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Author Topic: [Closed] Ashwood School of Reform [Closed]  (Read 3349 times)

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[Closed] Ashwood School of Reform [Closed]
« on: July 06, 2011, 08:57:41 am »

Welcome to Ashwood - home to the School of Reform

Ashwood is famous for its location. Secluded on the Northern Shore of the Great Lake, it is isolated from the rest of the world. Due to its location on the fringe of the Northern Wilds, a small troop of Northern Tribesman patrol the grounds - protecting the school and preventing anyone from escaping.

The Ashwood School is renown for its discipline - it turns young men and women into obedient (or dominant) members of society, skilled in the sexual arts while also being powerful political figures. Many a Noble or Ruler has attended the school to learn its ways. A well rounded education with a heavy does of discipline is what one comes to expect at such a school.

All are welcome to Ashwood - no race is discriminated against. Where else can you can find an Orc as the Headmaster? Or a Dwarf as a teacher?

Apply today for your spot in this prestigious school!
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Re: [Accepting Characters] Ashwood School of Reform: RELOADED
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2011, 08:59:45 am »
All races with low-to-moderate Magic abilities are welcome.

Vampires and Werewolves need not apply.

Angels and Demons need not Apply.

Everything else is virtually.

Do not post Character Sheets here until approved by me.

I am looking for Teachers and Students at this point.

You may re-used your character from the last version of this game if you were in it.

Code: [Select]
[i]Character Name:[/i]
[i]Character Race (with description if not 'typical):[/i]
[i]Character Age (Actually + Visual)[/i]
[i]Description with Picture:[/i]
[i]Character Personality:[/i]
[i]Character Background: Why are they at the School?[/i]
[i]Ons and Offs:[/i]

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Re: [Accepting Characters] Ashwood School of Reform: RELOADED
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2011, 08:30:55 am »
Character Name: Master Korpik'laani

Character Race (with description if not 'typical): Highland Orc

Character Age (Actually + Visual): Korpik'laani appears to be 34 Years Old.

Description with Picture: Korpik'laani has forest-green skin and typical Orcish features: Tusks protruding from his lower jaw, slightly pointed ears, and a tall, muscular body. He stands to be about 6'8" tall, with broad shoulders and muscled arms that are more fit for a Warrior then the Headmaster of a School. His thighs are equally powerful and the rest of his body is also well proportioned. Long, black hair flows backwards over his head and down around his shoulders. Despite his status, he is still often seen only wearing a leather jerkin and boots, the vast part of his body exposed.

Character Personality: Korpik'laani has inherited his races stubbornness and willpower. And dominance. The Highland Orcs - though numbered few - are known for their fierce battlefield prowess and the fact that they have never surrendered to any foe. Those who are captured and enslaved by them are promised years of hard living - both due to the climate and the harshness the Highland Orcs are known for. When in mixed company of other Orcs, it i always the Highland Orcs who take positions of command and power. Korpik'laani is no different. He has no tolerance for disobedience and expects everyone to operate at their fullest potential. Crossing paths with him is likely to create fear in people.

Character Background: Why are they at the School? Korpik'laani started his career in the Company of the Black Hand, a famous mercenary company known for its ruthlessness and battle finesse. But Korpik'laani, having explored the world with the Company, had grown tired of the warriors life and sought something else out. He also quite enjoyed the female specimens of other races. This led him to the doorstep of the Ashwood School of Discipline, where he initially hired on as a guard. After a few instances where he took those trying to flee and punished them, he caught the eye of the old Headmaster. Korpik'laani soon began applying his skills as an assistant of sorts to the Headmaster but it wasn't long before he was given the position - the old Headmaster dying of asphyxiation during a rather mysterious private session.

Since then, Korpik'laani has taken over many school functions and has brought in similarly minded staff.

Ons and Offs: See link.

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Re: [Accepting Characters] Ashwood School of Reform: RELOADED
« Reply #3 on: July 07, 2011, 08:31:58 am »

Character Name: Storm Ogresmasher

Character Race (with description if not 'typical): Dwermer Dwarf

Character Age (Actually + Visual): Not to sure himself, as years pass differently for Dwarfs, Storm appears to be around 30 years old.

Description with Picture: Storm stands all of 3'8" tall, but is all muscle. His fiery red hair is cut into a Mohawk, revealing his Clan Tattoo on the side of his head. The ends of his mustache are braided over his long beard, and a scar crosses over his left eye. The most peculiar thing about him, however, is his wooden peg left leg, attached just below his knee.

Character Personality: The red of his hair should serve as a warning to all, as should his name. Storm has a fiery, raging temper and is likely to go off on his students for any number off things. Forced to retire from a glorious military career due to his injuries, Storm has developed a 'Napoleon' complex. His had broken many skulls during fights (mostly after a night of drinking Fire Ale) and Storm generally hates everything that isn't another Dwarf.

