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Author Topic: Immortals and Perfect Dark Plot Ideas  (Read 970 times)

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Immortals and Perfect Dark Plot Ideas
« on: July 14, 2011, 03:28:48 PM »
Immortals  Taken If one of this version dies, I'll open it up again.

My idea revolves around Immortals in the far flung future (aka Science fiction). I would like there to be a mix of fantasy - this is achieved through a rift that opened between the sci-fi realm and the fantasy realm. The story will concern my Immortal character and my partners character, whom I would prefer be Immortal as well. I was thinking the female character (my partners char), could potentially be mortal and my man, knows she is an Immortal who has not died her first death yet. He wants her, so he kills her to bring about the Immortality (Highlander styled; an Immortal does not become Immortal until the time of their first death). She doesn't know he did this, keeping it a secret from her.

The main idea will deal with my character and my partners, having a relationship. Whether it is friendship, romance, friends with benefits or what not is up for grabs. My character is not a good guy, nor is he really evil. He is more or less out for himself and is willing to do just about anything to get what he wants and so forth. He is a lover of women, but by no means is immune to having a relationship with one woman (although to add more depth to him and perhaps the female character, they might be willing to share with another woman; maybe another man. I'm not big on m/m/f though, so it will need to be thought on.)

What else happens can be decided upon during the brain storming. Perhaps some trouble with the alien races, a cult rises up and starts causing trouble for immortals or just in general. I'm trying to think of something a bit more serious or a way to make an idea more serious.

Info on Immortals

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Immortals are out to kill each other (for the most part). Not all are. The reason why they are bound to kill each other isn't clear to even the oldest, but one thing is clear - Immortals gain more and more power the more of their kind they kill. For some, this is reason enough to hunt their own kind. Just because their "destiny" is to kill each other, however, doesn't mean all do. Some resist and willingly let others live after a fight, avoid fighting, some even make friends and allies of their kind. Not all are good or evil - they run the gambit of types.

An Immortals powers are not really outlandish, but some Immortals possess some strange abilities. Some can commune with animals, some can sense emotions (as empathy), some have exact memories and learning retention, and so forth. Some might be innately capable of using magic when in the fantasy realm. Some have no power at all, other than the knowledge and skill gained from an Immortal they killed (aside from that which they naturally gained for living for so long).

Since removing an Immortals head is the only (normal) way to kill an Immortal, swords were and still are the easiest way to kill an Immortal and take his power and knowledge. Swords are not illegal on many worlds, as the idea of guns and other forms of technology, are seen as far superior to mere swords and other melee weapons an Immortal might use. Many Immortals carry a sword or some other form of a weapon that can cut a head off. Some "cheat" and use a gun to "kill" an Immortal then use the Immortals own sword to cut their heads off.

Holy Ground is another thing no Immortal knows why it is the way it is. Holy Ground is a place where Immortals can be around one another without fear of being killed. Immortals respect this rule mostly because it can allow them to talk to each other, even enemies. Some hide on holy ground for protection, most don't have the patience nor the inclination to use it permanently. Places of holy ground are not common, but can be created when a religious sect deems to make a church or sanctuary on a piece of land. Some Immortals have been known to create sects around themselves for the purpose of creating holy ground. This, again, is rare as the holy ground itself is. Most Immortals don't believe in religion - to most its below them, to others its a wasted effort. Life after death has little to no meaning to them.

When dealing with mortals, Immortals (by enlarge), keep their existence secret. Some go so far as to keep the secret by killing mortals who find out. No Immortal wants to be hunted by mortals as well as Immortals. Some mortals, however, find out because their lover tells them he or she is an Immortal. Most manage the information, but some are frightened, some resent that they age while their loved one remains static in time. For this reason, many Immortals who fall for mortals stay with them for awhile then leave.


I have no background for them because I believe it would be more advantageous to create it later as I don't have much of the universe defined at the moment.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Main Character (My Character)

He is not as well defined as he could be at the moment.

Name: Damion Neclastix
Race: Human (Immortal)
Gender: Male
Age: 832 (Appears in his late 20's to early 30's)
Height: 6'0”

Physical Description: Physically fit, well defined muscles (not muscle bound). Keeps in shape for survival, daily pursuits, and for entertaining the ladies.

Personality: Charming when he wants to be, good natured when he wants to be, rough on the outside often, though around women he likes he plays it a bit cleaner around the edges. He doesn't change who he is for their benefit, he just relaxes more around the female persuasion. He's a bit of a womanizer, definitely a lover of women. He isn't addicted and by no means has to have their company, able to go decades at a time without a relationship.

-Excellent fighter, knowing multiple martial arts of Human origin and a few other races.
-Skilled Swordsman, among a few other weapons like the Kukri.
-A skilled artist, prefers to just draw line drawings, but can do color pictures.
-An accomplished chef.

Relationships: No permanent ones as of late. He has flings on occasion with Desanau. She became enamored of him after he saved her life, and thus she spends time with him often; even entertaining his fascinating for her by sleeping with him.

Secret: Damion has a collection of females, some Human others of a few races that can copulate with a Human. They are kept in stasis so they do not age more than days or weeks at a time while he enjoys himself with them.

