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Started by Lord Mayerling, July 04, 2011, 05:01:25 PM

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Lord Mayerling

Note: I'm not a big fan of any of these right now, so keep that in mind if you're looking to write with me. I usually work pretty well around someone else's idea(s).

I thought I’d do a new thread for my cravings. I’m looking to diversify at the moment, so if you write with me currently, I’m probably not going to write any of these ideas with you. However, I love all of you as writers, so I’ll probably cave if you ask nicely. For those of you that don’t know me very well if at all, I tend to be a challenging partner to write with. I’m constantly expanding my horizons on themes, methods, and content. Most find this relatively rewarding; others find it kills their muse. I don’t write for my own entertainment; I write for yours. I will try to impress you with every post, and this puts a lot of pressure on me as a writer. As a result, my posting speed is irregular. This also makes me relatively patient in awaiting responses.

The Challenge
My character is deeply in love with yours, and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He proposes marriage. She accepts...conditionally. She's not so sure whether he'll be able to please her sexually for the rest of their time together. To test him, she invites a couple of her girlfriends over. All three of them have a sexual challenge for him, resolved in a foursome.

The Tentacle Monster
I’ve been craving to play either flora or fauna with tentacles, or some other form of natural bondage technique. This is probably best done in a one-shot type scenario, but I’m more than willing to weave a plot around it as well.

Dinosaurs of the Lost World
More Sir Arthur Conan Doyle than Michael Crichton, this idea revolves around scientists exploring and observing wildlife in the Cretaceous Period on a plateau where life somehow didn’t go extinct, and also didn’t evolve. This is a romance idea where outdoor living, science, exploration, and adventuring intersect.

The Cult
Playing the leader of a fringe religious sect with strange practices and rituals. This is an idea that can be easily combined with a Dominant character, or the Sociopath, below. This idea revolves around creating erotic, deviant  rituals designed to enslave the susceptible mind through sex, drugs, and fervent religious beliefs.

The Sociopath
I’ve been craving playing a character that is a little on the psychotic side; someone that lives a seemingly normal life, but is deeply flawed in the mind. A serial killer comes to mind easily, as does a serial rapist. Either of these is possible in a setting wrapped around this role. The character could obviously be played in a variety of settings.   

The Shakespearian
No one was better at portraying the depths the human condition can reach than Shakespeare. I’m craving a plot that explores these depths, though doesn’t replicate the writing style. Something similar to MacBeth seems ideal, where the male and female leads are on the same side trying to obtain the same goal together as a couple. Really, any plot that leads to dramatic scenes works well with me on this one. This story probably requires well-established relationships between most of the characters right from the commencement of the story.

A Night at the Opera
By far my most challenging of cravings, this isn’t so much a roleplay idea, but a collaborative project. Challenging the mainstream writing medium, I’m looking to write a compressed story with a number of casted authors, both limited in length and description of pre-plotted scenes. Essentially, this is writing the libretto for an Opera, and then asking others to perform it.

The Bromance Taken
I want to write some sort of action story with another man or men, for other people’s reading enjoyment. Any settings are possible. This would be a story with strong characters and I would think a pretty pre-defined plot. A lot of flexibility and negotiation is possible with this one.