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April 14, 2021, 12:37:35 pm

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Author Topic: Some story ideas (Open to all)  (Read 784 times)

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Offline Far eyesTopic starter

Some story ideas (Open to all)
« on: July 11, 2011, 02:53:22 pm »
Look at my O/O if it exists I can likely be into it if presented with it in a right way even if its not on my ons in some cases this is even true in my offs. If your good enough. I am a big fan of long good descriptive porst, look at my other games to get an idea for writing style. Now I want to put this right out there, I have a slight dyslexia and English is not my first language but my mistakes are not of a horrible nature and tend to be consistent. This is not because I do not care it just happens.

An important point, post length and to a further point also chemistry between the two of us matter a lot to me. I will never be happy with a short paragraph game even if you and I post several times a day. Its just something that is a must to me.

Moving onto the actual story ideas/seeds. Some of these are a little barren but that’s because they are more ideas of directions I might like then actual worked out stories.

(I suck with names most of these have none)
Story 1
Elements: M/M(or trans), body alteration, d/s, NC or C, +

Jacob is a young inexperienced man who has cravings, after some shame and hesitation he finally finds places ware he can live out his dreams of being a girl or girlish. But its just the internet, its just make believe sometimes a bit more with one special person he has come to trust. Sometimes he/she? He dos not know, he gets orders he dos them like buying panties and putting them on taking a picture or similar little things. Exciting things that feel so risky. Finally Jacob gets a chance and, a trip he can take on his own and he can get to know his secret .. what he doesn’t even really know.

Note: The idea would be for me to play Jacob, an innocent feminine boy who is willing and interested to explore but shy about it yet but also very hungry. The story would begin when the two meet. I am more or less open to any ideas for a partner who is dom.

Story 2
Elements: F/F, Vampire, D/S, Bondage +

This is more of an idea seed. I would be playing a Dom here a female Vampire an old one but the idea is that they are few but not unheard of.  Vampires kind of live an open life but they are a kind of royalty. This would take place either in an alternative world or in a renaissance kind of time period. The theme would be that vampires cant just feed off anybody they need specific people with a special kind of blood. Once they do start feeding its sort of a life bond because there touch the feeding it self becomes addictive.

Story 3
Elements: X/X, D/S, Bon, Medical, Ex, (Mechanical?) +

This is kind of a weird craving I could play wither male or female here, I am interested in the idea of being trapped in a kind of mechanical prison. A malfunction of some sort perhaps causes the AI and the intelligent machinery of the “place” to go horribly bad and put the single human trough some wild things. This could be Ex I mostly have visions of machines, medical looking stainless steel and sort of steel tentacles. This is really open to discussion because its both wildly unlikely I will find somebody to run something like this and I am also open on variations

Story 4
Elements: Tran/M, Forced cloths waring, Optional +

The boss is a Trany, he looks feminine but is very well equipped, The new intern in the office a young attractive but feminine man caches her eye and she moves him around to work with him. I see kind of a seduction but it could be rougher as well. Maybe in the nature of sleeping him self up. He only learns about her ‘secret’ later on. He gets blackmailed into coming to the office in female clothing, the Dominance in this case wile also about sexuality should also be about just everything about him. It should be initially NC but become C

I could play either but honestly I have a yearning to play the sub

* + means we can add things easily from your own ons