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Author Topic: Namakemono's Cravings  (Read 552 times)

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Namakemono's Cravings
« on: July 05, 2011, 07:34:30 PM »
Hey I took a long break from the site but I am back and I am looking forward to getting into some stories again. This post will have a few brief story ideas and some plots, as well a little about my style. I hope you find something interesting and I am always looking for suggests.

A few things you should know about my role playing style

I only play as male characters who are interested in female characters. I also can use descriptions or pictures depending on your preferences.

All of my posts are at least a paragraph but if I am writing too much or too little I can always try and adapt my writing style to my partner

I do like a plot but for these stories I would like to focus on smut, so if that is ok with you then all the better

Story Ideas

More Than Friends

Chris woke up early in the morning to kiss his wife goodbye while she still slept. He had a 8:00am flight to Detroit and he would not return until the following week. He whispered goodbye before walking out of the bedroom and getting in the taxi. He had been married to her for 4 years and he thought everything was going great, they had calmed down from their partying life, went to neighborhood parties, and still had sex at least once or twice a week. Chris barely missed the nights at the bars and the frat house, even though his friend David did not think that way. David was Chris's best friend since freshman year. Despite this they were polar opposites, Chris was a 5 foot 11 man with short brown hair and brown eyes. He came from Florida and grew up on the beach and was a swimmer throughout all of his school. This made him a lean man, his muscles were well defined, although his suit that he now had to wear hid that. David on the other hand was 6 foot 3, he had sandy blonde hair and forest green eyes. He was a football player, although it never took him anywhere after college. Even though he had stopped playing after they graduated he still was in amazing shape, thinking of himself as regular Adonis, and this wasn't too far from the truth. His ego was almost as large as his biceps, and it was backed up by the fact that he had gotten any girl he had ever sought after. Except of course for Chris's wife, both had gone after her at the same time but she had fallen for Chris for some reason that he had never understood. This did not stop David from hitting on her throughout the dating process and even after the two of them had gotten married.

Now that Chris had left David thought it was finally his chance to be with David's wife. He sent her a text at noon that day, telling her that she should meet up with him at the bar at 8. David of course had arrived at 7:30, ordering a nice tall dark beer and going to sit in a booth in the back.  He was wearing a black designer suit with a white button up shirt underneath. The white shirt had the first few buttons undone so that anyone could see his defined pecks budging against his clothes. He was sipping on his beer as it approached 8:00, wondering if she was actually going to show up for a night out on the town.

Little Bro

Josh had been married for 5 years now, having met his wife his senior year of college and dated her all the way through law school, only to get married the day after he graduated. It was a loving marriage and the two were very passionate at first, but that started to fade in these past two years. Josh had gotten a larger case load, gotten several promotions, and was currently working on a case that, if he won, would get him a partner level position. This kept Josh at the office at all hours of the day and night, coming home exhausted and only giving his wife a kiss on the forehead before heading to his office in the basement. The stress and lack of sleep had started to show on Josh's face, his once youthful and light blue eyes were now dark, surrounded by light bags and even a stress wrinkle or two. He had cut his golden hair back and moosed it back, making him look like a stereotypical lawyer. Josh used to have an amazing smile, its how he won over his wife (he thinks), but he rarely smiled any more, and if he had the chance to talk to his wife at all, it was only about work. This new job had kept Josh out of the gym as well, he was now a lot skinnier, losing most of his muscle weight he looked like a been stock at 6'2." The only thing that did make him smile was the fact that his little brother was going to move in with them today, he had just graduated college and was looking for a place to stay.

Erik was young and cocky, he was a little like Josh back in college, but his ego was beyond compare. Both brothers had played basketball, but Erik was still good, and he still had the time to go to the gym every day, and his job as a construction worked helped him even more. Standing at 6'3" he had jet black hair and dark blue eyes like his brother, except his eyes sparked with light and adventure. Erik had just graduated college with a degree in communication, also know as the degree for partying and fooling around. He had gotten the construction job because it seemed easy and it got off at 5, letting him come home and relax, or just spend his time at the bar. Erik had all his bags packed as the taxi dropped him off at his brother's house. He was wearing baggy faded jeans and a black muscle shirt that showed off every single one of his defined muscles, especially the tribal tattoos that he had circling his biceps. Erik slung his bag over his shoulder and picked up his carry on as he walked up to the door of the house, ringing the door bell and waiting for his brother's wife to come down and greet him. He knew that Josh was at work, but luckily he also knew that Josh had a large flat screen TV so he wouldn't be too bored.

These are all minimum descriptions that can be changed around however you want so please let me know if anything seems interesting.

Island Adventure

A newly married couple decides to go to Hawaii for their honeymoon thinking it would be the prefect way to celebrate their union. The two had saved themselves for marriage and had always played it safe. Shortly after arriving however the wife begins to regret her decisions in life, wishing that she had been a bit more crazy and adventurous. That is when she meets a young local at the resort bar. Her husband is away and she decides to do some innocent flirting, however one thing leads to another and soon he is inviting her to join him after his shift ends and her husband falls asleep. At first she agrees as a joke, but later that night the idea seems to become a bit more attractive to her...

Helping the New Neighbor

An woman moves in next door, she can be married or single depending on your preferences. My character is a high school senior, a local playboy at the school and has gotten tired of high school girls and is interested in a more mature crowd. He decides to offer your character help with some of her heavier boxes, being nice only until he gets her alone to show her his real intentions.

A Good Lawyer

My character is brought into your office after being arrested for stealing a car. This is his second offense but your character sees something in him and wants to help out. He is a brooding teenager who was just born into the wrong situation, and with one look at him anyone could tell he could go far in life if just given the chance. This could either turn into a romance or could just be a fling with your character just looking for a little excitement in her life.

Tipping the Babysitter

I usually see this with a female baby sitter but I don't see any reason why this can't be reversed. No description needed here, but again could be with a married or single mom.


This is a story that I have always wanted to try but have never actually found a partner for. My ideas for this would fall under three categories. The first is there is a female cop examining a drug smuggling operation and after following a reliable lead goes to a warehouse where she is taken captive by the mob boss. He explains that he is actually starting human sex trafficking, and that she will be the first test subject for his sex addiction drug. The other two involve students. The male student would be a nerd, rejected by his peers he turns to either science or the dark arts to get his revenge. Here the student starts to infect the popular girls, the female teachers, anyone he can to finally get the girls that he has been desiring.

More Plots to Come

Here are just a few random parings and we can discuss the plot later.

Mother/Daughter's Boyfriend
Wife/Husband's Little Brother (relative)
Succubus/Summoner (For this one I would have the summoner probably be around 16 or 17, have him sick of being a virgin and deciding that the black arts are the best way to finally lose his virginity)
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