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Author Topic: Looking for something Specific (Seeking F)  (Read 5966 times)

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Looking for something Specific (Seeking F)
« on: July 08, 2011, 09:42:05 am »
Ideas that I am CRAVING will be in Orange.

I am expecting decent-sized posts (more then a few lines) and some one who can carry their half on this.

This is a thread of dozens of ideas. I will list them here (in order of appearance) and will keep this thread updated.

NOTE: Character names are just place holders. You are free to change their names.

PM me if interested.

The Webcam Girl Ideas - This Post
The Rise of a Star - Pornstar Ideas
Taboo Relationships - Taboo Relationship Ideas
Anal Ideas - Ideas based on Anal Sex
Naughty Nuns - Ideas based around Nuns/Priests
Not so Innocent
In the Military

The Webcam Girl

The Pairings: The plot can and will be tweaked based upon the desired pairings. Using the below plot, these are all available pairings - Older Brother/Younger Sister, Younger Brother/Older Sister, Father/Daughter, Neighbor/Neighbors Daughter, Friend/Friend

The Main Plot: (Names subject to change) Sarah has recently discovered the wonderful uses of a Webcam. She gets a thrill dressing up and posting pictures of herself online. She's recently started doing live-webcam shows for a small group of people who were following. She had even started to become more risque, showing more skin and even going topless. But her followers were asking her to show more and 'touch' herself more and more. So Sarah has taken the next step and set up a Paypal account where her followers pay before getting to see her very first live masturbation session. Amazingly, its one of her best orgasms she's ever had and it opens the doors for her, in more ways then one.

Variation One: Older Brother/Younger Sister (or Father/Daughter)

Mark had accidentally discovered his sisters secret and was one of her loyal followers. He had no idea she was capable of such things and found it very arousing as he watched her. It looked like little sister was starting to grow up. But he couldn't let her start sleeping around with just any guy. No, he had a better idea. Plus, knew a bit about running a website. He devises a plan and proposes to her - that he run her website and the camera during her shows, increasing their revenue and splitting it between them. He'd get to watch her - for free - and make some money off of it. He even secretly talks to one of her loyal followers into requesting some 'extra special' sessions.

With Sarah naked and masturbating in front of the camera, the follower asks for the next step - give the camera guy a blowjob. Sarah had noticed that her brother was getting hard during the shoots, but this was unheard of...but Mark didn't say a thing. All he did was unzip his pants and let his large cock hang out. Sarah - already aroused and horny - had never seen a cock before and caves into the requests. Little does she know that the day she loses her virginity, there will be an audience watching.

The two embark on a forbidden relationship, hiding it from friends and family alike.

Variation Two: Younger Brother/Older Sister (or Father/Daughter)

Browsing the internet for porn, Mark stumbles across a free webcam. The girl - a few years older then him - has a nice body despite hiding her face. But something about her room seems awfully familiar. nevertheless, he revisits the site a few times and watches as the girl gets braver and braver, revealing more and more of herself, before finally allowing her face to show. Mark is flabbergasted as he recognizes the girl - his older sister! His peculiar feeling of arousal and disgust conflicts with itself until he decides that he enjoys watching her.

Eventually, he confronts her over it, wanting to watch her in person while also designing a website for her. If she wants to be a webcam girl, might as well do it right and make some money out of it! Sarah is completely on board for the idea and can't believe her little brother is willing to go along. On their first session together, she can't help but notice the bulge in his pants. She's always found him cute and endearing, so decides to tease the hell out of him. Sarah makes sure he gets good looks at her with the camera, and then makes him take pictures of her in cute outfit (and various degress of skin showing) to add to the website. Then, during one session, she decides to give her fans a treat by giving the 'camera man' a lapdance. Mark can't protest and knows she can feel his hardon. Sarah seems to enjoy it and gets off herself doing it. The following session, she gets completely naked and then does the unthinkable - she pulls Marks hard cock out and starts sucking on it. Its just the beginning of their new relationship, with Sarah leading him around by his hard cock.

Variation 3: Neighbor/Neighbors Daughter

Steve recognizes the Cam Girl he has been watching as his Neighbors daughter. He can't believe that she'd do something like that. But being a photographer, he also sees some room for improvement. He invites her over one day - wanting her to model for him - and drops the bombshell by confronting her over her website. He promises not to tell anyone, as long as she starts shooting for him.

