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Author Topic: Superpowers - Blessing or Curse  (Read 1122 times)

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Offline Lord BaneTopic starter

Superpowers - Blessing or Curse
« on: July 16, 2011, 05:52:59 PM »
The setting: In the summer of 1986 an unidentified object crashed deep into the heart of the Marianas Trench. At first it was ignored but then people begun developing superpowers. At first it was isolated incidents, but then it began to spread. Two decades later there are few places in the world unaffected, and with the increasing prevalence of powers governments are becoming fearful. So, hidden from the sight of their various populations, world governments began dealing with the threat, recruiting those willing to aid them, imprisoning those who they could deal with, and disposing of those they could not. But the threat has not vanished, it continues to worsen. What is the real source of these powers? Can their spread be stopped once and for all? And what darker secret may the object in the Marianas Trench really be hiding?

This isn't a comic book, if people die in this story they are going to stay dead. I won't kill characters controlled by forum members though, unless they ask to leave the thread or they break the rules.
Only one power is allowed per character, so no characters allowed that resemble a Swiss Army Knife of special powers. Also choose your character's power carefully, you won't be allowed to change it once you'd decided on it.
No powermodding.
No godmodding.
Treat other people in this thread with respect.
I'm not expecting something to rival War and Peace but literate posts are expected. Don't feel pressured to write a miniature essay of a post if you cannot think of enough to write but equally don't expect me to accept two lines as a proper post.
In your first post please include a character outline with these details:
Alignment (i.e. good, bad, neutral):
Brief biography:
If you want to know more or have any questions feel free to PM me.

My character:
Name: Agent Riley
Age: 40
Powers: None known
Alignment: Unclear
Brief biography: One of the agents the CIA use to round up anyone discovered to have abilities of his own, Riley has a deep distrust, if not hatred, of many with powers after one killed his brother. He is keeping many secrets however, some of which would end his career, and put his life at risk.

First post:

Riley was sat looking at his computer, typing up a report on his latest mission. It had been a young man with the ability to phase through walls, unfortunately for him the CIA even had ways around that kind of power. It had exhausted him though, missions like that wore him out in no time. The other window he had open on his computer was the latest readings from the crash site. He wasn't sure why he had it open since nothing had changed for nearly a year, but he guessed he didn't want to be caught unawares if something did happen.

He was tall, middle-aged, with short brown hair which was so scruffy it was hard to tell when he had last used a hairbrush. He had piercing blue eyes and a strange scar running over his left eye, although no-one had yet managed to convince him to tell them what had happened.

He let out a sigh, glancing at the clock and feeling relieved that it was almost time to go home, he needed a good rest.

Offline Earth Man

Re: Superpowers - Blessing or Curse
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2011, 07:50:56 PM »
Name: Van Rodin
Age: 21
Power: Bio Kinetic Electricity (His body naturally generates Electricity by converting his life force into power).
Alignment: Neutral but leans toward good.
Brief biography: Van was a young boy on the streets when the thing him the trench.  Life a lot of people he was granted with super human powers, He now just tries to make it in the world by using his powers to help himself and occasionally helping others.  His main issue is he loved women and he drinks.

Van was walking down the sidewalk, dressed in a pair of ripped jeans and a black hoodie.  He had the hood pulled up over his spiked silver hair and he wore shades over his crystal blue eyes.  He was trying to seem inconspicuous by covering his most identifiable points because of the governments tendency to distrust meta-humans.  The air was brisk and he hurried past the CIA building, hopefully no one was there since it was so late.

Offline Lord BaneTopic starter

Re: Superpowers - Blessing or Curse
« Reply #2 on: July 18, 2011, 03:43:33 AM »
Riley was just packing up, looking out of the window, when he noticed Van going past. Something set alarm bells going off in his head as he checked the file he had on his desk. They had a file on the boy, one of Riley's colleagues had been trying to track him. He picked up his gun and headed out of the building, stopping to put his files in his car before following Van. He knew he had to stay far enough from him to avoid arousing suspicion, but he also needed to get him away from population centres, if something went wrong he couldn't risk harming civilians.

