Transformation, Breast Expansion inside! (Seeking females)

Started by syko, July 11, 2011, 04:35:27 PM

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Been on a hiatus for a while, but I'm back!  And I'm still interested in various stories which mostly include either Transformation or Breast Expansion (usually a mix of both even.)

I love fantasy settings (knights, magic, rouges, mercenaries, what's not to love?) as you will probably see within my posts.

Will <3 if you enjoy...

For those who are unfamiliar with my kinks, here are a few of my top kinks and descriptions:

Breast Expansion Simple enough: expanding breasts via magic, chemical, or otherwise fictional means (I usually like it to happen within a few minutes, but there are exceptions.)

Transformation Think shapeshifting.  I love when something changes from one thing to another.  Usually either from a human to an anthro (ranging from 'nekomimi type' to almost full 'furry' type,) though I also love racial changes (though usually from whatever into an Asian type or redheaded Irish type.)

Mind altering I love when the 'victim' being changed starts off hating the changes, but ends up loving it in the end, or they start off brilliant and end up an airheaded bimbo.

Those are my top 3, but others include:
Willing slaves
Mind alteration (Interested, but not sure exactly what it is? Ask.)
Fantasy settings
Abnormal Roleplays

Things I love in Transformation situations

Below are the things I like to have characters transform into (animals are anthro/furry/neko-esque) :
Buxom redheads (+ for seductive redheads)
Ditzy bimbos
For anthro changes, I usually like the more exotic and strange ones (i.e. dragons, tigers, lions, etc.)

Plotless scenarios? Sure!

Some of these have accompanying plots below, but if you're interested in these (and not with the plots I have up currently) then let me know and we'll work something out.

Neighbor x Neighbor
Scientist x Experiment
Dragon (anthro) x Princess
Geek x Cheerleader
Friend x Friend (lots of varied plots for this)
Boss x Disgruntled/Lusting employee

As for rules?  Well, I only have a few...

I only play males, in mxf relationships.
I can play a female in fxf relationships (being male, it's easier to play male though.)
Transformation, to me, does not include gender bender/gender swap scenarios.
No piss, shit, blood, puke, etc. in my RPs.
Exception for blood: Action/adventure style roleplays, where the person is cut a little during a fight.
No abuse.
NO UNDERAGE! That's anything 17-

I have a few old plots to work with...

And if it's BLUE that means I'm craving it right now.

All plots are bases for what to do; we can expand on the ideas or just play them as literally as they are here.

Geek x Cheerleader (Modern)
High school drama never seems to end, even into college. Thinking it's a better route, both individuals go to the same college without realizing it. The cheerleader--a sexy captain who is a little flat but in great shape--and the geek, one of her main targets for torture throughout middle and high school. The difference is this year, he has something to defend himself with; he has developed a program that can alter various things in reality.

He starts to change her (slowly or quickly, depending on how we want to make the plot progress,) but he remembers a time where she wasn't as popular, where they were close friends... And wishes that she would remember the same.

Dragon anthro x princess (Medieval or modern fantasy)
Classic story of king pissing off the wrong person.  Or creature in this case.  The king had sent out troops to a nearby mountain to see if the rumors were true about a dragon being there, and if there was one, to kill it on sight.  The troops did just that, finding one and annihilating it and the egg it was guarding without question.

The only issue was that this was the female, and when her mate returned from hunting for food, he found the banner to the kingdom that killed her.  Enraged, he flew to the castle that night, and kidnapped the princess.

((Note: The princess will be changed into the dragon's ideal mate in this.  I do enjoy it when the princess is disgusted with what her father has done, and chooses to be changed.  Ask if you want different variations of this.))

Mercenaries (Medieval)
After a long mission, one of the mercenaries comes back to the HQ and rests.  His time to rest is very short lived however, and he is sent off to a local town to fight along side with another mercenary companion.  He has a bit of a crush on her (and perhaps vice versa,) and during the mission, their relationship develops... (Hopefully we can incorporate some TF and/or BE into this, but it's not a requirement.  Romance and action scenes are, however.)

Trouble in the temple (Medieval or modern)
A pair of hikers (or adventurers) are just going off the normal path when they find a hidden entrance to an ancient temple.  After a little bit of exploring they come to the shrine room, where a golden statuette of the worshiped god/dess (could be either gender.)  They figure that they'd be rich if they could sell something like this, and take it.  The only issue is that the god/dess of the temple doesn't agree, and changes (whichever matching gender) to reflect their likeness, and gives the changed person some of their powers, and corrupts their mind.

ALT: Could be a single hiker that finds the temple, and is confronted by one of the ancient gods (likely the god of war) who changes her into a goddess (likely to be the goddess of fertility.) Or the other way around (man finds temple and is changed by goddess.)

A trip to the gardens.
A female hiker takes a trip off the map, and winds up in an ancient, ruined castle.  For the most part, it looks like the same worn out, destroyed building.  However, once she passes by the vines and other plants, the place seems...Well kept.  On the inside.

One thing that she doesn't know is that the reason that it's abandoned completely is because a Demi was planted there, literally, to guard the surrounding forest.  Now that there's an intruder, he must change her to know his ways...
((TF WILL be included, probably breast expansion, she will turn into a humanoid-plant life form (will provide picture) who has the same mindset as he, and the likely path will be vine-tentacle rape. ))

Very Virtual.
The general premise in this is that two friends delve deep into a virtual reality game, to the point where one can mod the existing character bases.  Unfortunately for them, the game has a program for people that tinker with the game... Any changes that happen to the characters happen to the actual people.

Unlucky girl x Mage (Not seeking currently.)

The setting starts off at a mall. A distracted girl bumps into a mage at the mall. However, instead of simply apologizing, she gives him attitude. So, while she's walking away, he casts a spell on her that gives her an animal tail--it's enough that she notices, but is easily hidden by her pants. He approaches her, tells her to come to his house, and leaves...

My idea behind this is that once she shows up at his house, he uses transformations to punish her whenever she acts out against him. Whether that be simply making her breasts grow, turning her into a sex-starved slut, or turning her slightly anthro, he constantly changes her to try to break her attitude.

Currently posting at a slower than normal rate.  Sorry for the inconvenience!
Ons and Offs!
Questions about my kinks, or want different plots than those listed? Look here: Current request thread.
I'm sorry, this is why I disappeared: My (lame) A/A thread.


Currently posting at a slower than normal rate.  Sorry for the inconvenience!
Ons and Offs!
Questions about my kinks, or want different plots than those listed? Look here: Current request thread.
I'm sorry, this is why I disappeared: My (lame) A/A thread.