Allies/Friends of Damion

Name: Desanau
Race: Drachni (pronounced Drak-nee)
Gender: Female
Age: 120
Height: 5'11”

Profession: Ex-special forces

Racial Physical Description: Long digitigrade legs with three toed feet ending in claws, a very long slender tail that reaches out to nearly six feet long (usually is wrapped about the person when not being used); the tail is extremely strong and can support the full weight of the Drachni when used to hang with. Two horns protrude from sides of her skull and slope back along the skull then angle outward slightly to a pointed end. Has dark smokey black skin, bordering on pure black. Eyes are a solid shimmering gold with no pupils. Rest of body is humanoid in shape and function.

Note: Desanau is a “runt” among Drachni, as most of her kind reach 6 feet plus, most averaging around or over 6'5”.

Personality: Desanau is a bit taciturn, preferring to let her actions speak louder. She isn't above talking, however, and can be pleasant company at times. Being ex-Drachni military has hardened her and thus she is a bit hardline even when she doesn't need to be.

She is trustworthy and honorable. Desanau enjoys the company of Human's, holding an admiration for their skill in battles even when they couldn't win. She is particularly fascinated by Damion because he knows so much for appearing to be so young (by her standards anyways).     

Damion's Opinion of Desanau: Damion considers her a valuable ally and friend. He isn't afraid to admit she is more dangerous than him despite his age and experience. Drachni military training is intense and has a long foundation and tradition to impart upon its training regimens. While he believes he could probably beat her, barely, he hopes that it never becomes necessary.

Quote About Desanau: “She's more dangerous than I am.” -Damion

Name: Mattiau
Race: Human (Immortal)
Gender: Male
Age: 420
Height: 5'7”

Profession: Merchant (specializes in Black Market goods)

Physical Description
: Mattiau is not well built, being more or less average looking. His body is somewhat lanky and his face has a bit of a hallow look from all of the stress of hiding constantly.

Personality: Mattiau is a bit of a coward. He constantly is in hiding from other Immortals. The only Immortal he trusts is Damion, who spared him one hundred years ago. To repay Damion, he allows Damion to know where he hides and supplies him with hard to get items. Mattiau is a nice man who simply wants to live his life and have no part of the hunting of his own kind.

He enjoys smoking of any kind, especially ancient pipes. He collects dozens of smoking weeds, flavored, unflavored, and so forth.

I will add more details to this as I think of them. If anyone is in the least bit interested, feel free to PM me for more details. I do have some thoughts, but nothing seriously solid.

See below for what kind of partner I am looking for.


Perfect Dark

For those of you who remember the old N64 Perfect Dark, this idea I have is based entirely off that amazingly epic game. I just went through the campaign again and had a hell of a lot of fun blowing away dataDyne, NSA, and Skedar agents. However, I am looking to create a story that is even more in-depth. For its day and age, Perfect Dark did a pretty good job. Still, I would like to delve more into the war between the Maians and the Skedar, as well as deal with more of the Earth side of things. Perhaps a third or more alien parties might get involved?

Gist of the Idea

I would like to play original characters instead of taking up the originals, but perhaps they might show up. My thinking is that our agents will probably belong to the Carrington Institute, unless otherwise decided upon. We will deal with corrupt corporations, alien incursions, and so forth.

I envision the story beginning before anyone, other than Mr. Carrington (and the bad guys), knows about the aliens. Our agents would be clueless as to what their missions are geared towards. Like in the campaign, things become clearer as the story moves forward. I do not intend to copy the game plot mission for mission. My idea will be original, but focused around the same time line, with lots of extras, detours, and so forth.

In dealing with the corporations, I think more corporate espionage can be done, perhaps some out and out fighting, maybe more. As for the aliens, I was hoping for a more gritty and long lasting fighting against the Skedar. One of my ideas is that the Maian's recruit many within the Carrington Institute to help them fight a covert side to the war. While the Maian's are not push overs, they on the other hand, desire capable allies to bolster their waning efforts. As mentioned in the campaign, the Maian's had to fight the Skedar to a stand still, but it wasn't easy. With fresh help, they hope to end the war once and for all.   

As for sex in my games, as always, plot before sex. However, like in real life, it can fit in just fine as long as its kept to the down low. This story I want to focus on the agents fighting the corrupt Human's/Skedar. But to sate some of mine, and likely your desires, I was thinking some intra-agent sex, perhaps captured by Skedar, and whatever else.

What I want in a Partner

-Please take note of my O/O's before stating interest. Its best if we are similar (because I am more limited than many on this site), though if you like more/different things than me but are willing to limit yourself to mine, by all means feel free to talk to me.
-I will be looking at your writing skill. I am not a snob, but I do desire a high(ish) quality especially for this story. I can see it going far with a good partner.
-Also, be prepared to discuss how you want things to go. I have my ideas and can get the process started, but I desire (really really want) someone who can challenge me with ideas. I easily get dead in the water if I am the only one brainstorming. I like to think myself pretty good at compromising between competing ideas to please me and a partner. So that means, even if not in whole, its very likely many of your ideas will be used.

PM or make a post here is fine.
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Re: Immortals and Perfect Dark Plot Ideas
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2011, 09:03:00 PM »
Added the Immortals plot idea.

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Characters and Immortal Info added
« Reply #2 on: July 19, 2011, 03:44:38 PM »
Added Character Info for the Immortals Plot as well as more information on Immortals themselves.

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Re: Immortals and Perfect Dark Plot Ideas
« Reply #3 on: July 20, 2011, 01:48:59 AM »
Hello there  :-) I really like your Immortals idea. I have a few ideas similar to it myself, and I've been looking for a very in-depth, flawed romance. I can post atleast three paragraphs, I consider myself fairly literate, so please let me know if you would like to create a role play.