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Current Availability: Back and looking for a few

Completed RPs!:
Salibi: The Vampires of Irbid - with Kiari03 (238 replies,22/10/16 to 6/2/17)
Playing Both Sides Against the Middle - Written off-site - with DarkCamala (94k words, 9/7/14 to 2/10/15)
FYVOE (Apocalypse story) - with HollyMarlow (376 replies, 17/10/15 to 17/10/16 - exactly one year :))
Fire and Ash - with HollyMarlow (152 replies, 26/4/17 - 1/5/18)

I'm open to plot-heavy long term RPs with someone who can play an interesting character and collaborate on plot.

I like to write freeform, but I'm learning more about RP systems and in particular I've become very fond of GURPS, for the fact that it's so mechanics light and adaptable to any setting.

PLEASE COME TO ME WITH YOUR IDEAS! I love to brainstorm.

Oh, and there seems to have been confusion in the past that I'm looking to write non-adult stories because not all of the plots below mention specific kinks. To be clear, I don't arrange most of my stories by 'kink' but all of the ideas below assume that sex and/or romance will be a part of the story! Any kinks and tastes can be discussed and catered for in any of the below settings.

Green = Craving
Red = currently being played
Not actively seeking, but could be persuaded if it takes your fancy
Like it says in the tin...

Current TOP Cravings

Right now I have a couple of settings that I'd like to set an RP 'around' rather than in. Explore the adventures that took place before or after the adventure we already know, with original characters. A story where we get to explore the relationship between people in the context of a perilous adventure is the thing I'm really gunning for here. I got three examples of that I'd like to try right now:

DOOM: Knee Deep in the Dead (Plot based - DOOM, Horror, violent SciFi)

Last year was the 25th anniversary of the release of the classic FPS, DOOM! Whilst the games are all fast-action OTT gory shooters, I'm interested in running an RP that takes place among the ordinary scientists and workers on the UAC facility on Mars. Work-place rapport, possibly budding romances, all thrown into disarray when a portal to hell opens and we suddenly find ourselves running for our lives from hideous demons and our possessed former colleagues and security guards.

I've never seen anything quite like this requested on E before, but I'm sure there must be someone out there who's as big a DOOM nut as I am and would want to give this a crack of the whip!

The Last Stand of Hadley's Hope (Plot based - SciFi, Aliens, Xenomorph)

This year is the 40th anniversary of the release of Alien the movie, and I've got a huge bug to do an Alien (as in xenomorph, Alien Trilogy, Ridley Scott, etc) themed RP! And it's not just because of the new film coming out! :) My favourite of the series has always been Aliens, ie, the second film.

The idea I've got is essentially character based. You can play any type of character you like. The setting will be Hadley's Hope, the human colony on LV-426 which is overrun by the xenomorphs before Ripley and the marines arrive. It's inspired largely by the novel "Aliens: River of Pain" but it might be better if you've not read that, so we can do our own thing. I want to play a story during or after the colony being overrun. Perhaps for a while, it wasn't just 'Newt' who managed to hide and survive. Our characters could have been finding a way to survive too.

I've got lots of permutations of this in mind, but would like to discuss with the right partner to hash out something that works for us both and include any elements you'd like to bring. :)

Jurassic Park: An Alternative telling (Plot based - Jurassic Park, Survival, Action)

Naturally a more specific variant of my "Lost in the Jungle" idea above - as a big JP fan I'd love to play a survival scenario in some kind of alternative setting. Like perhaps one where maybe Dennis Nedry didn't cause disaster to befall the original park, and it actually went ahead an opened to the public, but then something else went wrong. Our characters could be visitors or staff who are caught at the far end of the tour when the power outage/dino escape takes place.

UPDATE 25/10/2022: This request was written quite a few years ago, before the Jurassic World movies came out and yes, I am aware that this is similar to the plot of Jurassic World, lols.

