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Started by IberiaSloane, July 07, 2011, 05:02:48 PM

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I am looking or about one or two other roleplays to enjoy myself in. I want to be able to have some more fun in the scenarios.
If nothing fully appeals to you but you want to do a scenario with me, PM me and perhaps there can be something that we could work out. I prefer using E as the where it is done but I don't mind through email or through AIM.

Modern Day - Looking for M
City Girl inherits her Grandmother's ranch as her life is slowly coming undone in the city. While there, she meets the handler of the ranch and they butt heads but ultimately the two find themselves actually getting along, and she learns from him how to handle country life and her love life with him.

Boarding Buddies - Looking for F
Basically my character needs a roommate since she can't afford the apartment she is in and really doesn't want to leave it. She places an ad in the newspaper for a potential roommate, and the woman who answers is exactly the perfect roommate, polite and fun with a sense of humor and decent job. The two hit it off immediately and discover that it is always better with two. This is basically something that can be a bit wacky and serious.

Boss Knows Best - Looking for M
You are the CEO of one of the most successful companies, but you have no management. Your rival in another country points out that since you don't have someone to micromanage your life, it is crumbling as will the business. You are now hunting for a Personal Assistant. Young and able to work all hours of the day, and willing to give up their life for a few years for great pay. Personal and Business now become intertwined with each other. I am willing to be submissive.

Busted by the Law - Looking for M

This is more or less the non-con, a girl has a horrible date and is mistaken by to be a prostitute. The local sheriff is on patrol and takes advantage of her and doesn't believe her story. As a deal, she agrees to be his personal assistant, maid, and his whore for a month. For this story, look at my o/o's and pm me to work out the deets.

Blind Dating - M or F
We're set up by mutual friends and are complete opposites but the attraction is greater. Basically this is just the people getting on a date, screwing like bunnies and keep getting pulled back to each other, with arguing, having fun, parties.

Professor/Student - M or F
A college student seduces her professor and uses it to her advantage, she twists it around by saying that she'll say he seduced her unless he gives her A's for the semester and the recommendation for an internship. He agrees and decides to twist it around and turn her into a doll to be used, by his fellow professors and T.A's.

Werewolf/Prey, TBD and discussed.
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