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Author Topic: Mark of the Brotherhood (m for f)  (Read 401 times)

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Mark of the Brotherhood (m for f)
« on: July 13, 2011, 04:21:12 AM »
Mark of the Brotherhood


Name: Javier Rodrigues
Age: 34
Occupation: Bartender/ part-time tattoo artist and painter

Name : Amber Valetta



Age: 28
Ethnicity: American
Occupation: Journalist

Plot description

Javier Rodrigues works as a bartender in an uptown club in Barcelona. But that is to pay his bills. In fact, he belongs to a secret brotherhood of artists consisting of painters, tattoo artists, sculptors, etc. They are artists schooled in the bohemian lifestyle. Skilled in the ways of making love and art they have established a reputation in the underbelly of Barcelona’s art culture. They are known to be brilliant lovers, treating the pleasuring of women they bed as an art. Their members do not openly show themselves. Once in a while a person, by the power of his reputation is thought to be fit enough to be part of the brotherhood. The objective of the brotherhood is to spread the experience of reaching the zenith of sexual pleasure, unequalled and explosive, to as many women as they can.

The Mark of the Brotherhood

However, the members of the brotherhood have a secret. Each one of them collects women. They bed different women worthy of their skills, and treat them to a night of dark, sensous, intense, and unbridled sexual pleasure. Their sole objective in these encounters is to satisfy the woman to her fullest. They regard each woman as a conquest to add to their achievements. Women who have the privilege to spend a night with a member of the brotherhood say it is the best night of their lives. They are then marked by the brother in question, with the mark of the brotherhood just above their buttocks, at the base of their spine. The mark of the brotherhood is emblazoned on every brother’s back. But there is one thing about the members of the brotherhood. They do not repeat women. It is not a rule, but a practice. Only the most exquisite of women have the privilege of their company for several nights. Their objective is to reach as many women as possible. They are sworn not to have wives, or girlfriends.

Amber Valetta is a columnist for Vogue, Travel and Lifestyle section. Her friend tells her about an unparalleled night of sexual pleasure she had had when they visited Barcelona that summer. She tells Amber about this brotherhood of men, who give you the best night of your life, and then mark you with their special tattoo. Her friend shows her the tattoo. Apparently, you have to be a woman of certain calibre to deserve their attentions. They were spread all throughout Europe. Their identification was the mark of the brotherhood they had on their back. Women who had heard or read about them seeked them out but generally couldn’t find them. You were only chosen by a member of the brotherhood if they thought you were worthy.

Amber was intrigued. She decides to do an article on them. Her editor agrees and she travels to Barcelona and searches for these men, in the bars that her friend visited, asking a lot of questions, but getting no results. While searching one particular night in Javier’s bar, coincidentally Javier’s eyes fall on her and he decides that she would be his target for the night. He seduces her, and once in his bed, she sees the mark of the brotherhood and is extremely excited and happy with her luck. After that night, however, she discovers a new height of sexual pleasure. She just had the best night of her life and wants more. She is addicted. She also wants to get details for her story. But when she goes to the same bar and asks Javier, he does not give her any information and spurns her advances.

The story is about Amber’s first night, Javier seducing and bedding her and then subsequently her attempts at seducing Javier again for another night. She also wants more information for her article. After the first night, and the subsequent denial of the pleasures she experienced, Amber is hooked. She cannot get those feelings out of her mind and will do anything to have one more night of pleasure like that one.

I will be playing the character of Javier Rodrigues. Please PM me if you are interested, or reply on this thread. I am quite open to plot improvements and changes, so please let me know.