A mutual attraction quickly forms between the two as he takes more racy pictures for her website. They eventually strike a new deal, where he runs the website for her. As its the summer, her parents are rarely around so she is free to come and go to his place as often as she likes. He even sets up a much better live-web-feed for her in his home, focused around a fake-bedroom set up where he can take photo shoots of her all live on the web.

What he doesn't expect is her to make the first move. While doing a shoot of her in Lingerie, they get closer and closer until she reaches out and grabs the bulge in his pants. Apparently she had been noticing how aroused she made him. Soon he finds himself naked with her, performing their first sex-act in front of a live audience.
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Re: Looking for something Specific (Seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2011, 10:19:17 pm »

Rise of a Star

The Pairings:Multiple themes in this one, all following the life of a girl on her rise to Stardom in the Porn Business.

Variation 1: Sasha, at 16, is the perfect picture of innocence. A young, developing body and mind, the cutest face and completely naive.

Her father sends her away for the summer, to live on her Uncles farm. But there, Sasha is not as innocent as one would believe. Her 18 year old cousin and her hit it off right away, flirting with each other. Her cousin, Mark, is clearly interested in her and convinces her to go skinny dipping with him. It turns into their first kiss and a little m ore before the two return home for the night.

The following days, things start to heat up between them until they finally find themselves naked in the haystack in the barn. Sasha is more then willing and lets her cousin take her virginity, thus opening a door to a world of sexuality she never knew existed. A few days later, however, her Uncle catches the two of them in the middle of the act. Instead of the expected reaction, her Uncle actually joins in and Sasha finds herself in a new sort of heaven.

As their relationships grow, Sasha is introduced into a new world of Kink and many sessions are videotaped. Finally going home at the end of the summer, she is shocked to find that her father is well aware of what she had been doing and even has a few of the videos of her. Sasha is helpless to his advances and soon becomes her fathers own plaything. It is he who starts her down the road to Porn stardom, making his own films with her, having her 'fuck daddys friends'. She enjoys all of it and takes her sexuality back to school with her.

Its at a school party that a scout discovers her talents and she soon embarks down a road of no return, getting into the adult business and rising to fame.

[This is meant to be a long term RP with heavy doses of an assortment of sex]

Variation 2: Tanya is a teen starting to explore sexually. She's looking for some one to take her virginity so posts it online for sale, wondering just who will pay to take it from her. The offers come rolling in, with increasing amounts of money offered. She finally settles on a handsome man, 10 years older then her, and heads off for a seedy night in a hotel with him.

After a night of bliss, she discovers that he is an Agent for porn films and he offers to give her a free tour of his studio to see if she might be interested. She gets a thrill out of watching another couple going at it and can't contain herself, fucking the agent once more once the couple had left.  He soon sets her up for her first shoot and she's quickly drawn into the seedy world of the Porn world.

But its not all peachy for her. She's soon discovered by family and friends - all of whom want a piece of her tight young body. Her twin-cousins double team her, her daddy takes her every night, and her knees get soar from long days at school in front of all the teachers and football team and other boys who want a piece of her ass. And the oddest thing about it? She loves every moment and can't get enough!

Variation 3: There is something extremely wrong with Sasha and she can't quite deny it.

She has a craving for cock - in her mouth, in her pussy, in her ass. She doesn't care whose cock it is, as long as its in her and filling her up. It all starts when her mother dies, leaving her, her father, and her brother all alone. She can't help but feel heartbroken over the loss, but more so because her father has lost his wife. Sasha comes home one night and finds him drinking. She uses the opportunity to sooth his nerves and do the things a wife should do, losing her virginity in the process. She even wakes him up in the morning with her lips wrapped around his erection. She's had a taste and now can't get enough.

Her brother soon falls victim to her ways too, though she makes sure that neither her father or brother find out about each other. When she goes back to school, she is quick getting on her knees in front of a teacher that had always given her bad grades. That soon leads to her and other teachers getting friendly. Then her lab partners - finding she doesn't have to do the work if she can keep them happy. Nerds, Jocks - a cock is a cock and she wants it!

After football practice, she surprises the team by offering herself to them - all at once. She'd never cummed so hard until that time. But she takes things a step further at a party later that week, letting every male have their way with her in the middle of the party. Covered in cum, she is in heaven. But one of the partygoers is a Porn Agent and gives her his card.