Other Plots I have available

Ace's Low (Polyamory / Sexuality fluidity)-

I did this briefly with someone a while back and it was really interesting, and sadly ended just as it was getting really really interesting. It could be done several ways, but the feature I'd really like to play with is the idea of someone who is in a romantic relationship with a girl who is asexual (ie, someone who feels no sexual attraction or arousal towards anyone of any gender). That would be interesting enough to discuss: how their dynamic works, does she engage in sexual activity purely to keep him happy or does she give him extra allowance to take care of his own needs, etc? Let's discuss it!

However the previous incarnation of this idea, which was especially fascinating, was about two girls and a guy in a polyamorous relationship with each other, and one of the girls is asexual and therefore does not take part in that aspect of the relationship. Everyone's used to that arrangement. The guy and the other girl have sex only when the Ace girl isn't present...since it's an activity which inherently makes her feel excluded!

But then what happens when one day the Ace girl experiences a changed and decides she would like to get involved in the sexual side of things? Isn't it kind of her right to? But maybe the other girl has come to enjoy having that side of the relationship all to herself?

Lost in the Jungle (Plot based - Survival, Action)

I just absolutely adore a classic 80s style action romp involving a rugged male character and an elegant yet plucky female character who didn't come dressed for the occasion. Think "Romancing the Stone" or any similar movie! I love writing survival situations and I'm a fan of open world games for that reason, eg, Far Cry. This is very open-ended and there are a couple of more specific variations on it below (see "In The Wake of Flight 19" below) but it could be a plane crash, a hostage situation, a journalist who found herself in the wrong part of a conflict zone. This could very easily be combined with some ideas from your own request thread. Just get in touch to discuss!

In the Wake of Flight 19 (Plot based - Light/Adventure/Survival) -
Our characters are on a plane together which crash lands in a notorious part of the ocean.  They wash up on an island, believing themselves to be the only survivors, and despite being erstwhile antagonists, they realise they have to work together to stay alive.  And naturally, this isn't some quiet island without sinister threats of its own. This is an idea I'm just always up for. It's fun, easy to initiate, extremely flexible (can be modified to include supernatural elements, can be made historical - like a merchant ship instead of a plane - etc) and there's just something very sexy to me about a well-dressed woman being washed up on the beach.

Understudy for a cam-couple
Understudy for a cam-couple (Cam-girl, infidelity?)-

I was discussing an idea that never came to fruition, would like to give it a go. My guy has a good relationship with the couple who live next door/across the street/across the hall. They are a couple who seem to have an active life and they are lots of fun to be around. What my guy doesn't know is that they are a cam-couple, giving sex shows for tips online on live cam websites. One day, the man of the couple suffers an injury or gets laid up sick, so he can't perform online anymore. This is an issue because they'd been making some decent money from these shows. The woman knows she's the main attraction and thinks of a way she can keep the show going...and that is to ask my guy to stand in for her boyfriend/husband for a week or two.

It's a Living
It's a living (Plot/smut mix - Modern/Romance/Alternative culture/jealous)-

I'd like to explore the tensions between someone who gets into a relationship - or is already in a relationship - with an alternative model (think Suicide Girls) who performs in burlesque shows and does a lot of nude and semi-nude photography.  How the guy would struggle to square supporting her talents and choice of career, and the inherent jealousy from knowing that other people are seeing her in ways that he would prefer to reserve only for himself.  There's loads that could be added to this idea, and of course, I would flesh this out considerably - and perhaps even combine it with one or more other plot hooks - if someone was interested in the general principle.

Worse things happen at sea (Plot-based, Cruise Ship pirate attack/survival/modern) -

I do love a survival story and I've had the idea to do one in a situation on a luxury cruise ship that is taken over by pirates. This would be modern day and could begin the plot before the attack, allowing for some kinky encounters between characters in cabins if you like. We could play multiple characters each, or one main character and a few NPCs. The idea would be that the pirates attack, most people are killed or taken captive, and a small group (or separate groups) manage to evade capture and have to figure out how to survive/get away/send for help.

Go Hard or Go Home (High smut - Game Show / Exhibitionism / Humiliation) -
I've got a lot more detail in mind for this than I'm going to put into this brief, but the basic idea is that a couple sign themselves up for an extreme new game show. They will be playing against three other couples, but unlike they other three they didn't take the time to read the contract in detail. As the challenges in the show become more extreme, things become increasingly uncomfortable, especially as it becomes evident that a large part of the show is about the ladies being presented and use for the enjoyment of the audience and the other male players.

