Looking to fill the hazy, lazy, dog days of summer... [F for M]

Started by Martee, July 08, 2011, 03:26:40 PM

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Ah, summer! That great, hot, sticky time of year, the perfect time to ignite fiery passions or laze away the long, slow hours of an afternoon, watching condensation bead up and slide down the side of a cool glass.  In summers past I was content to read away those listless days, but no longer – I’d much rather write my way through, and I’ve found that writing is ever so much more enjoyable when it’s a shared activity.

To the end, I have decided to hang a shingle and see if I can’t snag a writer or two with similar goals.  What I am seeking, in short, are a few more stories to round out my current list, and help fill the extra bit of free time I’ve found myself with lately.

Please do take a quick run-through of my O/O page, as that will provide a lot of helpful information about me in general.  Also, there may be a quiz on it later…

For now, I’m craving M/F stories, however, I have no preference for your gender, so long as you can write a convincing male character.  I, then, would play the female, as I have oodles of experience with that.

And what to write about? Hmm…  I’d like to do something collaborative, although if you have a suggestion along the lines of one of my current cravings, do let me know.  I prefer to avoid posting semi-worked plots, mostly because then I get in my head how I want it to go which defeats the purpose of collaboration.  Also, what I’m in the mood for is more of a general craving, versus a specific flavor, which opens up a lot of possibilities:

Something Dark – This can go either way – dark, sensual romance, or dark and terrifying, although if you decide to try your hand at terrifying, I am going to demand you be exceptional at that sort of thing.  No real blood or gore in this setting, although a single crimson drop can be so evocative at times, eh? I want the slow, creeping kind of terror, the kind that curls up inside your belly and roots deep in your mind, the kind you can’t talk yourself out of when the lights go out.  If you can pull off dark, romantic, and terrifying, I definitely want to talk.

Something Post-Apocalyptic – My most favorite setting ever (to read), which is why I’ve hesitated so long to get involved in a post-apoc RP.  I needed to find the right plot, first.  Well, I’m tired of waiting.  This can go in a lot of directions: A plot with a fair bit of dark or sarcastic humor, or more action-oriented.  Romance/unlikely pairings/ rivals/etc – although, I’m not interested in playing a slave/toy/pet or other extreme/forced submissive. No thanks!

Something Cliché – I’m firmly of the mind that summer reading should absolutely include some of the most frivolous and inane reading possible.  Why not summer writing?  Mind you, I don’t mean bad writing – I simply mean the kind of plot or story that doesn’t require hours of brain-twisting thinking to keep it ‘fresh’ and ‘unique’.  This one is also, obviously, wide open in terms of tone and scope, but I think I’d rather keep this sort of story on the lighter side, unless the plot requires otherwise. Good vs. Evil, Light vs. Dark, that sort of thing.

A few final things of note: I have a number of stories currently on hold/hiatus for various reasons, and considering the time of year it’s quite expected and I am happy to do so.  That said, I am looking to write, not add to my ‘Hold’ list.  Therefore, if you plan on needing or taking an extended absence from E sometime before the end of the summer, this would probably be a bad time to start writing with me – although do drop me  a line down the road.  I am very unlikely to put a story on hold that I’ve posted to less than 10 times, or has been active less than a month or so, so easier to just avoid it altogether.

I don’t IM RP.  I just don’t.  I don’t IM collaborate either.  No IMs.

My offs are offs.  The only people who could ask for an exception know who they are.  And if you have to ask if you are

Thank you so much for reading this, and please feel free to send a PM if you’re interested in discussing something!

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