They meet up a few days later and she easily convinces him to give her a role in a movie that was going to be shot the following day. If she craves cock all the time, why not get paid to take it? It sounded like the perfect job for her!
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Re: Looking for something Specific (Seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2011, 09:17:49 am »

Taboo Relationships

NOTE: I will always play the MALE role. I am looking for the FEMALE role.

Two Versions, Interracial.

Idea 1: White Male/Black Female

Mark had never been with a girl if she wasn't white. He'd never really had many colored friends to start off with and had grown up in a pretty sheltered area where there wasn't much mingling of the races. Now that he was at college, things hadn't changed much either. There were only a handful of blacks, a few dozen Asians, and he would never be able to tell a Jew from a white person until learning their names. One of the black girls happened to share a class with him and had made friends with some of his friends. Mark didn't really notice her until going to the pool party one weekend. He couldn't keep his eyes off of her at all. Later that night, a small group of friends are sharing the hot tub when they get talking about sex. Latisha - that was her name - claims that Blacks always do it better but Mark doesn't believe her. Later, she teases him by flirting and rubbing up against him.

The following day in class, Mark realizes that Latisha is in his class and they're assigned to be study buddies. But Latisha has no intention of studying that night once they go back to her room to study. Instead, she wants to show Mark just what she is capable of and Mark gets his first taste of what Latisha can do. [This would then branch off into a forbidden romance between the two due to the racial situation.]

Idea 2: Black Male/White Female

Jessica was no virgin but she had never been with a black guy. A few of her friends had been with a black guy and all boasted about how big their dicks were. One of her friends - a black girl - was dating a guy whose cock was apparently monstrous in size. Jessica had to admit that hearing about it made her a little wet between her legs. So, one night, she goes out to a club with a few of her friends and runs into Damian - her friends boyfriend. Seizing the opportunity, Jessica starts dancing with him as seductively as she can, getting rewarded by the feel of his arousal bumping against her. Buts its simply not enough for her. She wants to see it for herself.

Brazenly, she asks him if his cock really is as big as his girlfriend says it is but he responds that there is only one way to find out, so she wouldn't be seeing it. But she counters, begging to see it. Aroused already, he gives in, but on one condition - eye for an eye, if she wants to see his, he gets to see her tits. Quickly agreeing, Jessica takes him back to her place (a short walk away) where things quickly spiral out of control and she finds out just how big and fulfilling his cock is...and it won't just stop there.

Two Versions. Teacher Student.

Idea 1: A Teacher-Student Affair

Miss. Gillian White is a young, attractive teacher at a local highschool. Her students love her for the revealing outfits she dresses in and wears to school and she loves the attention it gets her from both male teachers and students alike. But she has a craving, a very taboo craving, that she just can not hold back anymore. She loves young men. Her eyes, of course, are set on a quiet boy who sits in the back. He is a decent student, but seems to have few friends or social life. She decides that it will be him that she seduces.

She holds him back after class one day and starts the seduction. She flashes him some looks before going in for a kiss. Not too much all at once, but to give him a taste. They exchange phone numbers and head off on their way. She texts him a few times during the day, innocent little texts, before telling him to see him after school once more. This time she goes further, getting down on her knees in front of him.

After that, its fair game and she quickly goes all the way with her new boy toy, teaching him things he never knew before. Her cravings intensify and she even drives him off campus during the school day to have sex with him in her car. It certainly doesn't help that he has a near perfect cock and is starting to blossom out of the social shell he has encased himself in

Idea 2: Miss White is a what? Ryan is shocked to discover his young teacher is a former-pornstar. In college, it seems, she needed to make a little extra cash so starred in some porn films in some rather raunchy scenes. Ryan accidentally stumbled across them in his search for porn and decides that he wants some of the action. Once he confronts Miss White about her shady past, they soon get down to business. It turns out that Miss White hasn't entirely gotten rid of her porn-past or her desire for sex on film. What Ryan thought was going to be a forced Blackmail turns out to be something much more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Idea 1: My Brothers Wife

Richard had always had a thing for his brothers wife. She had always seemed too good for his brother, better deserving then some one like him, yet somehow she had ended up marrying his brother. He couldn't quite figure it out. Richard was a few years younger then his brother - the same age as his brothers wife - and certainly seemed to have more in common with her then his brother. Especially lately. He could sense the strain in their relationship.