I DO have ideas for specific games and events in this story. PM me if you'd like to know more.

NECROMUNDA (Fantasy/W40K/Sci-fi) -
Party due to the re-launch of the game which I was such a big fan of in the late 90s, I'd love to do a Necromunda themed game. That's my starting point with this one and although I do have a few specific ideas I'd prefer to discuss them as and when someone shows an interest.

Crossing Cultures
Crossing cultures (Plot/smut mix - Modern/Romance/Ethnic barrier)-
Apologies if this touches a political nerve for anyone, but I thought of setting an RP in a hypothetical near-future world, where fear and paranoia have turned the USA into a land of hatred and bigotry.  Things have gone far beyond the original campaign promise of banning Muslims from entering the country, anyone whose family originates from countries 'compromised be terrorism' and who hasn't been in the States for at least three generations, is being deported.

You would play a young woman of Middle Eastern ethnicity (but who also considers herself entirely American, speaks English as a first language, etc) who is facing deportation, and perhaps even temporary custody in a holding camp whilst waiting.  I could play a soldier or official in charge of rounding up people for deportation who takes notice of the girl and gradually strikes up a relationship, or possibly a friend or a neighbour who's had a crush on her for some time and tries to find a way to help her.

Lots of variables and flexibility for this plot.

Incidentally, this plot was inspired partly because of my love and fascination with Middle Eastern culture, but also by the amazing project just published in book form called "The Atlas of Beauty", from which the image to the left was taken. It's well worth your time to check it out.

The Problem of my landlord's new girlfriend
The problem of my landlord's new girlfriend (High smut, sub female vs dom couple, fluffer, orgasm denial) -

My character is a man who owns his own apartment/house. Your character is a woman who rents his spare room, which includes communal use of the kitchen, lounge, etc. They get along OK, not best friends or anything, but amicable enough. Until one day MC gets a new girlfriend, who is outrageously jealous of YC and seeks to put her in her place. At first this is just through general meanness, but moves on to trying to make her feel as uncomfortable as possible by having noisy sex, maybe even sex in the lounge where they could be caught, etc.

It comes to a head when the girlfriend accuses YC of spying on them, and says that if she wants to 'get involved' it will be as their personal bitch. She forces YC to do degrading things with the two of them, but on no account is YC allowed to enjoy it. Nor is MC allowed to 'climax' from anything YC does. And the girlfriend sets a rule that if YC ever has an orgasm in the house, she's going to get kicked out. MC can see the situation is out of control, but goes along with it because, frankly, he doesn't want to risk losing his girlfriend.

Fallout 3 & 4 ideas
Fallout - Riding the Railroad on a Fake Ticket (Plot/smut mix - Fallout 4/Adventure/Romance)-
My character is a guy who, for one of a variety of reasons, pretends to be a synth in order to get the Railroad to take him under their protections.  Reasons could include:
- He's an undercover spy from the Institute of the Brotherhood of Steel, sent to infiltrate them and discover their headquarters
- He's on the run from one of said organisations and believes the Railroad will be able to hide him most effectively
- He simply wants to 'disappear' because of discontent with his life, or because he's committed a crime or someone thinks he had committed a crime

The Railroad take him in and, to make sure his stay with them is extended, he claims to have information which is useful to them.  I have several ideas about what all this could be about, but I’ll gloss over that for now.

The main premise is that he finds himself working alongside a young woman (your character) whom he takes a liking to, but of course cannot act on it because of course he’s supposed to be a synth.  At some stage, perhaps after he and the young woman have become close friends, it is revealed that he’s actually a human (I’m supposing when they see him bleed) and both characters have to deal with the consequences of his lies, and whether the circumstances they find themselves in are enough to overcome his betrayal, and the mixed emotions arising from the fact that his human nature means that their relationship could take a different course if they wanted it to.

