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Author Topic: Like Minds (Twincest) (MxFxM)  (Read 1152 times)

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Like Minds (Twincest) (MxFxM)
« on: July 17, 2011, 05:02:17 am »
Like Minds (A plot inspired by the Seconds Apart film.)(MxFxM)(Horror, Estranged Romance, Twincest)(This can be a group role play.)

A pair of identical twin brothers have a very peculiar connection- they are telepathic and can manipulate the minds and actions of others. Ever since the two were young, they have used their bond to murder others for fun. Jonas becomes increasingly curious about girls and sex, however, distracting him from their "projects" (as they call their murders). Seth becoming ever frustrated with Jonas' lack of concentration and ever sympathetic to his brother's need, takes matters into his own hands and takes their brotherly bond into the realm of a sexual one. After both feeling empty handed from a particularly gruesome "project" Jonas meets Sasha, who he begins to fall for. Seth quickly becomes jealous, Sasha taking his brother away from him and even more so when Jonas begins to feel more whole with her than with Seth. Little quarrels between to break out between the twins and soon it becomes an outright war to woo Sasha.

Breakdown of Plot-
The role play will revolve around Seth's love for Jonas. He would do any thing for Jonas. Jonas, despite being the more sensitive and submissive of the two, is a bit more independent. He doesn't need Seth like Seth needs Jonas. So, when Jonas meets Sasha, he begins to spend more time with her, thus sacrificing time spent with his brother Seth. Seth immediately begins to notice this and begins to feel the connection between Jonas and Sasha, which makes Seth both jealous of that connection and afraid that Jonas will love Sasha more than him or not need Seth. So, Seth begins to fuck with both Jonas and Sasha, twisting their realities as well as actually tricking Sasha into sleeping with him by posing as Jonas. Seth believes that if he can get Sasha to pick him over Jonas, then Jonas will realize that nobody will love him more than Seth and that he doesn't need any body other than Seth. Basically, the two brothers will be competing for Sasha's affection and fucking with each other's minds. The brothers, on top of this struggle, are serial killers, who make people kill themselves or others for their own fulfillment. Seth will want to kill Sasha, though Jonas will not allow it.


Seth is the older of the twins by ninety six seconds, he is just under an inch taller than Jonas and is the more aggressive and dominant of the two. Even before birth Seth had a very strong connection to his brother. Seth often shields his younger brother from the imperfections of life, thus giving the two little to almost no social interaction with any body outside themselves, unless you count their "projects" as social interaction. These "projects" started when the twins were very young, first with a baby sitter who had tried to separate the two, which they then had manipulated her into eating a bowl of glass. Ever since, the twins have been leaving behind a trail of dead in rather strange ways, recording it on video to examine the reactions and find fulfillment in their death, some thing that Seth is addicted to. When Seth begins to crave a new "project"  or is under a lot of stress he smokes to calm himself.


Jonas is the younger of the twins by ninety six seconds, he is just under an inch shorter than Seth and is the more passive and submissive of the two. Jonas has been sheltered by his older brother his whole life, yet doesn't have the same commitment or passion for the projects like his older brother Seth. Lately, he has been more and more curious about sex, which has been some what distracting him from the projects, which has been creating tension between the two. Seth is slightly more sensitive than Seth to human life, but still had the same urge to kill, though that urge hasn't been as strong lately. Oddly, he is less dependent on their relationship than Seth and wants to be seen as an individual, rather than one half of a whole. He is diabetic and needs insulin shots, normally administered to him by Seth, on a daily basis. He can pass out if not given the proper dosage.

Sasha Daily

Sasha Daily grew up an only child with two very busy parents. She learned to take care of herself at a young age, and became a rather independent young woman. The fact that she is not close with her parents has resulted in Sasha keeping most people at a distance, she does have a few close friends but spends most of her time at work or at home. A rather sweet young woman she works at a local animal shelter, she spends a lot of time working with abused or neglected animals. After some pushing from her friends she has started to become more social and let more people in.
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Re: Like Minds (Twincest) (MxFxM)
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2011, 01:14:27 am »
I hope that we can find someone for the last part soon.