Offline Earth Man

Re: Superpowers - Blessing or Curse
« Reply #3 on: July 19, 2011, 09:20:00 PM »
Van was heading to the old abandoned industrial park, he liked it there, no people.  Also he felt more powerful there because of the generators that were left on.  Van didn't notice the car following him so he entered the Industrial park with his guard down.  He ended up at a makeshift shelter made of old sheet metal and a generator he had pushed together.  He sat down and becan to watch his little TV, he was powering it by holding the plug in his hand and filling it with electrical power.

Offline Lord BaneTopic starter

Re: Superpowers - Blessing or Curse
« Reply #4 on: July 20, 2011, 03:55:33 AM »
He followed him to the shelter, coming up to one of the windows and peeking inside. He grimaced, he'd only faced one other person with powers like these before, he needed to be careful. For a moment he considered calling for backup but he doubted that would end terribly well, plus it would remove the element of stealth if a load of CIA issue helicopters suddenly turned up. He decided to try it the polite way, hoping Van wouldn't overreact, knocking on the door. "Van Rodin," he called out. "I need to have a word with you, urgently." He kept one hand on his gun as a precaution, he didn't want to get caught by surprise.

Offline Midnyte Rose

Re: Superpowers - Blessing or Curse
« Reply #5 on: July 21, 2011, 12:03:28 AM »
(I hope this is still going on. Also, I'm gonna play 2 characters if that's okay. If not, let me know.)

Name: Ruka Millers
Age: 16
Power: Create invisible shields. The bigger the shield the faster she weakens under the duress of keeping it up.
Alignment: Good
Brief biography: Six months ago, Ruka had had everything she could ever want as a teenager, living in a nice house with loving parents. Even as her strange new power began to develop a few years earlier, her parents still loved her and took care of her. But they were scared. Even so, the power was so minimal, nonthreatening and it could in no way be used to harm another person. Yet it didn't seem to help anyone but herself the day her home exploded. Since then she had been on her own, knowing that people are out looking for her. Bad people. She didn't understand it though since she could never hurt anyone, but that didn't seem to matter. It was a month or so after that when she met Vince. He took her in immediately for whatever reason and she was scared at first, but after a while she began to see something in him and she's stayed with him ever since then.

Name: Vince (no last name)
Age: Unknown, appears to be in early 20s
Power: Telekinesis
Alignment: Neutral
Brief biography: A man of unknown origin, there is no record of him anywhere. Indeed, the officials may know of him but before then there have been no records or files on him of any kind. Not even a birth certificate. The name he uses is not an alias, nor is it his real name as far as he knows. His memories only consist of the past three years, and before that there is nothing. He has no idea who he really is or where he came from. There are quick images that flash through his mind but none of them make any sense. The earliest memory he can make sense of is the night he woke in an abandoned warehouse wearing a pair of battered jeans and a torn trench coat. For a couple years he had wandered, keeping to himself but his crimes gradually became many, ranging anywhere from robbery to homicide. It was during one crime when he met Ruka. Something about her had hit a chord in him and he took her in, protecting and looking after her.


It was darker than she expected it to be when she left the safe house on a food run. Then again, it had only been that afternoon that she had managed to get some sleep. The past few days had been exhausting, making the long trip from one place to here. Not only that but it seemed as though there were more officials around looking for meta-humans, including the CIA. She couldn't fathom why they wanted to kill meta-humans but there was nothing she could do about it except keep safe and stay hidden. Thanks to Vince she had managed to do both and he protected her like an older brother. That's how she thought of him, too. He was the brother she never had and in a way he was picking up where her parents left off. Granted, she knew he was capable of doing horrible things and has done them in the past but she knew he would never hurt her. To others he would seem like a cold-hearted person but they only saw the outside. There was also his loss of memory. She wanted to help him get it back but every time she asked he seemed adamant about doing it himself. So the least she could do was help gather food, clothes, and other necessities for them both. That's why she was out so late this night.

