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Author Topic: Marvel's One-on-One Request Thread (F seeking M or F or T)  (Read 757 times)

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Hi guys and girls,

First, read my Ons/Offs:

How I like to run one-on-one games:

I see one-on-one roleplaying like writing a novel or short story. The difference is that two people are building the story instead of one. We'll each have our main character, the stars of the story, but we'll each control NPCs and environments as the plot requires. There may be entire posts that come from the viewpoint of secondary characters, so we can see the story from all angles. We may even control each other's characters (on a limited, agreed upon basis) if it's necessary to maintain narrative flow. I prefer to use freeform over dice, but if we can't agree on what should happen, we may do some simple roles.

One-on-One games I'd like to start:

1. Inside Out - A Mage: the Ascension game telling the story of a young female Hermetic mage with a proud lineage who is seduced and corrupted by an Infernal Nephandi adsinistratus for the purpose of bearing his or her Pit Lord's offspring into the world. Think of Rosemary's Baby for influence. I see it told in 4 parts: Seduction, Corruption, Gestation, Afterbirth. A strong working knowledge of Mage is essential. (I'm playing a game similar to this right now, minus the Mage setting. I'm open for other Mage based plots though.)

2. An untitled Vampire: the Masquerade game where my character is embraced by yours. Plot and specifics will be worked out together.

3. A Place Called Home - A Canadian foreign exchange student is abducted in Berlin by the Russian Mafia. When she comes to, she's somewhere in the Motherland and has found herself the newest member of a private whorehouse. This story examines the psyche of a woman as she's stripped of her very identity and forced to debase herself in every manner imaginable. I would play all of the girls and possibly Interpol agents/other police. You'd play the Mafia, jons, and associates. I'm looking for a special person for this one.

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4. Me Jane - The year is 1870 and a shipping vessel crashes off the coast of an uncharted Caribbean island. All of the crew parishes, with the only survivor being an Irish maiden who was riding to the New World to meet her future husband. Stranded on the strange island, the maiden discovers herself being watched by a wild female. Unfortunately for the maiden, her admirer isn't the most dangerous creature in the darkness of the jungle. (F/F, romance, adventure)

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I'll update this section as new ideas spring to mind!

My availability:

I'm open to accepting a partner or two, but expect to be patient.

♡ Marvel
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Re: Marvel's One-on-One Request Thread (F seeking M or F)
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Updated availability + a new story idea.