Set Fire to the Rain ~ BON-NC, Seeking Male Character, Toxic Relationship

Started by Wistful Dream, July 16, 2011, 09:51:43 PM

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Wistful Dream

Set Fire to the Rain
I will say firstly that I am going to be very selective about who I write this story with, its meant to be a dark romance, a slightly (or very) toxic relationship between two people.
At the very least Lynette is a emotional masochist with everything that's happened. This story would likely be NC.

Modern Fantasy/Paranormal - Lynette Devonte/Ex Lover.
Likely to Include  Love/Hate Relationship -- Past Attachments -- Toxic Relationship -- Non Con/Coercion/Seduction -- Dark Romance

Set Fire to the Rain

That was a word for it. Wrong. Guilt ridden. Painful. Those were more. But there was also...Seduction. Pleasure. Love. Tenderness.

And wasn't enough, because it was suppose to be, it wasn't meant to be. Why I torture myself like this I just don't know..."
~ Lynette Devonte

Six Years ago...

That was when he saw her at Oxford, when he decided he would have her. She was young, fresh, full of life and promise; she was everything he had never been able to have before, with her elegant accent from South Africa, her lady like ways and yet the passion that lay lurking in those beautiful aquamarine eyes. An undergrad focused on Esoteric Anthropology and Linguistics to his grad school ranking.So he seduced her, took her for his own...regardless of the fact that he was already engaged.

He was dark, brooding, mysterious. At first she tried to stay away, but he was too enthralling for that to work and steadily she fell under his spell until she realized she was in love with him. In passion and trust she gave over everything, surrendered all...only to find out he was already taken. That she was a dirty little secret. She stayed with him though, thinking he might break things off, hoping he would love her back. They fought, often, hard, it was painful, both physically and emotionally but she still stayed, every time she threatened to walk he convinced her to stay, he loved her, and she was powerless to resist.

But it could never last like that, and finally she did walk out, and ran, ran all the way back to South Africa, to her family.

Unable to reach her, to reclaim her he realized he lost some of himself...and finally broke things off with his arranged fiancee.

Present day

The world has changed, drastically. Magic, and the paranormal....suddenly its all real. Very very real in fact. The boundaries between the different planes have been chipped away at steadily since the Age of Enlightenment really, people pushing to find more out there, searching for answers.

Answers they might not have wanted.

Lynette found herself graduating top of her class once she returned to Oxford after her fleeing her lover; and with her rather particular degree she was all kinds of useful, and thus recruited by the UN to help handle 'problematic situations'. Its become a globe trotting sort of job. And the newest 'situation' is the fact that there's a dragon. With no one knowing what the creature wants and very very aware of its abilities to destroy everyone wants to find the thing and 'figure it out' as it were. Lynette is the top choice to do so. But she's the diplomatic answer.

The UN also calls in their 'warrior' answer, wanting the two to team up.

Which is how Lynette comes face to face with him, the man who ruined her, who broke her heart and nearly her soul in some ways. Told she's suppose to work with him she at first flat out rejects it, storms away. But now that he's finally seen her again he won't let her go so easily. He tracks her to her hotel and lets himself in. And they come together like they did before, a tempest, unable to fight the pull between them but both hurting in different ways for it.

This time she's the one engaged, he's the one free, she tries to fight their connection, to block him out, he works to give them a chance, to get her to see that they can work together. Charming or slaying a dragon has to be easy compared to this.....

This story would be dark. It might have a happy ending, it very likely could not.

The two main characters weren't good for each other before, so they probably wouldn't be very healthy six years later either, and Lynette would be struggling with the guilt of the fact that she knows he isn't good for her, doubting him and of course the issue that she is very much engaged to a man that she does love and who is good to her. Even if he isn't the ex, and her body craves the things that her EX lover did to her.

The man I see as a very dominant person, and perhaps (likely I think) a Sadist. He would have his own past history and issues, and a reason to be in an arranged engagement that he held off breaking up for the two years that he and Lynette first knew each other. I won't flesh out more details then that since, well its not my character; but I have a lot of ideas about different plot twists and the like to toss at an interested party.

Again, going to be selective about who I choose to play this with.

And a little mood music....

Adele - Set Fire to the Rain Lyrics

Wistful Dream

Happy to say that this idea is

Taken Thank you for looking if you did.