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Started by Scribbles, July 07, 2011, 12:03:58 PM

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Quote from: Acid Lips on July 10, 2011, 02:42:20 PM
Let me know if my villain is approved

Approved, chillily... Just add the minor adjustments I made to the main profile.
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I would love to play Teen Cap or if that is taken, I would like to try the telekinetic secondary villain if you still need someone to swing at it. I have some RL work tugging at me at the moment, so I don't have time to put together a character sheet, but that would change before the day is over.
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Well considering all that is going on with me, I am going to have to forgo this as much as I want to play Natasha so someone else can take black widow. Sorry

I have taken the oath of the Drake

Livin in MD now.

Not taking anymore one on ones but ones already discussed with the partners.


No need to apologise. Thanks for letting me know Fireflights.
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Quote from: VincentD on July 10, 2011, 03:29:13 PM
I would love to play Teen Cap or if that is taken, I would like to try the telekinetic secondary villain if you still need someone to swing at it. I have some RL work tugging at me at the moment, so I don't have time to put together a character sheet, but that would change before the day is over.

Aiden expressed interest in playing a Captain America.
Thank you, fellow Elliquiyan, and have a wonderful day.


  No argument on my part, as I checked the thread before posting. Aiden said he was thinking on it and if he decides that's what he wishes to play Cap, that's not a problem with me. I was just stating my wish to take the role if Aiden decides something else.
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My apologies - I misunderstood. I thought it might have been the case you had posted without being able to check the entire thread owing to your RL commitments.
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 No problem at all, I should have clarified my statement originally.  I was thinking about it and I would also enjoy playing a teen Black Panther. I will work up both and either way, I'll have fun playing! ^_^
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I'll have my Captain, profile up by the end of today hopefully.


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 Groovy! Now that's out of the way, so I'll get my Black Panther profile up later today..{if I can figure out how to add the stupid pics.... >.<}
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Here's mine, let me know if I need to change anything please.

    Student Name: T'Challa 

Avenger Name: Black Panther

Apparent Age: 18 

Height: 6 ft 3 inches  Weight: 230 lbs

Civilian Appearance:
Avenger Appearance:
Marvel Character: Black Panther

History/Significant Events: T'Challa is the only son of T'Chaka, the King of Wakanda and current Black Panther, who had had began teaching his son the lessons needed to rule the tech rich hidden country when he was barely able to walk. The young prince was summoned a year earlier than the normal trials of passage at fifteen that tradition demanded the successor to the title and duties of one day becoming king.  The boy was sent into the wild jungle naked but for a small knife and given a month to return with a suitable tribute to the Panther god that defended their kingdom.

      A week into the trial, the young prince stood again before his father and king, battered and bloody draped in the skins of two grown lions and the bound form of the king of the Wakandan's long hated rival tribe writhing in outrage at his feet. King and god both pleased, T'Challa   entered his adulthood receiving the Panther god's blessing, granting him the powers that every king of their country must earn.

      Only then did his father reveal knowledge of upheaval in the Western world and unlike his predecessor’s, he did not intend to keep the vibranium and his nation hidden forever. His plan was to send his son to investigate further the rumors and act in the interests of the King and country based on. After a period of time training in his new found abilities, T'Challa is sent to Stormvalley High with one of his father's trusted advisers and a senior member of the deadly royal female bodyguards posing as his parents to discover what waves may threaten to overwhelm his tiny homeland.

Personality:  Cool and polite while in civilian persona, T'Challa bears the weight of his duties to his kingdom and the Panther god without complaint, yet his outings as Black Panther allow him to channel his need for action. However as of late, this hasn't been enough, leading to small lapses in judgment.  He constantly is watching and listening to others, rarely speaking before he knows all the factors involved.

Powers: T'Challa has been gifted by the Panther god of Wakanda through a rare heart shaped herb which granted him supernaturally sharp senses and a body that is at the pinnacle of human  ability. He has also been trained since he could walk in several martial arts, creating his own unique style that uses his physical gifts to maximum effect. His costume is laced with vibranium, rendering it bulletproof and resistant to physical impact. His boots are laced with the same material allowing him to climb surfaces and move silently.  His gauntlets are tipped with claws made of the same metal allowing him to slice through most things except Adamantium.