Fallout - The Tenpenny Twins (Plot/smut-heavy mix - Fallout 3/extreme)-
This is a story I started with someone once, but it didn't get all that far.  Basically, a young couple are the successors of Allistair Tenpenny after the ghouls took over Tenpenny tower.  The time I played this story before the two of them were actually brother and sister, so it was an incest story, but that can be the case this time or not.

The two of them have a new home in the wasteland and use it to go out and inflict misery and depravity on all parties they meet.  The main fun of this story is the raider-style gratuitous violence.  There's lots of scope with this one, so contact me if you want to know or discuss more!

Always got a hankering for a furry RP!

I do enjoy playing as and with anthro/furry characters, and always like to have at least one such RP one the go.  Right now, I don't.  If furries are your thing, take a quick detour to my furry request thread.  In particular, if you're willing to use This cutie as your character, you can have pretty much any plot/kink elements you want! :-)

As an addition to this, I purchased and downloaded the Players Guide for the RP system "Heart and Fur". It contains an actual system for sex and everything and is furry/anthro oriented so ask me about that if it sounds interesting to you!

Playing the lead - (Mainly romance / Werewolves / ideal for band nuts)

An idea I've had kicking around for ages, it's never got any interest but I remain hopeful!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
There's a 17 year old girl who is an absolutely virtuosic guitarist. She was picked up by the agents young, and it's been a few months she released her first album (for a RL reference, listen to a few tracks from the Joe Satriani album "Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards") and she's enjoying massive success and publicity. Because she's not a "pop" artist she's not in the mainstream press that much; you're more likely to see her featured in Q Magazine or Total Guitar than in the papers or celeb mags. Fame hasn't changed her, she's the fun-loving, cheeky, confident girl her friends have always known.

Less well known is that she's also a werewolf. She keeps this a closely guarded secret. In fact it's what influenced her decision to pursue a music career in the first place; she knows finding love and settling down in one place is unlikely with lycanthropy in your life, so she chooses a lifestyle where she can party, have loads of friends who love her (or, at least, say they do...) and do what she enjoys doing, and she has a nice normal excuse for avoiding relationships; the rock-star lifestyle just isn't conducive to it.

Introducing The Children of Marrok; an underground society of werewolves who wish to expose the existence of lycanthropy to the world. They bide their time because they know that small instances of exposure would be explained away by sceptics, and instead wait for the day when they can reveal themselves en masse. When the female character above started to become famous, they approached her to join, knowing that prominent members would aid their cause, but she was not interested. They've tried to persuade her ever since, and are less than pleased about her refusal.

The girl goes on tour to promote her album, and spends a few days in another country playing a few shows. Her production company hires local musicians to provide the back-up, as usual. Among them this time is a 20 y/o guy who's in the thick of trying to make it with his own band, but is taking time out of that to play rhythm guitar for this girl. He also gets to play a few supplementary solos, but other than that he's just there to support her with basic rhythm. During the few days, this boy and this girl hit it off and become great friends, but in no time at all it's all over and she has to go home. Ce la vie, that's the lifestyle she chose. But they do keep in touch via social networks, etc.

A few months later, her agent and her family put on a huge 18th birthday party for her, which takes the form of a private open-air concert where they invite all her favourite bands to do a few of their songs. One of the surprise bands is the band of the guy she met in who have since been signed up and are enjoying the beginnings of a promising career of their own. Naturally, she's excited to see him, and as the party dies down they seek each other out and try to get to talk alone...which is difficult because everyone else wants a piece of her too. But eventually, they get some space and get talking.

And from there it's pretty open. Possible plot ideas could be that she tries to keep her lycanthropy a secret even from him, but it proves difficult. Perhaps the life of a musician becomes so stifling on their relationship that the only way to free themselves up to be together is to fake their own deaths! But the truth of their disappearance is not hidden from all; the Children of Marrok know they are still alive, and come after them. Yeah...OK...all that last bit is a bit vague.

The Spirit of the Rules (light/short term) -
I'd like to try an RP where two characters are sexually involved, but cannot or won't have full penetrative sex.  Maybe they're under the thumb of religion and are looking for other activities to "work around" the restrictions, or maybe they're work colleagues who are both married/in relationships, but they go away on some sort of business trip together and figure that as long as it's not "full sex" then it's not really cheating.  Lots of flexibility with this one.

