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Author Topic: Taken by Force [M seeking F]  (Read 690 times)

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Offline apocryphanTopic starter

Taken by Force [M seeking F]
« on: July 17, 2011, 05:03:14 AM »
Couple things first:

I don't like to specify exactly what characteristics a partner should have. That should be your decision, and sometimes having characters with clashing personalities or other peculiarities interacting can be enjoyable. A story should be free-flowing and not guided along rails towards a certain direction. That isn't to say it isn't open to suggestion...

I absolutely love a well thought out story. I prefer stories and plot to just quickies and scenes. The build up and anticipation is such a delicious treat, it would be a crime to gloss over it, or worse, omit it completely. But let's not have a storyline just for the sake of fulfilling some requirements prior to the boinking. Creativity and unexpected plot turns are encouraged. As I mentioned, let's not have a story on rails...

Bring your own character, but nothing out of left field, please. No werewolf angels, vampire dragons, or catgirl goddesses. Elves and orcs and the like are fine, but let's stay reasonable. The same with the plot. No deus ex machina, please.

My specific tastes and kinks lean heavily towards the dom side.  There's nothing quite like a hot, sweaty NC scene, starting with shoving and shouting, before moving to thrashing and kicking and biting... I suppose it wouldn't take too long before it turned into screaming and sobbing. Degradation, bondage, restraints and leashes and collars. Rape and humiliation. These all sound like the proper response to a woman that's too feisty for her own good.

1. The Item Shop

Throughout the lands, adventurers and treasure hunters explore ruined castles and battle evil dragons for fame and glory, but it's the under-appreciated item shop that keeps them well-supplied for their quests. They just have to worry about keeping their sword sharp and their armor clean... we have to keep the shelves stocked with the latest gear, spells, and sundries. Displays to set up, inventory to acquire, irate and arrogant adventurers to please... not to mention their ceaseless haggling. A few entrepreneurial souls open a fledgling new shop amidst a flood of competing shops, working to stay afloat during the first trying years. Perhaps a shopkeeper to keep shelves? Or a treasure hunter to produce the goods? A simple clerk, or a cook? Or perhaps some other role?

2. The Germanic Tribes

1st century Alsace-Lorraine had always been a battleground. Competing tribes dotted the lands, raiding each other, killing the men and enslaving the women and children. Rome was to the south, and their generals often marched arrogantly with their crimsoned legions of men into the wooded lands and slaughtered the barbarians when politically convenient. Or for sport. It was necessary to replenish the ranks of gladiators and other bloody entertainment. The Alemanni are a Germanic tribe with dreams of conquering the land and ousting the invaders. Does their chieftain ride against the smaller tribes, sacking their villages and raping their women? Does he find a rare and exquisite gem among the captives? Or does he find a spirit as strong as his own, able to ride alongside him to conquer the landscape? Is she hiding vengeance beneath her motives? Or does he turn his eyes south, to Rome? Does he plunder Rome's territories and towns, or are his men slaughtered and him forced into slavery as a gladiator? Are there no sympathetic Romans to his cause?

3. The Golden Age of Piracy

 It's 1650, and the Golden Age of Piracy is upon us. Which side are you on? Are you a struggling commoner who inherits a ship, plundering small trading vessels until you can afford your first cannon? Or are you a first mate to a captain? Or are you a vicious pirate captain yourself? Or are you on the other side, part of the crew of a Ship of the Line, ordered to sink every pirate ship to the bottom of the sea? Do you like grog? All that's certain is that the Caribbean is ripe for plunder, and every man and woman is sailing straight towards their fortune. There's treachery in the air and blood in the water...

4. Rise of the Barbarians

Over 2000 years ago, agriculture was discovered, and man moved towards specialism and forming towns and communities.  What if this never happened? What if instead, men were hunters, raiders, and barbarians, killing, looting, and raping as they pleased? Would you be a prey or a predator? Can there be such thing as trust and honor in a land rife with lawlessness, pillage, and rule by the sword? Where would you fit in this society? Would you tame the greatest, most savage barbarian in the land, or be his trophy? Would you be at his side, or would you drag him in chains?

Offline Aithne

Re: Taken by Force [M seeking F]
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2011, 09:07:26 AM »
I realize this is an old post but was wondering if you might still be interested in doing some writing?

Let me know, thanks

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Re: Taken by Force [M seeking F]
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2011, 10:34:51 AM »
I was also wondering if you were still available and interested in writing some of the above storylines? If you are please feel free to send me a PM and we can discuss it more at length.

With anticipation of your reply,