Fears and Weaknesses:  T'Challa is vulnerable to attacks that target his advanced senses, gas attacks if unable to escape the area of effect, for example.

Desires and Aversions:  The urge to spread his own wings now that he is out from his father's shadow is hard to resist as well as the normal temptations a young man finds himself confronted with in a foreign land. T'Challa will surely avoid those of evil intent and desires, a eager foe to villainy and the like.  Also, he personally can't stand bullies and others who prey on the weak and can rarely resist the opportunity to humble them.

Controllable: No, the Panther god maintains a mental link and cannot be mind controlled.
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Hello everybody saw this thread and I'm really interested in doing this so here's a profile for Hawkeye

Student Name: Clint Barton
Avenger Name: Hawkeye
Apparent Age: 17
Civilian Appearance:
Avenger Appearance:
Marvel Character: Hawkeye
History/Significant Events: Clint Barton was orphaned at an early age when his parents died in a car accident and was sent to a children's home with his brother Bernard. He and his brother ran away and lived on the streets for a year or two. This time on the streets made Clint mentally tough and very street wise, but he knew that the streets were no place for he and his brother so they both went and joined the Carson Carnival of Traveling Wonders, and the pair worked as roustabouts. While a member of the circus, Hawkeye was trained by the original Swordsman (Jacques Duquesne) and Trickshot. Clint's life, however, would forever be changed after he stumbled onto the Swordsman counting the money he had just robbed from the carnival. The Swordsman offered Clint to become his partner in crime, but Clint rejected his mentor, sparking a fight that ended when the Swordsman left him for dead after he fell from the high wire. Barney, too, abandoned him, in disbelief that Clint passed up such an opportunity. Trickshot stepped up his role as Clint's mentor, later asking him to join him in raiding a criminal named Marko. However, Clint severely injured one of Marko's guards and discovered him to be his brother, Barney. Repelled by the consequences of his actions (and his mentor's role in prompting them), he abandoned Trickshot and parted on bad terms.

His natural archery abilities honed to an expert level, Clint wandered the country, working in various carnivals or otherwise making money out of the costume and persona of "Hawkeye". S.H.I.E.L.D took an interest in seeing a 17 year old boy able to hit any target any one gave him with a simple bow and arrow so they came to him and made him an offer. THey could give him a new life away from the circus, away from the laughter and joy people got from calling him a freak of nature, and give him a small apartment to stay in that they would pay for, but there was one catch. Clint would have to attend a school that they had selected , Clint was never one for school so he was reluctant to take it. Though the deal was too good to pass up so he took and now he attends Stormvalley High.
Personality: He is highly capable and charismatic person and a shrewd combat strategist, albeit sometimes reckless. He can be laid back sometimes and not care, other times he can become thick headed and reckless.
Powers: Clint is a world-class archer and marksman. His above average reflexes and hand-eye-coordination make him the most proficient archer ever known. He is also trained to throw knifes, darts, balls, bolas and boomerangs. He is natural athlete. He is also formidable unarmed combatant, thanks largely for longtime combat training with Swordsman and Trick Shot. He also has extensive training as an acrobat and aerialist. Barton is also talented weapon designer, particularly well-versed in variations on basic traditional weaponry such as arrows, blades and hand-thrown projectiles. He has designed and crafted crescent darts, boomerangs, throwing irons, bolas, axes, custom arrows and bows.
Fears and Weaknesses: His weakness is his humanity, he can be injured like any other normal person. He also fears about running into his brother, or his mentors, again and having to hurt them. Also his recklessness can get him into a lot of trouble at times.
Desires and Aversions: Clint wants to be more than just a circus freak, he wants his abilities to be used for the greater good and he'll take up any chance for that to happen.
Controllable: Yes, he's like every other human so he can be controlled, but he is mentally tough so it could take some time to get complete control over him.
Converted Mana Cost: 2 colorless 2 White 2 Red

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VincentD, Jmorty33,

I've only had time to skim both profiles but they seem fine. Feel free to post them up and join in.
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Darque Devil


As a note:

We are opening up the game to one or two more individuals. So I will give a quick run down on how things work, for a speedy character approval.