Its the winter holidays and Richard drives to the airport to pick his sister-in-law up. He had arrived a few days earlier (all three lived in the same city, but were out in the countryside for Christmas) so saved making his parents make the trip, especially with the expected storm brewing. Richard picks her up from the airport but they get caught in the storm, the blizzard conditions making it impossible to drive. Luckily, they find a cheap motel by the side of the road where they can spend the night - better then freezing to death in his car.

The only problem is that the motel is fully booked save for a tiny room with a single twin bed. With no other option, they have to share the bed. One thing quickly leads to another - Richards tight, toned body compared to his sagging brother, his own desires for her, the proximity of their bodies, the coldness of the air - and a relationship starts to bloom between them. Both know it isn't just going to be a one-night stand and with the prospect of plenty of alone time together, why not take advantage of it all.

Idea 1: The Seductive Secretary

John was having marital problems at home. The lack of sex from his wife (whom he was sure was banging her own boss) added to the stress he had running his own company as the CEO. His long-time secretary had recently taken a leave-of-absence to have her own baby. It was a big blow to John so he had to go to an agency for a fill-in, even if it was only temporary.

Jennifer had always been drawn to men of power and was looking for work. She wasn't the best secretary but she really needed the job. Finally getting hired, she is told the job will only be temporary unless she does an outstanding job and her boss wants to keep her on. She's going to have to pull every trick she knows to keep the job. Luckily, her boss is a very handsome man and she quickly learns of his problems at home.

Jennifer quietly starts flirting with him, wearing revealing clothes. Finally, after a bad meeting, he locks himself in his office in the darkness, so she decides to make her move. She enters quietly and decides to help him relax, first rubbing his shoulders before taking things a step further - John can't help himself, especially when she crawls on her knees between his legs and sooths a desire of his that had been building and building for a very long time. He quickly learns that Jennifer is willing to do ANYTHING he wants her to do, whenever he wants it.

Idea 1: Yes, Ma'am!

Drew had been working for a few months now for one of those corporations and his boss was a much talked about woman. She was attractive yet scary due to her roll, and always had an air of business about her. There were rumors, of course, of affairs she had had but none were ever revealed to be true. But Drew was about to find out what his boss was really like...

Drew had used his work computer to look at porn. Nothing like child-porn or anything, but it wasn't something you were meant to be looking at at work. Somehow, his boss found out. She called him to her office and confronted him about it. But she was willing to work with him, to keep it under wraps. He'd just have to work overtime to keep things quiet between them. In fact, she told him to meet her exactly 45 minutes after the end of the day in the photo-copying room.

Thinking he was marching to his doom, he is quite shocked when he opens the door and finds her stark naked, sitting on the copy machine. Her instructions are quite clear when she commands him to go down on her, and thus Drew discovers just what sort of a woman she is like behind closed doors. [Looking for a somewhat Domme woman who likes the thrill of public areas]
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Re: Looking for something Specific (Seeking F)
« Reply #3 on: July 09, 2011, 01:13:09 pm »

Anal Ideas
These ideas revolve around anal sex. Some are more plot-heavy then others.

Forever a Virgin

Felicity and her boyfriend of 6 months have done everything but have sex. In fact, she seems more then eager to go down on him when things start to get hot and heavy between them, always stopping things short of sex. Finally Brian, her boyfriend, asks her what her aversion to going all the way with him. She finally admits to being a virgin and that she doesn't want to lose it before she gets married. Then, a little more embarrassed, she tells him that she's only saving her pussy for marriage - perhaps, if he'd like, they could have anal sex instead? She'd always been afraid of bringing it up before because everyone found it so taboo, but she's been wanting to have sex and its the only way she can think of to do it with out losing her virginity.

Brian is shocked, but decides to give it a try. It hurts her, at first, but she soon adjusts and he explodes inside of her. They try it again, and again, and Felicity decides that she really, really loves taking it up the ass and Brian loves giving it to her. But will she finally stop resisting and let him take her real virginity?

Only Yours

Mrs. Robinson was happily married, for the most part. She had frequent sex with her husband, but lately he had become increasingly busy at work and wasn't home every night. But Mrs. Robinson found that while her husband was good at sex, there was a certain spice missing from their sex life. She had certain cravings, certain desires, that she was too embarrassed to tell him about.

