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Author Topic: D&D (in every incarnation), Pathfinder and other System Games  (Read 95169 times)

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Re: D&D (in every incarnation), Pathfinder and other System Games
« Reply #625 on: October 13, 2011, 02:13:27 PM »
... personally, I like that Fighting Men are actually something to play, rather than dip in, while you play the real classes, like Druid or Cleric.

Hell yes to this!  IMHO, 4e Got It Right in giving fighting types access to some "cool powers" as well as casters.  I especially love the Warlord -- as NPCs, Warlord makes it possible to have an NPC general who's a nightmare when he has his troops with him, but isn't that great without them... or them without him!

I also love the Swordmage -- the "sword-wielder + magic" idea has been done often in D&D before, but the past versions tended to simply draw off the wizard spell list... which isn't really built around the idea of a melee combatant.  Swordmage gives something that's different from a fighter/wizard multiclass, and really carries the idea of "mage who does melee".  (And multiclassing swordmage/wizard or wizard/swordmage each have their own interesting bits.)

Whatever future D&D does, I heartily hope that they keep the Warlord and Swordmage around.

On the complaint side -- I really wish that 4e had done the monk as a martial controller, rather than a psionic striker.  Leaving aside psionics itself, the martial power source is the only one that doesn't have a controller type, and "I can take out dozens of mooks quickly" is a regular schtick for martial artists in cinema, comics, and books.  Maybe I should make my own version of the monk and publish it through RPGnow or the like.....