-First, check the Characters thread to see what characters are already approved and in play. We are not allowing multiple versions of the same character.

-Secondly, if you wish to make a custom, non-canon, character that is great! Just try to avoid the powers that those who are already in the game posses, we are trying not to double up here. Or if you wish to alter a canon character to work that is also great! Gender-swapping characters has been done in the game already so that is one way to go. The only restrictions we have is that we would like all of the characters to be 'teenagers' and heroes. We are not looking for villain PCs at all, at this time.

-Thirdly, right now we have an overabundance of super-strong/super-tough characters, so we would really like to see characters that fall outside of the "Sheer strength" category.

If you have an idea and you are not sure if it will work, please just send a PM to me, LunarSage, and Scribbles, any one of us can help you decide. Do keep in mind that we discuss every submitted character before approval, so approval might take a couple of days.

As for character sheets, please use the one provided in the first post of this thread. So please, join us in this fun little alternate-universe game we have going on!

Mr Happy

Lunar Sage has told me about this wonderful game of yours and Id like a shot at playing it. So here goes my character proposal.

STUDENT NAME: Jack Russel (real name is Jacob Russoff)



Jack is a very fit young man, with leanly ripped muscles that indicate speed and agility more than his actual strength, like that of a martial artist. Jack dresses the way he feels he should be, a tough, lone wolf type. To that end he wears items that signify a short of time honored badge of rebellion, such as: leather jackets, denim vests with the sleeves cut off. ripped and distressed pants and shirts (all of which as easily explainable and help to disguise the effects of his condition as a rough and tumble sense of fashion. In short Jack dressed like a biker or young tough. He often hides his gaze behind sunglasses and will sometimes tie off his shock of rust colored hair with a bandana. His skin is very pale, the flesh of someone who doesn't see much time in the sun but not unnaturally so. His heritage is  Transylvanian and despite years of living in this country he carries a ghost of an accent as he and his mother still speak Romani (a gypsy dialect) at home. Jack's eyes are blue and will shift to a deep crimson when transformed.

Jack stands at 5'10, while the wolf man is 6'4" and the werewolf form is 7 feet tall.

CHARACTER: Werewolf By Night

Jack is a loner, it is both a defense mechanism born from the fact that he see humans as being outside of his species and a general shame given the historical stigma of his family curse. He keeps others at arms length by being either quietly unresponsive or by responding gruffly. While he has had sex he tries to refrain as much as any teenager possible could fearing that his curse might be sexually transmittable (this is not the case but he doesn't know that given that he was never bitten and still became a werewolf). Inside Jack would like bother more than to be normal and make normal friend but he fears his own power having seen first hand the bloody aftermath of a werewolf attack. He considers himself so much of a potential danger that he doesn't even hang around with the likes of so-called tough kids like Logan or Aries. He is afraid and lonely and more than a little resentful of his father and life in general. Only the Avengers program offers him some much needed hope as they have the resources to contain him on the nights of the full moon as well as giving him the excuse to cut loose and let the beast on those worthy of receiving his supernatural fury. 

Jack has inherited lycanthropy from his father and can shift into the form of a large powerful apelike beast with lupine features at will (most of the time). His "normal" wolf form bears more resemblance to a man that a wolf looking much like the classic wolf man as recently portrayed by Benicio Deltorro in the movies but bearing a deep reddish brown fur as opposed to black like his cinematic counterpart. He has superhuman strength, speed, stamina, reflexes and senses while in this form. He can press roughly 1,500 lbs and can spring  18 feet straight up into the air from a crouch. Jack has claws and teeth durable enough to rend lesser alloys  such as wood, bone, concrete with ease and some softer metals (iron, some steels). His muscles produce almost no fatigue poisons allowing him to exert himself tirelessly for several hours (or about the length of 1 night) before he must rest even his supernaturally charged body.

