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Author Topic: A Red Rose's Musings [Seeking Male Roles--Craving TMNT]  (Read 1168 times)

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A Red Rose's Musings [Seeking Male Roles--Craving TMNT]
« on: July 04, 2011, 12:48:12 am »
Note#1: I'm still currently on the search for an RP partner. 

Note#2: Thank you for taking the time to stop by my thread today to peek at a few of my ideas.  It's greatly appreciated.

Note#3: FORUM RP ONLY. I do not and will not RP by IM. Non negotiable.

Note#4: You may note that I have been a member since the summer of 2009 but I have a significant small number of posts.  This is due to the fact that I tend to be a lurker by nature and I'm trying greatly to come out of that shell here at Elliquiy.  It's one of the few places where I can actually be myself. Please don't feel weird because of this.  I promise I can still do good work.

Note#5: This thread will be continuously updated with new ideas, as well as the status of which ones are taken or not. I ask that you please PM me, rather then leaving a reply in this thread as I will notice a PM much faster then a forum post as well as that I would like to keep this thread clean.

Note:#6: I am always willing to submit to a compatibility test with a potential RP partner so we can make our styles are adaptable. 

Click here for my writing samples

On that note, onto the ideas!

  • I'm craving hardcore a TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) roleplay.  See below for details!
  • Also, I VERY MUCH would like a Phantom of the Opera inspired roleplay where I would play Christine alongside an Erik.  This could be either set historically or we could even devise a modern day setting.  I'm really open to any ideas.

Title: Observations

Fandom: TMNT


Summary: Donatello had watched her for awhile, working on items and what not in the NYU library.  He'd even followed her home a few times to make sure she made it safely.  But then her car just had to break down that one night...

Specifics: I'd be playing the girl and my partner would be playing Donatello. This is slight based on a fanfiction I have written but you do not have to go strictly by that at all--I'm intrigued by the notion of RPing this alongside someone else.  I'd be more than happy to discuss specific plot lines and the like we could work with.  As for the universe, I prefer the 2003 cartoon and the CGI from 2007.  I'd also like the characters to be between the ages of 23-28.

Title:  For the First Time

Fandom: None, Original


The Script - For The First Time (HD Version)

I heard this song by The Script and watched the music video and it really reached out to me.  What a delightful, long-term RP it would make...

Summary: She listened to him. She always listened to him.  It had seemed like a great idea, at the time. A fresh new start, a new life, a breath of fresh air away from the tiny town they grew up in.  Almost idyllic, really. Except the bills were piling up. And there was still no engagement ring in sight.  She still had no job.  He was struggling to keep the two he had.  Her sanity was her photography, his was the bar and a bottle.  There was fights, as well. Arguments they'd never had back from where they were from. But, in this town, this awful, dirty city...she wondered most days if they were ever going to make it alive.

Specifics: There is still a lot up in the air with this one, but the basics are I would play the girl, someone would play the male.  It's a typical "learning to grow up hard" story but I think it could be very interesting.  As with the earlier RP, this one would also hopefully be long-term.  I would like to also have the ability to play flashbacks to see what this relationship had looked like at one time.  Both characters want to still stay together but I am curious to play this from the position where both are extremely unhappy with how this are in the current situation.  Him feeling like he's supporting her, her feeling like he doesn't listen...there's a lot of potential here.  It would require a great deal of communication and skill to make this work.  I'm also hoping for someone to help me figure out more specifics of the plot.

More RPs will be added with time and again, please check out my O&Os and remember to PM me if interested!!

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Writing Samples
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2012, 10:47:45 am »
I've been spending some time RPing on Tumblr and while I enjoy the forum aspect of it, I'd really like to try RPing more here on Elliquiy.  However, because of this, I do actually have a few samples now I can show to people on my RPing style. Please see below of my writing samples.

What is going on in this scene? This is the first initial scene I posted for a Tumblr RP where I played Megan Giry—a descendant from Meg Giry’s family.  She’s dancing and then hears Erik (the Phantom) whisper to her.  She broke her ankle at the age of 19 and because of it, was never able to become a prima ballerina.  She teaches ballet now, at the Opera Populaire in modern day.  Erik has been speaking to her over the last five years or so.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

My hips are getting wide...

