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Author Topic: Looking for a Goose (M seeking F)  (Read 589 times)

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Looking for a Goose (M seeking F)
« on: July 07, 2011, 04:37:48 PM »

  I'd like to start with a little bit about myself and my availability. Between work and family I don't have as much time to write as I would like, I can normally do about 2 to 3 posts a week. Although when I get a good handle on the story and character everything tends to flow much quicker. One a day possibly two will be my max though. I try to stay at about 3 paragraphs each post but in certain situations, especially ones involving  action and heavy dialogue, I feel that a mixture of long and short posts works best for myself and for the story. Despite my time constraints I do my best to try and match my partners post length and frequency.

  I like to do at least some outlining and character discussion before anything starts. I think it helps greatly in the long run and allows stories to come to a proper conclusion rather than just dying out. Sometimes I find more fun brainstorming and discussing a story than writing it. I says this because I know more than a few people would rather keep planning to a minimum and let the story grow and unfold naturally. I'm not opposed this idea, you just have to let me know so I don't get carried away.


                                                                        Ideas for the Goose

Rebel Yell

  This idea is set in a school. The two characters are complete opposites. The girl(Jane) is a rebel, tattooed and pierced. A loner by choice, she is surrounded by a fearsome and unwholesome reputation of mostly exaggerations and outright lies. Still  she he enjoys the mystique it gives her and the fact that it puts most people off.       
  The male character(John) is mild mannered and shy. I see him as being almost robotic and stiff as well, a person seemingly numb to the world around him(this might a defense to combat his loneliness). He is the type of person that you could see everyday but not quite remember. John has a few aquientences in passing but no close confidants. He is loner also but more by nature than choice. They do know each other but to Jane John is just another face. John is well aware of her reputation and is slightly intimidated by it One day He rescues her from being raped or mugged. After the incident she breaks down and cries. The sight of her in tears brings about realization that Jane might not be as tough as her reputation suggests. Jane is initially embarrassed and ashamed by her display of weakness and brushes John off, although she feels remorse afterwards. Motivated by either guilt over her treatment of him or a desire to keep him quiet and her reputation intact she shows him some gratitude. Either with sexual favors or just by trying to be his friend. As time goes on the both of them find they do have a few things in common. Mainly he fact that neither one of them has has friends. Her by choice and him by his shy and passionless nature. Eventually they would come to realize how lonely they both are and how much they enjoy truly each others company.
   I'm not sure of the general direction this should go. It seems to lean towards a more romantic scenario. This would actually be a restart or reboot. I had originally start this a few months ago but I wasn't able to continue with it. Now that I read it again it seems a little too cliché to me. Perhaps someone might have an idea of how to spice it up but still retain the theme of losers winning.

White Wedding

   This character is based partially on Norman Bates. He is a middle age single man in his mid-forties not a particularly attractive or even the slightest bit charismatic. All-in-all he is a very ordinary man and even slightly pitiable. Having lived with his mother his entire life he grew so totally dependent on her that he cannot function as a single man after her death.
  The story would begin two or three weeks  after his mothers funeral. The loss has left a void in his life and without his mother to cook and clean he finds himself sinking into  squalor. He comes up with a very simple solution, he needs a wife. Unfortunately, with poor social skills and nothing to offer a potential mate besides a dirty house and a lifetime of chores his only option is to kidnap one.
  Although the story does have elements of Non consent I don't see it as being a particularly violent story as the male character is not evil or sadistic merely desperate and not all that intelligent. He recognizes his actions are wrong but in his desperation he deludes himself in to believing that he can create a loving marriage and all will be fine in the end.
   I imagine the female character to be someone strong and resilient. Of course she would be terrified initially but as the initial shock wears off she begins to formulate a plan to manipulate the situation and eventually escape. All the while struggling with a growing sense of sympathy and pity towards her captor.