He can see into the in fared portion of the spectrum allowing him to see via heat signature and reflection. His sense of smell is supremely acute allowing him to be aware of another living creature coming within 100 feet iof him upwind.  His hearing is so acute he can follow a heartbeat in total darkness within the twisting confines of a cave at 30 feet.

The werewolf can move with a speed and agility that no truly normal human can match. While someone like say Captain America is considered to be enhanced human the werewolf is truly superhuman having easily twice the balance, coordination and reflexes of even the very greatest of athletes such as Cap, Dare Devil or Shang Chi. But this still puts him below the abilities of someone like Spiderman whose recorded reflexes even without the benefit of spider sense are 3x human maximums.

Jack's wolfin form is supernaturally resistant to harm and it may be impossible to kill him through convention means. While he can still be slammed or stunned even the powers of rival super humans seem to do little more than slow him down. Trauma induced by means of physical and energy attacks heal with a mystical speed and leave no trace for instance almost making it look like bullets have passed harmlessly through his or superhuman blows have done no real damage. There are of course limits, while a blow from the Isreali Sabra would seem to do little more that shake the werwolf up the blows of more powerful beings would show considerable outward signs of damage such as broken bones and twisted limbs. If trauma results in the major loss of organs and tissue (such as limbs) there will regenerate over time with no ill effect. The werewolf heals at least ten times faster than a human and perhaps more, this speed allows Jack to rarely show battle wounds after returning to human form even if major internal injuries are still present beneath his freshly healed skin. This magical metabolism also makes Jack highly resistant to disease.

On the nights of the full moon Jack enters into an uncontrollable phase of his curse growing into a far larger, more powerful and far more beastial form. This one lacks most of the wolf man shape's humanoid features and instead is a bipedal wolf with digigrade legs and opposable thumbs. The upper limits of its strength are not known to Jack as he looses all human cognition and has not been able to test his limits. This form is likely more on par with other fully canine monsters like the Man Wolf or the mutant Wolf Brothers faced by the Earth 616 Spiderman and were easily able to fight that hero to a standstill. During these nights Jack must be locked away or he runs the risk of hurting, killing someone or perhaps even spreading the curse of the werewolf to another. The curse is carried within the bite of the monster only (a claw rake won't pass the infection) although treating such wounds with a silver solution or magical means could spare the victim Jack's curse. While as a wolf man Jack can retains enough of his humanoid vocal mechanism to speak, the werewolf form does not.

Jack's human form is at peak conditioning, rivaling that of olympic level athletes. The process of tearing down and reshaping the body via transformation has made it incredible tough and efficient as a coping mechanism to deal with such radical changes. This makes Jack a natural if untrained athlete with senses somewhat above but not out of the realm of human extremes.

Lycanthropy is a magical pathogen and as such it is vulnerable to mystical attack. Magic can affect Jack in any way it would a normal mortal and mystical elements specifically silver can hurt or even kill him outright. Silver will ignore all of the werewolf's normal physical resistances and cause him as much damage as a mundane weapon of the same sort would to a large powerful animal. A silver bullet in the brain or heart will likely kill him, whereas a silver blade in the gut is as debilitating as a knife wound would be to a normal man or beast. These wounds must heal at the normal rate and while a lack of scaring indicates some form of regeneration may be going on the rate of healing is reduced to human levels.

Jack is deathly afraid of making more monsters like himself and avoids biting unless he plans to kill. He is fearful of somehow getting free some moonlight night and wreaking untold carnage in the streets and even fears loosing control of himself during sex or passing his condition to his partners. Jack is also ashamed of the origins of his powers.He's not an alien nor was he born with a mutation or gifted by the gods but instead bears a terrible curse and a heavy burden of responsibility because of that. The stigma of being a legendary monster haunts his every moment at the start of the game. He feels that even is a world of super powered freaks there is no room for a boogeyman and if confronted will likely declare himself a mutant before admitting to his fellow students/Avengers what he really is for fear of being ostracized.

