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Author Topic: The Havens Internship for Young Women (Could Be Extreme If Desired)  (Read 714 times)

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Offline Modern Fairy TaleTopic starter

     Imagine being a beautiful, though sheltered young woman trying to make her way in the world.  With the recession going on and the climbing prices of colledge education, it can be tough out there.  Imagine being such a young woman on the cusp of all of this.  Your tuition is due and rent is hard to come by and your job is downsizing and you've gotten your pinkslip.  Things can seem so difficult in moments like these.  It is then that you receive your watermarked invitation into an internship which will open all the doors you need opening.  The right kind of people who can get you where you need to go are a part of this internship, plus there is a scaled stripend which can give you everything you need... paying off student loans, getting you back on track with your higher learning, helping you pay back childsupport perhaps, making it so you don't have to wait tables for forty hours a week just to get by and can focus on your studies.  This is the selective Havens Internship for Young Women.

     At first it can all be so overwhelming.  You are invited to a country club where you are fed and have gone through a series of applications, signing legal discretionary affidavits, even have a kind older woman to help take your hand and guide you through the process.  Then as you are about to be given the possible acceptance of this group,  you are introduced to your Sponsor.  It is then that the truth is reveled to you.  You will be expected to attend functions nude and small favors are to be called on for your support within this organization.  This is when the older woman tells you she will help you undress before your Sponsor, one of a group of highly elite movers and shakers, politicians and millionares, who keep this Internship in place.  The hostess tells you that she was like you before standing just as you are now and disrobed before her own Sponsor.  Sponsorship is fluid, so if the interests or presence of the Sponsor is not harmonious with the Intern, than another can take his place until a perfect match is made.  The hostess confesses to you that she met her husband through this very internship and they have been happily married for twenty years.  What would you do?

     If you have ever watched the movies 'Wild Orchids' or 'Eyes Wide Open' you will have seen elements of this storyline in action.  In 'Wild Orchids' a voyeuristic millionare begins to focus his laser like attention on a female lawyer who longs to discover her own sensuality.  In 'Eyes Wide Open' there are millionare clubs filled with beautiful nude prostitutes who give them whatever they want.  Now widen the scope of 'Wild Orchids' and remove the pseudo-satanic rituals and dealings with prostitutes in 'Eyes Wide Open' and replace with young, ripe, needy coeds from some of the countries finest schools and you will have some understanding of the storyline I am trying to work toward.  Most of the men are selective and cultured in their tastes with perhaps a few social flaws which has brought them to the Internship to fullfill their needs.  (Maybe they were raised in military schools or have a distrust of women outside of the Internship.)

     This storyline is meant to be a lighter toned, though still very sexual, answer to the 'I catch you and rape you' stories which I'm sure many of you have been involved in.  Such stories tend to depress me as I would like the woman, truly the beating heart of any sensual tale, to experience more than just terror, pain, and humiliation.  There are formal dances and exclusive parties where about ten to twenty percent of the people there are naked female coeds, being naked means you are part of the internship.  I suspect the Sponsor will want some effection from their Interns, some kisses and hugs, holding her arm as the menfolk gather and talk about business or politics, also the very important Kiss... which is their euphemism for oral sex, which is expected at the beginning and/or ending of each naked encounter- though such is performed discreetly on special reclining reclining couches set up along the peripheries or in quiet balconies outside of the party.  (Full sex can only be given with complete permission of the Intern and usually only after they decide to bring it to the next level.  Unless you want that to be more of a requirement.)  There are hostesses in place to provide support and protection for the young women, making sure they feel comfortable and everything is at ease.  For the most part the Sponsors are older men with voyeuristic inclinations who don't want to go and find prostitutes in the world but would rather grow a relationship with a beautiful and intelligent woman the way some would culture a rare orchid in their private garden.

     Now this story doesn't have to be completely vanilla.  I picture there are inner circles into which the young woman can be initiated.  If she finds a permanent Sponsor, she may have his crest or seal tattooed in brilliant blue ink or even branded, if such is your taste.  I picture more advanced circles have higher expectations, should your tastes flow that way.  I picture rimming, golden showers, or painful lashings with a riding crop over the Interns breasts, thighs, and sex could be possible, but this would be largely subject to your tastes.  Each encounter is layered and only includes Sponsors with tastes matching whatever shade of darkness you might want to explore.  Perhaps some layer of inner circle are those young women who are willing to be altered with laser hair removal and biweekly injections to over time bring them to lactate for her Sponsor and his select guests.  Throughout all of this, though, it should be felt that there is a level of intimacy, trust, and comfort which must be reached with both the Sponsor and the Intern.  Nothing is forced, though growth over time is encouraged.  After a length of time (perhaps 5 years to a decade) it is understood that each Intern will be given a settlement from which she can support herself for the rest of her life, though many (perhaps a third) ending up as long time friends, business partners, or spouses of their respective Sponsors.  Finally, just to prove the point with the exception, we could have one Sponsor's guest gets a little coked up and rapes or almost does so to your character or a friend of the character.  Then security comes into full force and the support which cares for and comforts the Interns can be demonstrated as we watch this tawdry situation unfold, if this is interesting to you.  It could be hinted in story, if desired, that the Havens Internship is more mollycoddling in its inner workings by actually manipulating young women's lives to bring them in the door or that there is a similar internship for men, but I have no desire to describe male homosexual interactions or how men dangle when they walk around naked for paragraph after paragraph.  (Sorry, cant do it.)

     The important things to understand that I want from this is a rich, sensual story with a narrative in motion.  I cant stand stories about some girl rotting in some cellar being raped whenever.  I want our girl to be pampered and refined and educated.  I want someone who can keep the story in motion.  Stories that stall for days or weeks can be frustrating and I find this idea very fascinating.  If properly enticed I can post daily or even multiple times a day and so the lighter tone of this story can be justified by its momentum and classy subject matter and character development.  I want a writing partner with talent, someone who can describe her body in detail and its reaction from time to time (not just once in the first paragraph and then its like shes not even there from then on) and doesn't shy away from descriptions of how sour piss really tastes or how a Sponsor smells like cigar smoke, but over time she gets to like the comingling scents of her own sex and the stogies.  The female body and mind are beautiful and so I want to experience every nervous quiver of a lip or thigh and every bounce of her breasts with each nervous breath and even how she looks at her Sponsor as she surrenders to him in perfect trust.  I think this storyline could be fun and sensual and scalable.  Could all of this interest you?  I hope you are suitably impressed with my presentation and feel this could be a fun part of your Elliquiy experience.  Thanks in advance for your interest in reading such a formidable entry on this thread.  I welcome PM reactions or perhaps the opening of negotiations into what we could expect of each other and if such a writing partnership would serve both of our interests.

     Finally, I hope you truly experience love and fulfillment in your Real Life as well as discover satisfaction within the bonds of our imaginary sandbox Elliquiy.  I believe both are necessary for the balanced life of the creative and the restless.  I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July holiday.  Pax.
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Offline Modern Fairy TaleTopic starter

Re: The Havens Internship for Young Women (Could Be Extreme If Desired)
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2013, 10:24:57 AM »
Still interested in fulling roles within the Havens Internship for Young Women.  Here are some example threads.  So far, none of the stories have really taken off yet.  I guess the story idea is an odd bird.

Please let me know if you are interested.  Thanks.  Peace.