Finding her way into an industrial park she wandered a bit on the off chance that there might be something useful laying around. It was as she was making her way around one huge pile of trash and discarded parts that hazel eyes saw a shelter of some kind with one man standing at the door and knocking. She was too far away to hear what the man said but something told her that he was dangerous. An enemy. Even so, she was curious to know what exactly he was doing in this kind of place. Tennis shoes hardly made a sound as she squatted down closer to the ground, hiding herself from view just in case the man turned to look around the place. With black hair already pulled back into a tail she thankfully didn't have to worry about it falling in her face. She just hoped the dark jeans and jacket she wore hid her well enough from sight alongside hiding.

Offline man4fun

Re: Superpowers - Blessing or Curse
« Reply #6 on: July 21, 2011, 05:51:33 PM »
Name-- Gio Trontil
Brief Biography--Vegas was a trash hole now. Gio's first memory was of the orphanage, Ms. Johnson giving him a sandwich. There were two other kids in the orphanage that stayed to themselves, shunning Gio. They said they wouldn't deal with metas, Gio knew that he was different because of his powers but he thought that if people didn't like him because of his powers that was his fault. He had perfected his powers over the years when he ran with this meta group. Just some rebels that did some parkour on the side and made trouble with the police. A few years ago the FBI came after the group saying that someone in the group was a level 4 meta, they had no clue what they meant but two of the group got lost as they ran from the FBI. Once it had died down Gio was left with his friend Paul who controlled fire. He said they all had to split since they didn't know which one of them the government was after. So the next day Gio had made a deal with some guy to take him out oh Vegas as he sat in the back of his truck bed.


Gio had decided to leave his traveling companion when they hit the east coast. They shook hands as Gio watched him drive off, he started walking looking at his new home. Gio was about 6 foot with short brown hair that ran towards the middle to make a very little spike. Green eyes and now a slight tan from riding in the back of a truck around the nation with a guy in his truck. Now here he was in a old pair of Levis and a black t-shirt. As Gio walked he decided the first thing to do was find a place to sleep. He got into a Alley and teleported to the roof of a building to get up high. He saw a old warehouse on what looked to be a blacked out side of town. He jumped once more to the roof of the warehouse and found a way in through the roof. As he made it to the ground level he searched around looking for any clue of someone might being here. As he wandered he found two sleeping bags light by a small lantern. When he bent down to look he was thrown against the wall with his hands and legs pinned against the wall, but he hadn't been touched. As Gio struggled to move or even jump it was useless, "What are you doing here?" Gio heard a voice say from the shadows as a man walked towards him with his hand out. Gio's eyes lite up as the face came into sight.

Offline man4fun

Re: Superpowers - Blessing or Curse
« Reply #7 on: July 22, 2011, 01:11:07 AM »
(is this still going on?)

Offline Midnyte Rose

Re: Superpowers - Blessing or Curse
« Reply #8 on: July 22, 2011, 01:50:54 AM »
(I dunno....)

Offline Lord BaneTopic starter

Re: Superpowers - Blessing or Curse
« Reply #9 on: July 22, 2011, 03:00:01 AM »
(it is, but I can't really post until Earth Man has replied and he's not been on since my last post)

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Re: Superpowers - Blessing or Curse
« Reply #10 on: July 22, 2011, 08:18:16 AM »
(okay. guess I'll reply to man4fun's post then. as such....man4fun...don't ever post actions and words for my character again. it really pisses me off. I'll let it slide this ONE time, but don't do it again.)

The pair had just arrived in the city last night and it took no time at all to get to the warehouse they were using as a hideout. It was located in the blacked out part of the city and even though there was no doubt a lot of criminals in the same area, there weren't any cops. If a cop did make his way into the area then he'd have to bring some back up, but if he did then there'd most likely be a riot of criminals starting up. Either way, it may be the most dangerous part of the city, but it was also the safest. Of course, he didn't mean it for himself, but for Ruka.

Speaking of which, the girl was no where to be found in the warehouse. After she fell asleep in the late afternoon that day, he had expected her to stay asleep through the night. And while she slept he had left the warehouse, not only to get a few supplies but also to canvas their location and come up with a few escape routes. Instead, what he found was the shape of a man crouching down next to the two tattered sleeping bags where he and Ruka slept.