Neither Jack nor the wolf man have any special defense against mind control or other mental/behavior altering powers. While Jack does possess a certain degree of force of will (its how he was able to dominate the wolf man form) he has had no actual training in resisting such powers. There werewolf however seems to be driven by an artificial rage and bloodlust. Like other berserkers it would prove most difficult to directly control its mind is too primal and savage but lacking any discernible intellect it could be directed against someone be a skilled strategist or manipulator.


FROM FILES OF LEONARD SAMSON: Case 1138 Subject: Jack Russel

Note: As per SHIELD protocals for both evaluation and monitoring of potential recruits to the AVENGER Initiative a log is kept so that the Psyche Dept can asses a candidate as a potential “hero”, opperative or potential threat (see Hazmat, Striker). The following are excepts from the manditory sessions with Dr. Leonard Samson.

Samson: So how did SHIELD  recruit you to the program?
Russel: Recruit? Is that what you're gonna fucking call it? A recruitment!

Note: At this point something like a low animal growl can be heard coming from Russel. Samson remains placid and unconcerned, he is of course perfectly suited for his role both mentally and physically.

Samson: What would you call it then?
Russel: I dont know; kidapping, the draft, indentured servitude? How about good old fashioned slavery? How's that one grab ya doc?
Samson: Jack, you do understand how dangerous you are?
Russel: Of course I fucking understand! Dont treat me like some child!

Note: There is a pause as Samson lets the boy vent. He snarls and paces like a cadged brute but never attacks. Samson has already demonstrated to Russel in the past that the boy is incapable of harming him. Still sometimes he tries, Samson lets him feeling the experience of cutting loose on someone is cathardic for the boy. But this time Russel eventually settles down.

Russel: Ok you wanna know how I got here? I got here because SHIELD is in the monster hunting business. You know how the Norms treat all you Powers guys? Youre just second class citizens who are barely tolerated and largely distrusted and feared until the monkeys' need their hairless asses saved! Oh and then they are greatful arent they? But only briefly. Then its back to the status quo, isnt that right doc? I mean you understand right? Cant exactly blend in with that freak build of yours and the punk rock hair?

Note: Samson doesnt rise to the bait, despite the fact that everything the boy is saying is true and he knows it. He waits patiently for Russel to continue.

Russel: Anyway turns out the monkeys' ,and by monkeys I mean all you fucking primates, arent just concerned with those of your own species who have evolved and gotten all uppity. Imagine my surprise to find out SHIELD has a spook division they call The Midnight Sons, sounds like a friggin garage band if you ask me. Well theve got this bitch witch named Jennifer Kale. Theyve got her constantly on the lookout for the supernatural set, and when she's scryed one of us they send out the Sons.

I mean fuck I havent hurt anyone right? Only close call was when I came of age and first shifted. Ive been so careful since then. You think I wanna make more monsters? Well I dont want that any more than you monkeys do. But instead of I dont know coming to my house for a chat, they come out in force one night while Im running. In in the woods and minding my own business far away from the Norms when Im set on by a wanna be vampire, the witch bitch, a fucking walking garage heap a dead ghoul an some other Halloween rejects.

They go on about how I need to come with them and shit and Im like, fuck that I dont even know you freaks. I try just to run away but the witch put up some sorta barrier, so they had me cornered...big fucking mistake. That kinda shit just makes the beast in me panic. So I went at em. Yeah I was way outnumbered and the bastards finally brought me down but by God they knew they'd been in a fight. Too bad staff healers can fix you up without leaving scars, cause I sure left my mark...and all without biting any one. How's that for restraint!

Note: Russel sits back, grinning and seemingly proud of this fact. But in that grin one can see that his teeth are more wolf than human and the threat is clear. He's on board but only just.


Mr Happy

I would also like to give my thanks to Aiden for their love of Mr Happy. Its always a pleasure to end one's characters being well received. Keep watching that game, the highjinks are just begining!

Mr Happy

Here's Lycan all wolfed out.

And this shows just how tough and reckless you can be when you are a werewolf!