Simply Irresistible

  This idea is a little more sexually driven in nature. It involves a young woman(Jane). Originally I intended Jane to be a Nun and although I really like the idea I thought that it might be too offensive. She could also an office worker or a teacher. Either way she is a very curvaceous, very sexy young woman. Unfortunately due to her profession she feels that her body is a cross and a inappropriate distraction to those around her especially the males. She is almost ashamed of it and goes to great lengths to hide it. One of her male colleagues or students(John) however discovers her hidden assets(not sure how). He becomes infatuated with her and is very upfront with his desires. Things start from there little by little. John rubbing against her or grabbing her ass when no one is looking always trying to get her alone to harass her sexually. Things eventually escalate to them having sex. Although she is against his advances she feels partially responsible for having such a tempting figure and blames herself.
   I see this not so much as non consent but more like reluctance. I wasn't planning on any violent rapes or anything like that, although John isn't willing to take no for an answer. This is one I started with another partner but wasn't able to finish.

She's Super Freaky

  This idea is based on something that  been happened to me one  week at work.You may not believe me but everything is true.
I work in property management basically as a glorified handyman. My building is fairly large taking up a small city block. About 400 people pass through the doors on a daily basis including the public.
  I came into work on Monday and security hands me a cell phone they found in the parking garage. I took the phone to my office tried turning on and got nothing. The phone had a memory card so I took it out and placed inside of mine. I'd like to say I did it only so I could find the owner but truth is I was being a little nosey too. When I open the pictures folder the first one is of a
young woman(early 20's) nude from head to toe. It was the kind of picture that's taken in a mirror like you'd see on Facebook only completely naked. Some of the pics were normal photos, head shots and the like, but the majority(60+) were of her naked in various poses and positions ranging from tasteful to full on hustler magazine. The whole time I'm thinking "Holy shit this girl is a FREAK". Now I'm not naive, I'm fully aware that many people enjoy taking photos of themselves naked but in my mind that's something that you find across the vastness of the Internet. I never imagined I would come across it in my daily life.
   For the rest of that week she became something of an obsession. The only thing I did that entire week at work was look for her. I went office by office making whatever excuse I could to get inside. I walked floor by floor until finally I found her. At first glance she seemed like any ordinary office worker, simply typing away in her cubicle. I chatted with her a little while and she seemed like a very sweet girl. The kind of girl any mother would love to see with their son. Now, just like when you buy a car and you see the exact same car everywhere you go it seems like I run into this girl everyday. We say hi to each other and sometimes we talk a little but always when I see her I can hear the words "FREAK" in my mind.
  Half of me just wants to tell the story since I haven't told a soul up until now. The other half would like to do a RP based on these chain of events. I know it's kind of silly but I can see a little of room for growth here. It could lend itself very well to a blackmail type scenario or it could be something along the lines of a fish out of water. My character thinks he's found a nice girl but doesn't know what he's really getting himself into, maybe with a comedic edge.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

  This one between two neighbors across the hall from each other in a small apartment complex. One of the characters is young woman(Jane) down on her luck. The other is a slightly older male(John). Both characters know each other casually but have never really sat down and talked.
  Jane is having trouble paying bills having  lost her job recently or just not getting paid enough to make ends meet. Her neighbor is single not particularly handsome or attractive. Just the average person you'd see on the street. Jane notices that he never has company over and he comes home at the same time everyday. Basically coming to the conclusion that he is the basic loser type, someone who would be grateful for any kind of attention from a woman. Jane thinks she might be able to use this to her advantage. Not planning on doing anything sexual beyond flirting. She believes just showing a little skin and laughing at his jokes will be enough for him to throw money at her.
   John on the other hand knows exactly what he is. A person that has trouble controlling his desires and impulses. The reason why he never has company over and never speaks to anyone besides saying hello or good morning is because he doesn't trust himself and would rather avoid temptation. When his neighbor walks through his door though he just can't resist.
   I saw it as a sort of battle. He tries to do the right thing and be a gentleman despite the thoughts that are running through his head about what he wants to do to this woman and she keeps pushing and pushing trying to get him to develop a crush on her so she can get what she wants.
  Recently I've been thinking about tweaking this idea a little reversing the roles. Making Jane a more sympathetic character and John more predatory or softening both characters. Going a more vanilla or romantic route. Making them just two people in need. One for money and the other for companionship.