The Pool Party (light/coercion/short-term smut-heavy) -
The idea of this one is that a guy has a few friends around to their house for a party by their secluded pool.  There's only about 4 or 5 of them, so things start to get a little intimate.  However, the guy's younger sister is left in the house on her own - her brother's supposed to be watching out for her while their parents are out but he figures she's old enough to look after herself.  She gets bored of being indoors on her own and comes out asking if she can join the party.  The brother's not so welcoming, but the other guys insist that she should be given a chance to join in, so long as she can show she's willing to get into the "spirit" of things.  I'd ask whoever takes this idea to play mainly the sister, but also to a lesser extent a few other girls at the party, and I'd control all the guys.
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(Cleared this post in a bid to tidy the thread up!  All moved to first post.)
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May I request the pool party idea. It intrigues me and I'd like to see how it goes. Plus I like the idea of playing a few different characters.
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Updated with a Furry idea and a Disney idea!  Man I sure am into trying out new things lately....
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Updated with "Playing the Lead".  This idea brought to you by the cheese I ate before going to bed.
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Playing the Lead sounds like a lot of fun. :-) I'm definitely interested in that one.

A/A(update 1/27) Ideas(update 6/15) O/O&Chars(update 2/1)

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Updated "Playing the Lead" with an alternative fantasy spin on the same idea.  Looking for this one to be a longer-term RP with lots of character development.  Not a one-shot by any means.  :)
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I AM BACK!  Firstly apologies to the people I was in RPs with two months ago, I've tried to PM all of you explaining what went wrong for those that I didn't speak to at the time.  But anyway, I am back now, and I figured rather than try to pick up all my old RPs (even though some of them were very good), I'd start afresh.

SO, I've completely updated my ideas thread, please scroll to the top and see if anything grabs you.  :)  I can reply pretty much around the clock for the next three months, as I'm on a recuperative retreat!
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Added a new idea - "Geek in, Geek out" - a really lighthearted one to try to lift my mood lately.  ¬¬
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Updated slightly, now I'm back and ready for more!  Will probably add even more plots soon, this was really just a clean-up!
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I wouldn't mind playing out either version of Playing The Lead if your interested. :-)

A/A(update 1/27) Ideas(update 6/15) O/O&Chars(update 2/1)

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Minty Minx

Quote from: tobisquestion on July 24, 2011, 07:05:27 AM

I would love to play in your idea of "You can have my sister,if...." Just seems very entertaining.  :-)
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Hi. I'm new here. I could like to play one of your monster idea. Maybe an Elves x Orc or Monster in School.


Took out the trash, added a couple of ideas, tidied up the formatting.  Had am inexplicable mass-death of my RPs so looking to take up a couple more!  :)  PM me rather than posting here if you're interested, or if you have ideas you'd like to run by me.
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Added a werewolf plot (quite fancy a werewolf RP right now...) and a few more picture inspirations.  Really looking for something more plot-based, not so raring for the darker stuff right now unless you think we can flesh it out with some real surrounding storybase.
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I am interested in your werewolf plot One Of Us, specifically the 1st one. I have a lot of interesting ideas for that. I am totally fine with something plot heavy.


Still interested in the Fallout 3 idea if you'll have me. ;)
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PM'd you both!  Can I ask that in the main people PM me for ideas, because otherwise it bumps my thread when I'm not necessarily looking to take on new RPs!  ^_^
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Updated and tidied up.  Not looking to take on a load of RPs, perhaps only one.  Preference will be given to people I've had a good experience of writing with before.
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Updated with a couple of new ideas, looking to get one more story going to replace a couple that have dropped off.
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Got a massive inexplicable craving for a furry RP.  Therefore *bump*
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Looking to replace a couple of stories that have dropped off.  Open to all comers and all ideas!
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Just finished a long-term RP. Having one decent one on the go seems to work best for me rather than trying to balance loads, so I'm looking to take on one or possible two if I'm really taken with an idea! Gonna see if I can get some bites without actually going to the effort of updating my request thread.

Always remember folks, I'm open to hearing your ideas too!
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