WWI RP Looking for a Male Nazi <3

Started by usagi13chan, July 07, 2011, 12:49:58 AM

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I've been craving a WWII Nazi RP. I have a huge fetish for uniforms and BDSM.

I haven't really though of a plot just yet but here are some ideas:

- My character is German but disagrees with the Nazi and becomes a spy and marries an officer.
- My character is captured trying to help a prisoner escape and is given as a 'gift' to one of the officers.
- My character's father is an officer and forces her to marry a fellow Nazi.

I'm also opened ideas.

I will work on my character after we decide a plot so I can incorporate things that you would like. Here is some things I want in your character (you can add or change if you like).

Cold, unimaginably cruel, selfish, sadistic, brutal, heartless, fearless. A misanthrope; a killer. Dangerously intelligent, devious. Ill-tempered, uncontrollable. Devoid of emotion. Taking glee in the pain he inflicts upon others.

Pick a photo (or if you have one of your own):




Any questions? Don't be scared to ask <3
In real life, I'm a sub to a wonderful master. If you have a fetlife then add me (littlemonster13) ^.^ I wont bite... ever hard.