Character Background: Why are they at the School? Storm was born a Dwermer Warrior, to a long line of Dwermer Warriors. His body still carries the bulk of muscle that made him such an amazing fighter in his younger days. He is still more a of match for most people despite having given up his warring ways. He fought in the Deep Dark, against things better left unmentioned. He fought against his Dark Brethren and his peoples Nemesis: the Drow. He also fought on the Topside, against Orcs and Goblins and their evil kin. But what made Storm famous amongst his brethren - other then his temper - was his deep seeded hatred of OGRES.

Storm would turn into a Beserkers Rage at the mere sight of an Ogre, turning into a blurring ball of furry soaring through the air, all sharp and deadly points in his battle armor. When in such a rage, he was known to single handedly kill the brutes that were nearly 10 times his height single handed, turning the tides of many a hopeless battle. Three years ago, however, that all came to an end.

A brutal ambush by the Unseen left him the only survivor of his band. A search party discovered their bodies and took him for dead, his face a bloody mess and his lower leg missing. But he stirred just as one passed him and was rushed back to the Holde, where he was slowly nursed back to life. To compensate for his missing leg, he was given a peg leg. But he was unable to return to battle, and the memories of his dead band began to haunt him. He soon turned to his only friend left - Ale and drink.

He was caste out from the Holde due to his drunken habit to get in fights - namely, fights with Nobles. Like the Kings son. He gave the lad a real licking, despite being small for a Dwarf, but was caste Topside to make his own way. Korpik'laani, a hated Orc, found him in such a stupor and took him in by pure force, seeing something in the Dwarf. Since then, Storm has sobered up (somewhat) and is now part of the Faculty at the school.

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Re: [Accepting Characters] Ashwood School of Reform: RELOADED
« Reply #4 on: July 07, 2011, 04:22:17 pm »
Hello I was wondering if you were still accepting students and wondering if you would be accepting of something along the lines of nekos. Thank you :)

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Re: [Accepting Characters] Ashwood School of Reform: RELOADED
« Reply #5 on: July 07, 2011, 07:48:05 pm »
Yes, still accepting every role at this point. A Neko would be acceptable at this point.

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Re: [Accepting Characters] Ashwood School of Reform: RELOADED
« Reply #6 on: July 08, 2011, 09:28:53 pm »
Ink Slinger
Character Name: Nichole "Nic" Fletcher, that's Ms. Fletcher to students or Mistress in certain situations.

Character Race (with description if not 'typical): Human empath and low level healer, her empath abilities allow her to empathise with others, easily understanding what it is they feel even if they don't. Her healing powers are quite minor.  She cannont accelerate the healing in others, but she can remove their pain (both emotional and physical) by taking it on herself.  She does however heal rapidly which allows her to be the play thing of her boss, Master Korpik'laani.  At the start of the game he is the only one she calls Master.

Character Age (Actually + Visual): Actual age 33, visual age is mid-20's (those healing genes keep her looking a bit young)

Description with Picture:
  Nicole is quite the chameleon.  Sitting at her desk receiving new students and meeting parents she looks like any other harmless school secretary.  She has chestnut hair, dark warm brown eyes and a beauty queen smile.  She is slender but no waif.  Nic stands five foot seven and weighs about 130 pounds.  When meeting families of new students and conducting mundane school business she can typically be found in simple dresses that are quite common for the period.

With Master Korpik'laani is a different story.  She often wears very little at his request.  She has a small birthmark on her back.  It's on her right shoulder just over the shoulder blade.  It's brown and shaped like a heart.

Character Personality: Nic is often times soft spoken.  She views yelling to gain someone's attention as pointless.  Most of her emotion is conveyed through her eyes.  If she is cross with you you won't necessarily hear it in her tone but the coldness in her eyes will be well evident.  She has mastered the art of speaking with a pleasant, honeyed tone no matter what she has to say.  That is not to say she is without the ability to have a harsh tongue.  Her office, her living space are always impeccably clean and organized.  Unless requested otherwise she knows where Master Korpik'laani is at all times and does the job of being sure he sees only whom he chooses to in his office with perfection.  If he doesn't want to see you, you won't be getting past Nic.  Don't be fooled by her size.  She's got a stubborn streak broad as the day is long.

Nic is a people pleaser.  Her empathy aids her in finding what makes others happy.  She will often put the needs of others ahead of her own and work tirelessly to please those around her.  She finds herself in the position of mediator often.  Her goal for everyone to walk away pleased with the outcome albeit often compromise.

She's also a type-A control freak; everywhere but sexual situations.  Her need to please others comes out strongly in sexual situations.  When it comes to the sensual arts she is submissive and she knows it.  She also knows how to get what she wants and needs even while being submissive because she knows that subs hold their own kind of power in the relationship. 

Character Background: Why are they at the School? Miss Fletcher is a product of Ashwood school.  When marriage to a man who might improve her families position in life became impossible her father started looking for other options.  His strong willed daughter needed to know, to learn how to be a proper wife.  Nic was a stubborn child often refusing to give into the wishes of others.  At sixteen she was placed at Ashwood and discovered her stubbornness, attention to detail and drive had their places but there was a whole world of pleasure to be found in submitting to a man, a lover, a husband.