She wanted, for instance, to get it rough and hard. She wanted to be spanked. And most of all, she wanted to be fucked in the ass. She had no idea where that craving had come from but when she played with herself alone at night she often found her finger probing at her puckered rear passage on more then one occasion. But she couldn't tell her husband, she didn't want him to think that there was anything wrong with her.

Instead, she goes online, posting racy pictures of herself and her ass on a forum. She enjoys talking to the men (and occasional woman) on there about her fetish and the comments she receives about her body. One of the men, it turns out, lives in the same town as her and two quickly start up an online relationship. He would be more the happy to indulge in her fantasy.

Eventually, she gives in, and the two meet in a hotel. They have the entire weekend to spend together as her husband is out on a business trip. They start with the spanking, which turns her on to the point where she is more then ready to get fucked by him. She knows its wrong but she just can't help herself. And then she finally gets what she wants.

A is for Anal

Marybeth at 18 years of age was enjoying college life to the fullest. The beer was great and so were the boys and it had been a real coming-out for her. She'd even hooked up with a few girls. Why not live life to the fullest? But she was looking for something more and her sights were soon set on one of her teachers – a handsome, older man who was somewhere in his 50's.

He was certainly doable, in her book, but what set him apart from the others was his apparent Ass fetish. If the rumors were true, the Professor seemed to love looking and touching Asses. Marybeth didn't find this unusual though. She liked asses too. When she masturbated alone, she often fingered herself there too. But she wanted to go the next step and thought that the Professor was the ideal man to give it to her there.

So she starts flirting with him, wearing low cut tight jeans, flashing her thong at him, slowly starting to seduce her Professor. He responds, in kind, and when the two find themselves alone in his office she can't help but make the first move on him.
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Re: Looking for something Specific (Seeking F)
« Reply #4 on: July 09, 2011, 02:54:48 pm »
Idea 1: My Brothers Wife

Richard had always had a thing for his brothers wife. She had always seemed too good for his brother, better deserving then some one like him, yet somehow she had ended up marrying his brother. He couldn't quite figure it out. Richard was a few years younger then his brother - the same age as his brothers wife - and certainly seemed to have more in common with her then his brother. Especially lately. He could sense the strain in their relationship.

Its the winter holidays and Richard drives to the airport to pick his sister-in-law up. He had arrived a few days earlier (all three lived in the same city, but were out in the countryside for Christmas) so saved making his parents make the trip, especially with the expected storm brewing. Richard picks her up from the airport but they get caught in the storm, the blizzard conditions making it impossible to drive. Luckily, they find a cheap motel by the side of the road where they can spend the night - better then freezing to death in his car.

The only problem is that the motel is fully booked save for a tiny room with a single twin bed. With no other option, they have to share the bed. One thing quickly leads to another - Richards tight, toned body compared to his sagging brother, his own desires for her, the proximity of their bodies, the coldness of the air - and a relationship starts to bloom between them. Both know it isn't just going to be a one-night stand and with the prospect of plenty of alone time together, why not take advantage of it all.

*raises her hand*  Oooo Oooo pick me!

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Re: Looking for something Specific (Seeking F)
« Reply #5 on: July 09, 2011, 07:06:51 pm »
There's 3 that I'm interested in. Webcam Girl Variation 1 and Variation 3, and also Rise of a Star Variation 3.

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Naughty Nuns
« Reply #6 on: July 12, 2011, 10:02:04 pm »

Naughty Nuns

The Nuns of Sin

Diego fled for his life. No one ever double-crossed The Wharftown Gang and he had just done that. His purse full of coin, Diego ran as fast as he could through the streets. By the Whafers, as they were called, were close behind. And screaming for his blood. So Diego ran like his 16 year old legs had never run before. He had to get out of the town. [Chase scene will be described in post].

Diego saw no choice but to go into the Black Wood. It was death in there, he knew, but it was also death if the Whafers caught him. Torture and then Death, more likely. He knew that they wouldn't follow him if he entered the woods. So, taking his life into his own hands, he ran into the woods. But it sounded like the Wharfers were still chasing him.

