World of Iron (Steampunk NC M looking for F mostly)

Started by Kalthus63, July 17, 2011, 10:25:24 AM

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The year is 1901 and Europe is in the grip of an iron fist. The second industrial revolution brought some technological wonders – airships, battle robots, poison gas clouds, land dreadnoughts –but it took power from the politicians and put it into the hands of the industrialists. The factory complexes grew until they reached city size. Workers might live and die in these complexes, with their hospitals, schools and even graveyards. Former rulers have become figureheads. The Kaiser answers to the board of Krupp. Queen Victoria remains on the throne at the whim of Vickers. The Emperor of all the Russians has a little more control over his fate as the factories were state owned, but even he depends on the factory owners to keep the workers in check.

There is some opposition. The old land owners and nobility still make vocal complaints. Trade unions have been outlawed but socialism still terrifies the industrial magnates. And naturally, they have their own ways of keeping control…

In secret locations within the armed compound at Essen,  Krupp’s own police force maintains an establishment known as ‘the apparatus of fear.’ It is in this place that the most devious and twisted minds of the second industrial revolution work, creating machines to crush the minds and bodies of their victims. It is here that the most vigorous opponents of the owners find themselves as the unwilling playthings of these inventive sadists.

OK, that’s the set up – I’m interested to see what characters people might create for this setting.

I’m happy to take female victims, and male or female torturers. If you wish to run the latter, what I’m looking for are people who can create bizarre, steampunk torture machines - I'm looking for seriously wierd Frankenstein ideas, not simple boots and fists.

Anyone interested, please drop me a PM


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