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Author Topic: Craving something good (F seekng M or F)  (Read 414 times)

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Craving something good (F seekng M or F)
« on: July 10, 2011, 04:51:30 PM »
important, please read!
oo1. The number one thing you should know is that if you don't see something you like up here - SUGGEST SOMETHING THAT YOU DO LIKE. I couldn't think of everything that I role-play, and you just might say what I'm looking for. I am open to just about any genre except Twilight.
oo2. I will do yaoi/yuri, also known as male and female slash. I don't mind it at all. However, I only do it for the genres specified. If you don't see the symbol, I won't do it.
oo3. Ons/Offs

★ The more stars next to a genre, the more I want it. Five is the maximum.
♔ This means that I have a plot associated with the role-play. We don't have to have the plot to do this, but it's usually what happens.
Underlined is the role I want to play.
☠ The skull means that I will do yaoi / male slash.
✿ The flower means that I will do yuri / female slash.

Cyborg x Human ★★★★ ♔ ✿
Vampire x Human ★★★★ ♔
Werewolf x Human ★★★ ♔
Shaman x Anything (Medieval Fantasy) ★★★★ ✿
Boarding School For The Gifted
- Student x Student ★★★ ✿
- Student x Teacher ★★
Master x Slave
- Neko x Human ★★★★ ☠ ✿
- Kitsune x Human ★★
- Elf x Human ★★ ☠
- Vampire x Human ★★★★
- Werewolf x Human ★★★★★ ☠
- Metamorphagus x Human ★★★★★
Arranged Marriage
- Vampire x Human ★★★★★ ♔
- Werewolf x Human ★★★ ☠
Ghost x Human ★★★★ ♔
Astronaut x Alien ★★★★
Puppet x Puppeteer ★★★ ☠ ✿
Angels vs. Demons War ★★★
Vampire x Slayer ★★★★ ☠ ✿
Werewolf x Slayer ★★★★ ☠ ✿
Modern Beauty and the Beast ★★★★★
Prince x Princess ★★★★★ ♔

real life
High School
- Student x Student ★ ♔ ☠ ✿
- Student x Teacher ★★★★ ♔
Teen Camp ★★★ ☠ ✿
Arranged Marriage
- Prince x Princess ★★★ ♔
- Prince x Prince ★★★★ ☠
Lawyer x Mobster ★★
Convict x Rancher's Daughter ★★★★ ♔
Roomie x Roomie ★★★ ☠ ✿
Sibling x Sibling's Best Friend ★★★ ☠ ✿
Best Friend x Best Friend ★★ ☠ ✿
Murderer x Next Victim ★★
Murderer x Victim's Best Friend ★★★
Rapist x Victim's Sibling ★★★
Fiancee x Fiancee's Sibling ★★★
Master x Slave ★★★★★ ☠
President's Son/Daughter x Assassin ★★★
Boss' Daughter x Employee ★
Neighbor x Neighbor ★ ☠ ✿
Princess x Servant
Good Girl x Bad Boy ★★
Good Boy x Bad Boy ★★★ ☠
Circus Freak x Ringmaster ★★

harry potter sixth year
Draco x OC ★★★★
Snape x Hermione ★★★
Fenrir x OC ★★★★★
OC x OC ★★★

avatar: the last airbender, book one
Zuko x OC ★★★★★
OC x OC ★★★

song based
"Go-Getter Greg" by Ludo ★★★
"A Little Piece of Heaven" by Avenged Sevenfold ★★★★★
"Plague of Butterflies" by Swallow The Sun ★★
"Love Me Dead" by Ludo ★★★
"Hum Along" by Ludo ★★★★
"Skin" by Rascal Flatts ★★★★
"In My Room" by Insane Clown Posse ★★★


werewolf x human
They've been friends for as long as they can remember, and just recently, they started to realize that it felt like more than that. In a desperate grasp to be alone and talk things out, they decide to go out camping for a week in the wilderness. Nothing but them and nature. Things seem to be perfect until a one is bitten by a werewolf and the pair have to fight against this vicious newcomer who wants to make the newly turned wolf their mate. Desperately, they have to find a way to fight the curse of the wolf, but will they succeed?

student x student
They hate each other. There's no doubt about that. They fight - and not by means of words most of the time - and it has started to get out of hand. Their latest verbal fight escalated into fists meeting, though what happens when true feelings are spilled upon the floor, hidden romances behind closed doors, only theatrical moves in their fights, though can they continue to fight each other when they're falling in love?

student x teacher
They met online in a popular chat room, and after talking for almost a year they both admit that they are in love with each other. Their relationship develops slowly and they do nothing illegal. They know nothing more about each other other than their names, age, and general description. They agreed for each other's protection not to trade pictures. Just as school starts for her again, their relationship gets serious, and the teacher starts to notice that one of his student's grades start to go down as he spends more time online with the girl. Thinking over everything they'd ever said, he comes to the realization that this student is not just any student, but the one he's been dating. He tells her after class and she accepts it, but what now? Can they keep up their relationship now that they know each other or will their relationship fall apart?

human x vampire
When the greatest gathering in all of vampire history is about to take place, all vampires are summoned from everywhere on earth to Australia, where the event is taking place. The summons demands that no vampire can cross through supernatural ways and will only be permitted through human ways. It's no big deal, right? But when a plane crashes and few people survive, a vampire is stranded on an island with three humans. While two of them are babbling and near insanity, the youngest is sane, calm even. As time eases by, a friendship forms, along with a spoken promise that she is to never venture into the forest of the island at night. Though once forced into the forest in search of him, she finds out his worst secret ever: he is a vampire.

convict x rancher's daughter
When the Rancher signed up to watch after a bunch of convicts, he never quite knew what he was in for. He expected them to try to run away despite there being nowhere to go but the desert, but he never expected his daughter to be the one sneaking out. Weeks of being around these men has done nothing but start an attraction between his daughter and one of the convicts, and the man can't help but be worried about it. The man swears his innocence, but can he be trusted?

ghost x human
After being dared to go into the old Haunted House, a young teen boy is confronted with the ghost of the girl who is said to have died there. When she brushes past him, though, the scene changes, going back to when she was alive, but living her last day on this Earth. As the day passes, he finds himself falling in love with her despite the fact he knows she's going to die. He now has to find out how she died in order to save her.

cyborg x human
She was made to be perfect for him in every way. She was everything he had ever dreamed of in a woman and more. She looked like his favorite model, she had the voice of his favorite singer, and the personality of a very obedient and loving servant. Her creator had made all he ever wanted and had made her... Perfect. But everyone knows there is no such thing as perfect. Despite countless hours spent on making her the perfect woman, she has a major flaw that destroys his entire plan. She simply doesn't love him. Tiring of playing the role of obedient wife, she seeks out someone who is who she loves and after many years, she thinks she has found the person. But now questions are raised. Can a cyborg feel love?

arranged marriage
Wars have erupted among the kingdoms of Ikvael and Mär'tek as the greedy king of Ikvael tries to conquer the region. Infuriated by the power-hungry man, the king of Urklel joins in the war against Ikvael, trying to destroy the kingdom and wipe out the king's ambitions on one foul swipe. The victor of the war will get all, and the loser gets none, and the king knows this. To strengthen his power and win the war, he grudgingly calls upon a rival kingdom with the promise to share the power equally and share the kingdoms if they win. Satisfied, the deal is made to merge the kingdoms and a wedding is planned for the prince of Kilvür to wed the princess of Ikvael.
But both countries hold secrets that haven't left the walls of the castles for years and with rumors of the king of Ikvael's assassination plans, will the deal even hold out until the wedding day?

If you're interested, please PM me.
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