Upon her graduation she went home for a time and remained unmarried.  Ashwood had taught her the difference between a dom and an abuser.  She refused to be married off to a man who would simply abuse her want to please.  At the age of twenty-six she returned to Ashwood seeking a position on the staff.  She had no desire to be a teacher but Master Korpik'laani needed a secretary.  And the rest as they say, is history.

Ons: Bondage (cuffs, leather straps, silk restraints), rough sex, spanking (hand, paddle), whips (nothing to leave permanent marks), biting, scratching (again nothing that leaves permanent marks), large penis,

Offs: Blood, gore, vomit, bathroom play, bodily modification, mutilation, humiliation

CS posted as requested and woohoo I get to be the first to post.  *bookmarks and feels special*

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Re: [Accepting Characters] Ashwood School of Reform: RELOADED
« Reply #7 on: July 09, 2011, 11:16:56 am »
Character Name: The Nord Warriors

Character Race: Nord

Character Age: The Dozen Nords range from the age of 22 - 38 years old.

Description with Picture: Varied.

Character Personality: Varied.

Character Background: The Dozen Nord Warriors patrol the grounds and protect the school from outside threats. They are equally at home in the cold as they are in the forests and often move about unseen, despite their muscled bodies and heavy weapons. They are housed on campus grounds, with their own barracks. Occasionally, a few of them are brought in to train some of the more unruly girls. One of the worst punishments handed out at the school is to force a girl to have to spend a night in the Barracks with the Nords - often leaving the girl unable to move the next morning.
Ons and Offs: Varied.

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Re: [Accepting Characters] Ashwood School of Reform: RELOADED
« Reply #8 on: July 09, 2011, 02:37:15 pm »
Character Name: Sorcha MacFalyn
Character Race: Half-human Half-Fae [of the faerie folk]
Character Age: Visual - early 20s. Actual: Mid-40s
-Sorcha has a celtic knot tattoo on each ankle, wrist, and hip. She also has a tattoo on her back, and a tattoo on her chest. Each tattoo represents the elements, her ties to the earth, and her connection to her Fae heritage. Her ears have seven piercings each, her tongue is pierced, along with her nipples for her own connection with metal, which is rare amongst the Fae.

Character Personality
: Cold and calculating, Sorcha is also fiery and sharp-tongued. She is a no-nonsense type of person with a dry and morbid sense of humor. Despite being half-Fae, she is crude and racist. She is the type to try to get under a person's skin in order to try to bring them towards their true potential. Standoffish, she offers help to those who need it with a "tough-love" kind of teaching style. She only speaks when she has something to say or has to teach. Standing on the "outside" has always been her thing because of her mixed blood and way she was raised. She observes all that goes on around her and has a keen sense of intuition when it comes to what people are feeling or thinking. Because of her morbid sense of humor, she often humiliates people for the hell of it and for their reactions. She always has a semi-snide and amused attitude about her and the way she speaks. When angry, her voice is completely even-toned and her lips form cruel smiles. She lulls people into a false sense of security on purpose when she is this way. She is stubborn but the first to admit when she has done wrong. She is also a very dominant person.

Character Background
: Why are they at the School? Being an outsider, Sorcha decided to look for work doing something she loved: Teaching. Despite her personality, she enjoys helping students find their potential through any means necessary. She always has her head stuck in the books unless she is out practicing with her swords and bow and arrows, so she knows her history. Her passion for learning about the past and teaching it to others is why she decided to accept the position at Ashwood. Before coming to the school, she was with her Sisterhood in Ireland learning to use her magic. They were also of mixed blood. With her capability to work with metal and use her fire abilities, she was a traveling sword for hire when she was young and volatile. Once she came upon the Sisterhood, she was inducted and marked by their tattoos and protections and helped her to control her temper and abilities. After years of training and studying the histories of the earth, Sorcha was contacted by the new Headmaster Korpik'laani to join Ashwood for some of her other talents - bondage. It wasn't long before she packed her bags, said goodbye to her triad, and traveled to Ashwood.

: Ropes, cuffs, spreader bars, restraints, corsets, binders, vibrators, St. Andrew Crosses, knives, marks, biting, hair-pulling, bruises, scratching, submissives, begging, fire-play, some blood, collars and leashes, leather body suits, gas masks, forced nudity, humiliation, degradation, handcuffs, intelligence, wax play

: bathroom play, vomit, gore, excessive blood, excessive cum, body modification, weakness, non-consensual scenes, rape, torture

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Re: [Students Needed] Ashwood School of Reform: RELOADED
« Reply #9 on: July 12, 2011, 08:09:01 am »
I'd like at least 2 male and 2 female students at this point.

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Re: [Accepting Characters] Ashwood School of Reform [Students Needed]
« Reply #10 on: August 02, 2011, 02:56:16 am »
Would you accept a mutant-ish girl student into the school? i say this because i picture a mileena mk9 sort of appearance and yet much different.

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Re: [Closed] Ashwood School of Reform [Closed]
« Reply #11 on: August 02, 2011, 08:53:44 am »
Due to a (general) lack of interest I have decided to close this game at this time.