He didn't know how long he ran through the forest but he finally saw light up ahead and came across a large church with some other buildings. He really had no idea which direction he had run and it was quite possible he had crossed through part of the Black Wood. He really had no idea. But he had to hide. He burst through the door but saw no one, so quickly hid himself in the Confessional Booth. Panting for air, he hears some one enter the other side of the partition.

"Hello?" A soft, female voice asks.

[At this point, Diego is discovered by a Naked Nun, who is more shocked that he is a boy then anything. It seems he has discovered a sect of women who have lived in the Black Forest for a long time. They are clearly not your average nuns however, remaining naked, worshiping the Holy Cock. And, Diego, being the first boy many of them have ever seen, he is in for a very interesting time. Looking for One Nun for this one.]

Link to Photo Collection

A Unholy Nun

There was always something different about Sister Claire. She had come to the convent at the age of 21 but was not a virgin. She never explained her reasons for coming either, simply took the vows and put on her habit. But she still possessed her lacy undergarments and as the other sisters found out in the privacy of their cloisters.

Sister Claire was also, by far, the largest Sister. Even her Habit could not hide the fact that her breasts were extremely large. It was something that caught the attention of one of the Priests, Brother Marcus, who was not completely a Holy man himself. At least in thought. It was true that he was still a virgin but that didn't mean he didn't touch himself in private. Some of the youths who came to confessional revealed truly sinful thoughts and they had long excited Brother Marcus.

Sister Claire was no idiot either. She spies Brother Marcus jerking off one day and smiles to herself. There were some cravings that she needed satisfied that he fingers alone could not do. And here was a pleasantly handsome Brother who clearly diverted down the road of Sin. Perhaps with a little enticement they could work out a deal that let the both of them get what they desired.

[Looking for a large-breasted nun who will innocently flirt and tease an innocent Brother into a path of Sin, slowly shedding their clothes and religious beliefs to let their more primal urges take over.

The Link contains pictures of the Nun stripping down. I very much want that specific Nun for this RP unless there is a better picture out there.]

The Secret Sect

Sasha has only ever known the life of a nun. Ever since she was a young girl has she known nothing but life in the convent. Her only interaction with men has been with the Parish and the Priests/Brothers who run the local church. But lately she has been feeling growing, forbidden desires with in herself and has started looking at men a bit differently.

Feeling confused, she takes to the confessional and spills her thoughts and inner desires to Father Brutus. But Father Brutus is far from a holy man - in fact, he is a sinner. The type of Sinner who has taken many girls innocence and is part of a Secret Sect that practices a forbidden art. Sister Sasha presents herself as an ideal candidate for his Sect, so he slowly starts to groom her into the perfect Nun.

[A little Master/Slave sort of relationship will develop in this one]
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Not so Innocent
« Reply #7 on: July 14, 2011, 12:31:38 pm »

Not so Innocent

Tie me up

Sarah is a beautiful girl. She has that innocent, girl-next-door look. In school, she is friendly but quiet and always dresses conservatively, never flaunting her boy like most of the other girls do. She has a very pretty face but since her clothing is not revealing, most people don't know just how nice her body is either. Most people don't really pay too much attention to her either.

Drew, however, is not one of those people. In fact, he might just be in love with Sarah. She's not like the other girls, she's always been nice to him, and she is part of the Fantasy Fiction Club that he founded. He had been shocked the day she had joined but apparently she was really into the same kind of books as him. It was love at first sight for him.

Drew, of course, is not your average boy. He is a good student, smart, but socially retarded. He has a small group of friends commonly referred to as the Geeks or Nerds and often finds himself playing D&D when most other kids are out partying. And he has a growing crush on Sarah.

With graduation looming, he decides he has nothing to loose. At one of the Fantasy Fiction Clubs (FFC) meetings, he decides to ask her out. Even though he botches his planned speech to her, he is surprised to find that her answer is yes. They soon go on their first date and quickly warm towards each other.

Drew gets a shock then when he slips his hand down her shirt and feels something hard in her nipples. He quickly realizes that she has nipple rings and that she is not nearly as innocent as she first appeared to be. She admits to him that, while still a virgin, she has long been intrigued by bondage and BDSM lifestyles. She got her nipples pierced in secret and even has a few crops, handcuffs, and ball gags. She doesn't want to scare him away though and the two slowly start to delve into bondage and ultimately a BDSM lifestyle as they both find that they like it.

