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Author Topic: Welcome to Wyrd Wyoming (Can Be Extreme if Wanted)  (Read 450 times)

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Welcome to Wyrd Wyoming (Can Be Extreme if Wanted)
« on: July 07, 2011, 11:38:29 PM »
I pitched an idea with a friend and wonderfully talented writing partner.  She passed on it, so I am now pitching it into the wind and seeing if anyone else would be interested in such a project.  I think it could be a fun and sexy and violet pulpy action adventure.  Let me see what you think about this idea.

Now that I have that out of me... how about if we make a differnt version of it.  We tinker with the formula... keep what we want and kind of cut and paste that story about Marv in Sin City.  In Marv's story... dont remember title... this huge ugly badass who is kind of wanted by the law is seduced by this hot smoking feme fatale.  Well, shes dead the next scene and everyone blames Marv but hes just trying to trace down who did what and its a fun little bloodbath along the way.

Now lets imagine there is a badlands in the middle of the high desert.  Like a little known wildman's land where an almost Mad Max kind of existence is maintained but not spoken about.  Imagine that as the setting instead of that wild industrial city with a whole section run by hookers thing.  This is where we set this in the 'wild zone' of the Midwest. Because of trace uraniam mining or atom tests from long ago background rad keep most advanced military tech from working there and keeps it off the map of thier best satalites... but this has caused some wild mutations from time to time.  My character is this badass whos learned to live there.  Hes ugly.. IM talking half of his face is burned off like Jonah Hex and hes scarred all over and he is impossibly human size.  Hes tough, he knows the place, he can do almost anything humanly possible, etc.  Wanted for murder in the outside world.  Now... imagine you were the young almost child wife of a mobster, but you escaped and somehow found shelter here.  Now the things your mobster boyfriend made you do all your life... you freely offer him if he will keep the endless series of enforcers and collectors sent to find her.  If there is one guy who can do that... its... (enter my character's name rhymes with Marv).  This means I get to be the niceguy... but I  bash heads in and shoot down lots of people with little more than a few 'scrathes' and might have to bandage up a little bleeding afterwards... and all the fun stuff we do... (so few people will do watersports... oh... you have soooo spoiled me)... but you give it to him so he will fight extra hard and kill maybe another dozen people over what he could of done before.  We will do this kind of adult pulpy dimestore novel-like... robust hero and beautiful heroine kind of a cross between Indiana Jones and Mad Max aventures.  Whachathink?  Too wierd or do you like it?

I looked it up... Wyoming has one of the lowest population densities.  There is uranium mining, etc.  Call it... Wierd Wyoming.  There are a few major cities which are blockaded by police.  Once past that you are in the wilderness.  The major cities seem to run everything, but they are just a shell.  No roads really go anywhere except in circles.

First lines of it...

"Think about it... no one knows no one from Wyoming.  Ever wonder why?" 
Then we begin this dystopia which exists in the middle of the states where order and law are just like clean water... only an illusion in a lot of places.

Its like its writing itself... heh.  Whachathink?

Some stuff on Wyoming.  We can call some of this happening on the 'High High Plains'... or whatever.  This could be fun.  These are some facts I wanted us to be able to get at if we both wanted.

I really like this idea.  If you dont like it, I may offer this on the forums and see if someone else is interested.  Id be interested in interweaving other tales... like the Sin City movie.  We could make it a group game and get other people involved... if you want.  Just a though... but if we are posting as fast as we did in Anything to Survive I dont think we will need anyone else.

I can throw in a few wierdo characters sometimes... some enforcers out for her... some rape gangs who almost grab her sometimes... others who just want to kill the guy and take his stuff.... gas, weopons, and you... all kinds of savages and wierd mutants.  Oh, and there is this private paramilitary group which conducted atomic bomb tests with defective equipment.  They are the ones patroling and controling Wierd Wyoming's access points.  They are known as WYRDTech Corp.  Sometimes to check out how some miitary weopons that are hardened can work, they drive out there and begin shooting at people... just lurking around and killing everyone around them.  Just for more fun.

Oh, about your girl.  It should be obvious to her that the police are corrupt and gunning for her as much as are the gansters so this is why she has chosen to escape into no man's land.  The guys name is going to be Irving.  hehe.  If someone makes fun of his name hes paticularly violent with them.  Oh, I picture hes kind of a 'Tarzan-like' mutant.  ONe of the orginal guards or leiutenants for the original Atomic Bomb underground tests.  Its why hes so large, scarred, and badass.  Sorry, this idea is just sitting on top of my head a lot.  Hope you like it.

ONe more note.  This is a description of Marv.  I want to use it as a blueprint for Irving.  Ill take Basin City and use it with some Mad Max elements to make our Wierd Wyoming.

If you like this idea, please send me a PM and we can work over the details.  Extremeness can be discussed and set ahead of time according to the tastes of my writing partner.  We can make variations of the story or work through other character or other Weird Wyoming adaptations to Sin City or other interesting materials you might want to use.  Hope you like this idea and will give me a chance to see this storyline in action and I thank you for making through this very dense solo project proposal.  You have the patients of a saint.