Without warning he threw up a hand into the empty space in front of him and at the same time, the man was thrown against the far wall. Vince held him there with hardly any trouble, not letting him move even a single inch.

"Who the hell are you? What are you doing here?" he demanded. Vince stood in the shadows at first, then after several minutes slowly walked forward. He stopped just on the edge of the dim light the lantern provided, his face being cast in shadows which gave him an ominous look. Dark gray eyes shifted to look upon the sleeping bags and found that both were empty instead of just one. With a harsh scowl his eyes quickly darkened with anger and set them back upon the unknown man.

The stranger had voiced his name as a question, but Vince ignored it and instead asked his own. "Where is she?" His voice was cold, holding no remorse for whatever pain or discomfort the man might be feeling. The only thing that mattered was finding out where Ruka was.

Offline man4fun

Re: Superpowers - Blessing or Curse
« Reply #11 on: July 22, 2011, 03:02:43 PM »
(I am so sorry I didn't even notice I did that intill after, I can't stand that ether and I promise it wont happen again)

"her? Sara with you!?! Vince its me Gio, from back in Vegas, we split when The government showed up. Were's Sara, your sister she ran with you. Vince put me down!" Gio was hurting badly now, he could feel Vince's hold getting even stronger and was almost being strangled. "Vince......Sara.....Vegas....." Gio passed out unable to breath. When the blackness consumed his mind he remembered back to when he first met everyone in the gang. He remembered Sara's red hair and green eyes, but never saw a power. years and years with the group and he never remembered her using any powers but she had to have had one to roll with us. He remembered the night when him and Sara climbed the Eiffel Tower. "We'll be free one oppresion.." was all she said as she stared out into the lights of our home, Gio had his first kiss that night on that tower. Gio came to in what looked to be the same warehouse. "Hello?! Vince?!?!"

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Re: Superpowers - Blessing or Curse
« Reply #12 on: July 26, 2011, 03:32:50 AM »
Name: Quin Ela

Age: 15

Power: Can control Blood, he can't control it... Yet.

Alignment (i.e. good, bad, neutral): Neutral

Brief biography: Quin is a shy boy who grew up in the large city of New York. Parentless with no home.He is someone who doesn't trust easily. He becomes scared and often is dangerous when angry.

Quin stepped off the train. Steam flowed through the station. His day was coming to an end. He made his way through the station and up the steps. He felt alone, even though many faces paced by. He was an empty kid who didn't have much going for him. His goal was to hide. Hide or run from the men that are after his kind. He came to a halt when he saw a pair of policemen waiting for him at the top of the stairs. Quin turned but he couldn't force himself through the large crowd behind him.

He started to grow scared.
He looked at the two men closing in on him. Tears began to run down his face. He looked around for an escape. His eyes raced around the subway looking for a chance to run. Then he saw his tunnel to freedom. He started a mad dash to the next train nearing the station.

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Re: Superpowers - Blessing or Curse
« Reply #13 on: July 27, 2011, 03:05:05 AM »
<gonna react to Ruka instead, guessing Earth Man isn't interested in the RP anymore>

Having failed to get an answer Riley looked at his cellphone, sighing. He hadn't eaten all day and his stomach was growling loudly. As he prepared to walk back to his car an alarm on his belt suddenly sprung to life. It was designed to detect any metahumans in the vicinity, although he'd never understood how it worked. It wasn't pointing towards the warehouse though, there was another person nearby. He pulled out his gun, unsure what was waiting for him.

"Who's there?" he called out as he cautiously approached where the alarm was indicating. "If you're not a threat to me I advise you tell me that before I start shooting."

It was times like this he wished he had powers of his own, especially when he didn't know what powers would be waiting for him.

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Re: Superpowers - Blessing or Curse
« Reply #14 on: August 05, 2011, 05:52:22 AM »
<is this RP dead? Cos if no-one's interested I might start it again with a new thread and delete this one>