[This game is going to be set in senior year of highschool. The two will embark on a relationship towards its end that evolves even more during the summer after graduation. Eventually they move in together and start living together while exploring many facets of their kinks.]

The Goth Girl

Victoria - or Vicky - was a Goth girl. She wore the makeup, the clothes and acted the part. She smoked pot and drank but didn't do the heavier sorts of drugs. And she was very into bondage and the like - the chains and collars she wore were more then just for the look.

Vicky certainly had an attitude too and most people didn't associate with her unless they were also amongst the Goth kids in school. But Andy, a jock, has recently discovered some rather revealing pictures of Vicky on a Goth-Porn Website he discovered. He's used to being in control and having pretty vanilla sex but what he sees greatly intrigues him. He wants to experiment with it but can't make it public of course.

He finally confronts Vicky about it, asking her if she can introduce him to that bondage world. Its risky, he knows, but hopefully they can work something out.

[Looking for a Domme/switch in this one. I am not quite sure if I want to make the Jock become submissive to her, or if I want a more equal/switch relationship where she takes control initially and slowly relinquishes it to her.]

The Girl Next Door

Drews parents have gotten divorced. Drew isn't happy at all. Everything seemed so perfect and then bam, all of a sudden, a divorce. His dad moved out within a week and Drew was left to live with his mother. The feelings Drew felt covered the entire spectrum and he fell into a slump at school. It only got worse when it was decided that he would be spending the summers at his Fathers new place - which meant meeting his fathers new girlfriend/wife.

Drew arrives for the summer at his fathers house, in a city he has never lived in. No friends, no idea where anything is. The only good thing is that the house is huge, with a pool, and even a gaming system on a huge flat screen TV. Even better still, his father and girlfriend/wife are going to rarely be there during the day. That leaves Drew to do whatever he wants.

Killing time by the pool, the neighbors daughter makes her presence known...she hasn't seen Drew before so comes over to introduce herself. Unlike Drew, she is very friendly and outgoing, a bubbly personality, and a killer body. Drew is smitten with her almost instantly.

What follows is days of teasing by her. Flashing him that smile, swaying her hips, taking her top off while sunbathing, having him rub lotion on her back. He can even see into her bedroom from his and unknown to him, she can see right back. She starts doing more risque things - getting undressed in front of the window, watching his reaction, and the like.

Eventually, the tension and desire between them becomes too much and they have their first kiss. Drews opinion on his summer is certainly about to change.

[Looking for the Girl Next Door]

Sean's Mom

Sean's Mom is a 40-year-old stunning brunette. Large, natural breasts with a slim body make her the envy of the neighbors and the object of lust to her son's friends. With the summer in full swing its the season of skimpy outfits and sunbathing by the pool. Of course, the more skin she reveals, the more attention she draws.

Even though she is happily married she is flattered by the attention her sons friends give her whenever they come over. She smirks every time Sean tells her he's having a sleepover at their house - they never seem to sleep anywhere else. And she likes to tease the boys a little, flirting with them and giving them little glimpses of her gorgeous body, even letting them rub the lotion on her when she is sunbathing.

Of course, a woman has her own needs and with a husband often away on business trips, she's developed a close relationship with some very faithful toys. Its during one of these sleepovers, when she is spread naked on the bed using one of her toys, that one of her sons friends spots her through her half-opened door. She notices and finds it to be a turn on, pretending not to notice him as he jerks off in time to her own masturbation. She isn't sure which friend it is - it is dark afterall - so the following day she flirts with them all. That night, she purposely sets it up so that she can figure out who is watching her.

A few days pass before the next sleepover but her husband is still away. This time her nightly visitor is in for a real surprise when she beckons to him from the door and asks if he wants to lend a helping hand - but ONLY if she can watch him jerk off. He quickly agrees and they both get off, but her libido has been spiked. The next night she sneaks into the room where the boys are sleeping and silently gives her target a blowjob he'll never remember.

From there she gets more brazen, embarking on a forbidden relationship with one of her sons friends. They start having sex, and she sneaks into the room at night to give him oral pleasure. Its only a matter of time before they get caught by one of the other boys - but to what lengths will she go to keep things a secret?

