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Author Topic: The Bar called Cyn - where anything goes. M seeking F or more  (Read 909 times)

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Offline sensual penTopic starter

The title says it!

Hello. I'm hoping to find a free thinking co-writer with a good sense of fun who likes to write in a racy style - story, tension, teasing, temptation and mutual pleasures!! I'm hankering to write something raunchy and erotic, with a good relaxed story line. Hot, but not just bump and grind. Mind you, that can fit in anytime between other things lol. I like to write in descriptive paragraphs  - not one liners. So if you enjoy putting paragraphs together in an imaginative but stimulating way - this should be fun.

The plot can be a brief encounter, or can run as long as we want. It can be two characters- or we can introduce others as the plot develops.

I imagine the story starts in a bar to no-where, the sort of dive where people go who have little more. A bit sleazy, a tough place- a dangerous place. Sex is very much on the agenda. Has-beens, may-be's and those there for kicks. But it is also on the avant-gard list for art types and free thinkers- a place where anything goes and often do.

He is gritty, and laid back. But could do better. A bit of a writer, one of life's tough luck cases- cynical, world weary but possibly soft centered. Women are fascinated by him despite his off hand manner - sex is never far from his mind- it's why he is here.

She is what you wish. I am sure they will get along!

So why not come and have a drink! ;)

Of course, if this suggestion does not appeal, but you have some other ideas you would like to work with,  I am only too pleased to have a go.
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Offline sensual penTopic starter

Re: The Bar called Cyn - where anything goes. M seeking F or more
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2011, 06:00:24 AM »
Looking to revive - and put some raunchy erotic action into this scenario if anyone would care to come and play. Hot female character's preferred!!!! I am only to glad to bend the plot to suit your fantasies and fun. SP.

Offline Always

Re: The Bar called Cyn - where anything goes. M seeking F or more
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2011, 07:28:19 PM »
   Tonight was not a good idea, this was obvious and duely noted.. but Samantha was feeling like she deserved this one.. Even if it was going to be the third night she drank heavily. She had a long hard day at work, serving ass holes all day.. about time someone waited on her, even if it was just a bartender.

 Samantha did not look like she only had four hours of sleep in the last two days. She was blessed with pinky pale skin, bright blue doe eyes and a pouty, heart shaped mouth. She naturally looked very youthful at the of twenty seven.. she could have passed for twenty, easily. Her body was well taken care of as well.. she did not eat alot of junk food.. hell she didn't eat that much at all. Due to the fact she worked 84 hours every two weeks, she rarely had time to sit down for three square meals. Her time was devoted to late night Pilate's wired on caffeine shots and the occasional few lines of blow. As of the past few weeks though.. make it two eight balls a weekend. She had lost alot of wieght, but her breasts were a well constructed thirty four c, full at the top and bottom, the fat evenly distributed through each perfect globe. Very lucky indeed.. long, lean legs and a tight, almost concave stomach. Her real pride though was in her ass, a high, tight thing of beauty perched nicely over two toned, lengthy thighs. That was Samantha.. ever the beauty, but for how long?

 Tonight, she was going out. Tonight.. she was on a mission. She had two straws in her purse, and a little red pillowy bag the size of a large marble. Perhaps she'd get lucky, and someone would keep her company and maybe be up to party. Perhaps they would not.. but she had heard good things, through word of mouth about the place she was going.. she had even dressed for the occasion. Her shiny brown hair was straightened to perfection, her bangs cut just to her high, round eyebrows. She wore a strapless black bandage dress and a short dark green fatigue jacket, leather gloves and impossibly high heeled ankle boots..also leather. Her make up was simple.. minimal. The woman didn't need alot.

 Samantha squinted slightly, seeing dim yellow lights ahead through the sheet of rain. Ahah.. there it was. Just as her sources said it would be. Her face remained stern, one leather gloved hand bringing the Marlboro to her lips for one last drag before she entered. Once she reached the door, she took a quick glance into a window, stole a look at the interior.. the usual neon lights, everything else was quite dim.. she was going to love it. A smile twitched on her mouth before she turned her back to the door and pushed it open with her butt, folding her umbrella as she did so. She shook the last few drops off of it and turned inside.

 A bar stool picked her fancy.. right up at the front of the bar, where spectators would know she was not waiting for any friends. Only strangers. As soon as she sat down, she placed her elbows on the bar and looked at the tender, eyebrows raised. Before she could bother to get a good look at the barhop, she said "A shot of scotch on the rocks please? and vodka and milk when you get the chance?". She made sure to sound polite, even though she anticipated the burn of something alcoholic with fervor.