaylie Jones (me) had arrived on assignment from a New York magazine to photograph main attractions for a travel piece. Traveling with her is colleague Jack Whitaker (needed partner).

They had taken residence in the two only rooms above a Paris pub, le Passant. The Passerby in English. This is where they remain while waiting to be able to return to the States.

Vernon and Alita Taylor, the pub owners were kind, round and middle aged. They’re highly guarded secret, especially now, was they were Jews. (Will need two players for this, but could be played by me, my partner or both could be played by one other person.)



Kaylie and Jack look at a newspaper and discover that travel has been shut down. They travel to the airport and discover this is indeed true.

On the way back to the Pub, they run into car trouble. They wait for hours until finally a car comes by. Knowing limited French, they find it hard to communicate. They finally get them to understand they need to get back to le Passant. The driver orders them to the back of the truck where there are “leftovers” from a pig delivery.

Upon entering the pub, they notice Alita acting strangely. She’s singing to herself in another language. Not English or French. They see Vernon come in and from little French they understand, they hear him tell her to hush, customers are coming soon.

Jack and Kaylie go back to their rooms to bathe and change after the smelly ride home. They meet downstairs in the corner table of the Pub to discuss their next steps.

They talk to Vern and Alita about working to earn their keep. Vern and Alita agree.

EPISODE TWO – The Runaway

Jack awakes early to join Vern on a fishing trip. They hope to have fresh fish to serve tonight.

A young woman (needed player) is knocking frantically at the door. Waking Kaylie, she goes down to see what the commotion is. Alita had already opened the door and let the woman in offering her a glass of water. Knowing little French, Kaylie offers little help, but learns the girl’s name is Claire. Alita says Claire needs to rest and Kaylie helps her up to her own room. Alita, in broken English, explains that Claire is running from her father. She had fallen in love with a Jewish boy and this is the very people causing the trouble.

That afternoon, the men come in excited. They had caught 10 large fish. Well, one, but the market where they went said the other 9 were fresh. Jack, excited over his first catch, runs up to tell Kaylie. He opens the door without knocking, exclaiming his big catch holding it in the air. He is met by a screaming strange woman. Kaylie runs out of the bathroom with a robe and towel. Vern and Jack are filled in about the girl

That evening, Jack helps Vern cook the fish while Alita, Kaylie and Claire serve the guests.


This is where the Jewish boyfriend (need player) comes in. The rooms are now double booked. Claire and Kay in one room. Jack and Claire's Boyfriend in another.

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Offline dakabnTopic starter

Re: The Passerby
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2011, 03:07:59 PM »
This will be a mixed-medium game using threads to post solo and joint posts. Reactive solo and joint posts only. No interactive replies intended to interact with anyone within the thread. If you wish to interact with another character, please create a joint log outside the thread and once finished, you can post it in the IC thread. The thread is not for direct roleplay, you can post your character's reaction to the events going on here, but if you want to interact with other characters, please do it elsewhere (through PMs, IM, or chat-play) and then post the final transcript.

I reserve the the right to have final say. As said in the first post we're not doing a re-enactment. We will try to stay true to the timeline of the past, but we're not going to sweat over it. If we mess up a bit, we'll ignore it.

Anyone interested, PM me the following Character Sheet.

Character Name:


Standing: (Hidden Jew, Starred Jew, Hitler Sympathizer, Against Hitler's ideas)

Gender: (Player Gender does not need to match character gender)

Hair Color:   

Eye Color: 

Build: (Height and athletic, average, skinny, overweight, etc.)

Background Summary: (Information that could be included in a background summary: Birthplace / Family / Hobbies / Skills and Talents / Education / Occupation / Medical Notes / Personality / Appearance
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