[Looking for some one like the picture, if not in the picture. Her sons friends will be around 20 years old. Possible scenes include group sex and gangbangs. An incest element can also appear based on preferences.]
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In the Military
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In the Military

Getting Promoted

Sarah has come a long way. The first women to be assigned an active-combat role. She made it through bootcamp, the only woman amongst men. She qualified amongst the best of them. Yet the Army is still trying to get her to quit or resign. She's been looking for a promotion - a man with her qualifications would have been promoted months ago - but they keep overlooking her. She knows she deserves a Squad Leader command and, gosh darn it, she is going to get it no matter what!

But try as she might, that promotion still doesn't arrive. Her Commanding Officer, it seems, doesn't think she has any place in the Army and has been doing his best to get her removed. Sarah realizes that she has to take it into her own hands to get that promotion. She has one advantage over her male counterparts - and thats called being a Woman.

Sarah knows what she has to do. She has to use her body to buy that promotion and make the men respect her once it comes.

[Looking for a quick seduction in this one.

Possible group-scenes as well once she gains such promotion.

Could also strike up a romance with a fellow soldier while trying to hide the fact that she is sleeping around to get her promotion.

Making Ends Meet

Jennifer married her dream man. Handsome, rugged, he was a soldier in the US Army. She knew it would mean a hard life for her but she thought she'd be able to cope with it. She took advantage of every moment she had with him, but didn't realize how lonely she would be when he was deployed overseas for 6 months. She nearly jumped him on the airport runway when she met him upon his return. But now that he is off on another deployment, Jennifer does not know how she will cope. Especially since his pay grade is still rather low and not affording them a life of luxury.

When he car runs into trouble she knows she can't afford to get it repaired. But with out it repaired, she won't be able to drive it. So she takes it down to the Military Garage, hoping they can cut a deal with her being an Army Wife. Sadly, they can't, but she can't help but notice the way the mechanic was looking at her low-crop shirt. She pushes her chest up a little and asks if it would be possible to work out some sort of deal in her sexiest voice. The mechanic makes a bold offer and reluctantly she agrees - a little head that no one will know about in exchange for the car repairs? Not a bad deal.

But her luck gets worse when, driving late at night, she gets pulled over by a MP on his motorbike. Getting caught speeding on base was a bad enough offense on top of the fine, so she flaunts herself at the officer once more and finds herself giving him head on the side of the road. Its then, driving home, that she realizes that she has something that every man wants...perhaps she can make some money off of it?

It would mean cheating on her husband, but it would satisfy some of her cravings and needs while bringing in a supplemental income. She quickly decides to go ahead with it, starting off my answering a few craigs-list ads of men looking for some 'fun'. She becomes intoxicated with it - the money, the pleasure, the varied men, and soon establishes herself as an 'escort for the lonely men on leave'.

But what would happen if her husband ever found out?

[Looking for a woman to start exploring her sexuality in this one despite breaking her vows.

Possible gangbang scenes as well.]

The Officers Wife
Belle is an Officers Wife. She is elegant and beautiful, always well behaved at public gatherings, and always by his side. Friendly and flirtatious, she seems to be every mans dream. For her husband, she is...the dream wife.

But Belle and her high-ranking husband have a dirty little secret. They're Swingers, active in a small swingers community. But the community is too small for their liking, so they take things into their own hands.

Belle, at parties, picks out a man she wants to have sex with. She quietly flirts with him before taking him to a secluded room. Once naked, she makes sure they are in an uncompromising position before her husband walks in. Instead of being irate, he uses the position to blackmail the man in staying, before stripping down himself and joining in the fun, double-teaming his wife. Sometimes they invite the man (usually a soldier) back for future sessions if he is well endowed.

He also uses Belle for influential meetings if he wants to push for more funding or a particular weapon or vehicle. Belle is used as a distraction, and then she is used to seal the deal with all parties involved.

But Belle is about to embark out on her own. Her husband isn't always around and she strikes up an affair with a regular GI Joe. One thing leads to the next and she gets closer and closer to her dream of being banged by an entire squad of men.

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Re: Looking for something Specific (Seeking F)
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UPDATED with In the Military and Not So Innocent ideas.

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Re: Looking for something Specific (Seeking F)
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Updated thread list in first post. Tweaked some ideas.

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Re: Looking for something Specific (Seeking F)
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I would love to do variation 3 of either your pornstar or your webcam selections.  They tickle my fancy...I like the father/daughter scenario especially.