The Devil in your House

Started by Jester, October 02, 2007, 04:05:47 AM

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Damian/Davina was your normal 18 year old kid. Sort of. He/she was also the child of the Devil.

To the outside world he/she is an orphan found at birth outside a church and passed from one family to another for the last 18 years. The last family have just recently met some mysterious accident.

Damian/Davina had befriended a boy in his class and the friends family had invited him to stay........

This is the story of what happens when you have the Devil's child in your house.

I am looking for a female player willing to play the different roles in the family or perhaps play Davina if you prefer. The Child of God has untold powers and the ability to control people in a very subtle way. 

What happens to the family when each of them is seduced by the Child of God and tormented with his games.

The game will be set in high with potential for incest/torture/humiliation and possible animals.

Let me know if your interested in playing the child of God or the family.


Hmmmm, now I might be able to get into this one...

I'm torn though, which would you rather I play?

I could go with my natural tendencies and be dominant by playing the Daughter of the Devil/God (you switched which one it was half way through).

Or I could try to explore the more submissive side by playing the victims...
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Either way is fine with me.

I think I would enjoy playing the family if you wanted to play the daughter of the devil?

I would imagine there would be the father, mother and a brother and sister and maybe a grandad?