An Interesting Request.. M/M..M/F?

Started by AithinTheElf, July 10, 2011, 12:37:09 AM

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Alright, bear with me.  This is a strange one, I know.

A young man, or man (age is flexible) falls in love with a little freshman in college.  Her name is Billie, she is 17 years old, young for college.  She is about 5'1 and around 98 pounds, very small and looks exactly like a boy to anyone who doesn't know her.  Her hair is short and messy, and she wears jeans, shorts, sneakers and t shirts.  I would like her to have red hair and freckles, but we can change that if you really want.  Her voice is kind of high but unisex.  The man falls in love with her because he secretly likes that she's so small and looks like a boy.  Also because she resembles a boy he was in love with in elementary school.  Even though Billie could pass for his son or little brother, they start "spending time together"  Also, Billie is very sweet, kind, playful like a puppy and always up for anything fun.  She is incredibly young for her age.

Looking for someone to play the man.  He can be another student, a young teacher..just send my your idea! I'll tell you more about the sexual relationship. (: