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Author Topic: Young Male/Older Female Pairing [M for F]  (Read 599 times)

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Young Male/Older Female Pairing [M for F]
« on: July 14, 2011, 06:25:56 pm »
Alright so I am virtually seeking any role play or idea involving a pairing between a younger male (around the age of 20) and an older female (around the age of 40).  The age can vary by a few years here and there of course, either being younger or older but you get the idea.  Basically I am looking to play a young male with a very large sex drive and lustful appetite to be paired up with an experienced and adventurous older woman who is very curvaceous and has a beautiful face.

Now the plot in itself, the story, the pairing and even the sexual kinks/fetishes can all be open for discussion.  If you have an idea revolving around a younger male paired up with an older woman than run it by me.  It could many various pairings such as:

Neighbors - Perhaps she teases him through the window as their bedrooms are both on the second floor and across from each other, she purposely undresses with the curtains open and does things like that.  I could see there being a lot of fun in this with my character sneaking out at knight, climbing up to her window and what not and tapping on the glass.  Guess it would be more about the mature woman seducing the younger male.

Boss/Employee - Either role could be taken, she is the boss and he is the new employee or he could be the new young boss and she becomes his secretary.  If he is the boss I could see him as perhaps exploiting her in some way to satisfy his sexual needs as he finds her curvaceous figure very sexy and what not.  The the same could be said if she were his boss, she decides she needs a good fuck and this new, young hot employee can put in some over time late at night to service her.

Teacher/Student - Would most likely be college and once again could be either role.  He is the student and she is the hot, mature teacher or even he is a very young professor and she is coming back to college.

Met Online - Two of them could have met online and started to flirt, maybe even shared pictures but want more now and set up places to meet and have a good time.  This one could involve a lot of public/risky places.

Step Mother/Step Son - The father could be out of the picture or neglecting the mother and/or unable to to satisfy her sexual needs thus the step son steps up to be the man of the house, well in the way that the man of the house has sex with the woman of the house at least.

Queen/Knight - The King could have fallen in battle or just ignores her thus she turns to her personal and loyal knight, a young, strong and handsome man that will do anything for her and she also knows the way he looks upon her with lust.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend's Mother - A High school couple just messing around with some cute puppy love, though after the girlfriend takes her boyfriend home to meet her all changes.  Right away the boyfriend can see where she got her good looks from as he sees this beautiful, mature and curvy figure before him that welcomes with with a warm smile.  The mother often happens to admire her daughter's good sense in taste...but with her daughter still being a virgin and not wanting to put out, what happens if the mother steps up and offers the young male some action?  This would require some sneaking around and some stealth sex as it would be behind the girlfriends back and what not, we can discuss what were to happen if she ever caught them in the act.

Cousins - Now she would be older, but only by a few years in this one of course.  I see this as during their childhood the two of them did not get along very well mainly because she picked on him since he was smaller and younger but then she moved away.  Now she is coming back and staying with his family, it has been several years now and he has just turned 18, she is in her early 20s.  He is not happy about her coming to stay as he only recalls her from his childhood but when he sees that she has grown into a beautiful and sexy woman he cannot take his eyes off her.  She sees the way he looks as well and teases him every chance she gets with the way she dresses or moves does not help that he knows she sleeps in the nude as well...and they share a room.

Those are just some random ideas off the top of my head, willing to accept any others.  So as you can see I am just really craving a pairing like this and everything is up for discussion.  If you are interested in discussing the details and want to run some ideas by me or want to form a potential role play then please send me a PM.  I only ask that my writing partners can be detailed and descriptive and handle a few paragraphs with each post.
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Re: Young Male/Older Female Pairing [M for F]
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2011, 10:48:26 am »
Updated some of the pairings and added a couple of ideas.  Still looking for some role plays involving a younger male and an older female, if you have any ideas of your own then please run them by me.