Sucked Down

First I'd like to say that the bones of the this idea was borrowed from someone else (with permission) and if she's reading this I'd like to thank her.

  The idea is based around a mutually destructive couple. Both of them are absolutely toxic for each other but for their own reasons they can't walk away. Each one lives a double life and from the outside you'd never know they were spiraling towards disaster. The John of this story is haunted by inadequacy. He feels he was  destined for great things and having never achieved them he is bitter and sullen. He places blame on everything and everyone  around him and particularly on his Jane. Originally she just a tool to him. A rich girl from a successful family to add credibility to a his false sense of grandeur. As his failures began to outnumber his successes he came to resent her for her better education and upbringing eventually finding enjoyment in demoralizing and abusing her as it is the only way he can feel superior.
  Jane comes from an upperclass background and is very successful at her chosen career. At first glance it would appear that she lives a perfect life. She has always rebelled at the expectations of those around her and part of the reason she is with John is because everyone told her she didn't belong with him. She uses him as a way to punish her judgmental yet loving family. She is smart enough to recognize the situation she is in but pride won't allow her to admit her mistake. She is by no means a damsel in distress and often provokes John in spite often reminding him that he is an unsuccessful, classless brute and that she is much to good for him.
   I see both characters as equally flawed. Both are victims of each themselves and each other. Neither one being more at fault for the Abusive situation they are.
  This is one is basically a rip off of a book I recently read. It was a short book and although I enjoyed it it seemed rushed and a lot of interesting aspects and concepts were not properly fleshed out. I'd like to do an RP based on the same chain of events but with slight alterations to the characters. It involves a young man in his teens and a woman in her early thirties. A plane crash leaves them stranded on a island for 3 years. Romance eventually developed between the two as they struggled to survive. I'm using the example of an island but it could be done in any setting, even one more fantastic like during a zombie apocalypse or on a spaceship. The only perquisite is that they are unexpectedly thrust together and isolated.
  The story would begin the second after the plane crash. The two characters finding themselves in the water and by separate means make their to shore or simply wash up, after a short while alone they discover each other. The female character(Jane) being older(early-thirties) assumes responsibility for the male(John) and their survival. She has certain motherly or sisterly feelings towards him. Perhaps she has a young son of her own or a brother he reminds her of. At this early point in story she doesn't have any romantic or sexually feelings towards him seeing John as a child.
  John is just turned 16 at the beginning of the story. He is a virgin and having lived a sheltered life is inexperienced but not naive. He develops the same familial bond with Jane but he is conflicted by sexual attraction and curiosity towards her. Jane recognizes this and is faced with the precarious situation of not wanting to encourage him but at the same time not wanting to discourage or shame him for feelings that are only natural. This might culminate into some sort of awkward sexual encounter. Not necessarily sex, but it is understood by both that it is something that can never happen again.
At this point the story leaps forward a few years and the situation is reversed. John is 18 or 19 and still inexperienced but definitely a man now in a man's body. John has more or less come accept the situation and has all but forgotten or buried his attraction towards Jane it. Now it is she that feels the pangs of desire and conflict. She fights a battle between her own physical needs and what she considers a betrayal of her responsibilities as the adult to the innocent John.
This one is very driven by the female character and anyone interested will probably have to take the lead as far as what direction the story takes.

  Thank you talking the time to read my ideas and I hope that something caught your eye. Nothing l have is set in stone and I am open to any changes or adjustments to story or character. If you interested in working with me or just wanting to comment please respond via PM and not inside the thread. Please check out my On and OFFs for more information and also my IM story ideas some of them might translate well into the forums 

                                                                                                                        Thanks again

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