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September 26, 2021, 06:04:03 pm

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Author Topic: Spy Games (Or Spideas)  (Read 1089 times)

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Spy Games (Or Spideas)
« on: October 05, 2007, 09:23:03 am »
 ;D Hey all!!!  ;D

I’ve been feeling to need to play a kind of spy special agent game in the near futur, something along the lines of Bond/Mission Impossible/24.

I’m looking for a one on one or maybe a group of two or three other players at the most. It would involve a team of secret operatives put together from members of various special force or special organization from around the world, kind of a United Nations version of a special police.

The game would be freeform, and likely lacking any form of game master, so the players can just add and make up what they want on the spot to continue the story alone. The whole story would be a collaboration of ideas that develops as the story goes.

I’m thinking it would start at a large international formal affair in tuxes and long gowns, perhaps hoping to make contact with someone who has information on someone who is known to know someone who is an arms dealer who is looking to purchase a nuclear device… Or something like that…

Who knows where it would lead, it could perhaps lead to a zombie like holocaust, or third world war affair or even an alien or demonic invasion, it could be silly or serious or both. Oh, and it could certainly involve allot of sex !!!!   ;)

Any thoughts or comments?

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Re: Spy Games (Or Spideas)
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2007, 10:46:08 am »
I've wanted to play a covert-operative themed game for a while... not really SPY, persay, although that does create some great opportunities for tension and might appeal to the NC-friendly audience, but I really like the idea of a game themed around MI-6, CIA, or some fictional entity similar to La Femme Nikita (no, not the tv show).

For me the appeal here is a combination of things:

1, I like to have a character that allows me to fantasize about being smarter, physically superior, and/or sexier than I am.  And, of course, the CIA isn't actively trying to recruit me (Or.... ARE they...?) so fiction it is!

2, my favorite thing about the 007 movies is that there's variety... he's constantly thrust into spiraling situations that go from setting to setting, challenge to challenge, never lingering on the same thing for too long.  Moonraker space-laser battles (cheesy, but funny!) to high-stakes casino games to seduction on the high seas.  Never know what's going to happen.

3, Having a close-knit group who can never really trust each other... you know, might have feelings for each other, friendly or romantic, lustful, rivalrous, or even distaste, but having to swallow those feelings for the sake of a mission.

Anyhow... if done as a very small-group game, someone's going to have to drive the plot.  I've tried collaborative free-form roleplay here, and it just NEVER quite works out... two or three players get REALLY into "let's go do THIS!" and player number four is not, so he/she says, "well, all that almost happens, but this happens instead."