Mass Effect RP: The Alpha and the Omega [M/F or F/F][VAN-NC, with some EX stuff]

Started by thebobmaster, July 05, 2011, 10:57:07 PM

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Omega. Many criminals are shot down every day. Every day, criminals gun down innocents, or worse. The question is, was the attempted murder of a quarian in Docking Bay 94 a statistic, or was she targeted specifically for some reason?

Basically, in this RP, I'd be playing the quarian, who would be rescued after an attempted assassination by your character, a visiting human or asari Spectre. After recovering, she would give your character data on her omni-tool, information about a conspiracy to get a bomb assembled on the Citadel, then set off in the human/asari embassy. Who is responsible, and why are they planning this? Well, that is something that would be revealed over the RP.

If this sounds interesting, send me a PM or post in here, and we'll work out the details over PM. I'm on quite often, so it shouldn't be too long of a gap before I respond, unless I'm sleeping, or my ADOS (Attention Deficit...Ooh, Shiny!) kicks in :P.

As for the mention of "Some EX stuff", well, there will be some violence in the story, with gunfights and all that. Not any more graphic than the game, but just thought it would be worth mentioning.
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Even tough I've already talked with you about the Mass Effect group play i thought I would try my luck here.
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