Megan kept thinking this as she glided across the floor, catching small, quick glimpses of herself in the mirror.  Over the past few years, her body had gotten softer and less pliable with age.  After all, teaching six year olds ballet wasn’t exactly the best way to keep up the body of a former prima ballerina---especially, a body that had at one point been pushed to its highest limits.  But, despite the lack of athleticism in her former job, it had paid the bills and allowed her to indulge in her greatest passion.

She paused for a moment after coming in from a turn to shake off a stiff muscle caused by a slight, irritable cramp.  The rain pounding on the window of the rehearsal window caught her eye and she shifted to glance out the window, staring at the myriad of people passing below, an army of black umbrellas passing by.  The quiet and the steady pounding of the rain caused a familiar ache to echo through her right angle and she frowned, trying to shake it off.  It always seemed to happen when the rain fell.  She sighed loudly and crossed her arms, continuing to stare out the window. Megan was damn happy for this job and the security it afforded, but sometimes...sometimes, she had to wonder about what might have been.  Pushing herself back from the window frame she was leaning on, she studied herself in the mirror again, pulling her thick, blonde braid forward on her shoulder.  Maybe she could try that move, once more...just to prove it to herself.  To prove she wasn’t as weak as she thought she was...

Megan stepped into the middle of the floor again, taking a deep breath.  She immediately positioned herself into the familiar stance of a fouetté en tournant and moved to twirl around quickly.  It was smooth and focused and, silently, she held her breath as she rose to a plié on her right ankle. Suddenly, she tumbled to the ground, the breath rushing out of her lungs.  The familiar ache in her right ankle was now a blinding pain and she scrambled to her feet, tears pricking her eyes, as she looked into the mirror again.

No, she thought. I will not cry. I will not even give into the satisfaction of crying.

Breathing deeply, she moved swiftly to the front of the mirror to grab her gear.  Megan decided, then and there, she was not going to push herself further than she should.  Her days of that were over, and it was time to allow her students their own moments to shine.  And she was determined, beyond anything to let them do that; to push them to limits that she herself could not go to, but that she knew they would be more than capable of.

Screwing off the top of her water bottle, she threw it back, letting the water coat the back of her dry throat.  It was there, in that moment of walking out of the rehearsal room, that she heard an all too familiar voice.

“You will teach them well, Megan.”

Megan shivered inwardly and slammed the door shut quickly. Not today. Any day, but today.


What is going on in this scene? Erik has come to see Megan in her rooms and she’s waiting for him and is responding to him after he’s entered. He is NOT happy with her because he feels as though she hasn’t been obeying his commands.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The room, for the briefest of moments, had stilled and Megan waited in the darkness in baited breath for him.  She closed her eyes and bowed her head, waiting to be almost scolded.  What could a ghost do to you, in these halls?  Ghosts couldn’t touch you, certainly.  But, this one could talk and write notes...perhaps he wasn’t a ghost after all, then?  A demon?  Megan would never be entirely sure and she wasn’t entirely sure she truly wanted to know.

The black satin of her robe suddenly didn’t seem warm or secure enough and she brought her braided hair forward on her shoulder to act as some sort of additional shield.  Megan felt him suddenly and stilled herself from moving. She didn’t want to think, she didn’t even want to breathe.  His voice suddenly filled the room and she opened her eyes in the darkness, focused on the floor.  He was surrounding her and she was drowning—she tried to focus on his words, not giving in to her temptation to glance around the room as she had once several times before.  His words were true—he had given her very much and in return, she had not obeyed him properly.  But, how could she even begin to could she even articulate to him how being his personal chess piece made her feel?

Her thoughts stopped suddenly when she was a flicker of a shadow in the corner of the room.  She glanced up, almost shyly, her face a blank show of emotion as she stared as the shadow suddenly became more...real.  A gasp caught in her throat as she studied the man...(ghost?) that was there, in his full power.  An angel in hell...a voice from her past tickled in the back of her mind as she struggled  to remember the stories from her great-grandmother, as she had sat on her lap as a young girl.  He would be elegant, almost, if he wasn’t also capable of such great pain.  The mask though, was what interested her most on his face.  She was unsure of what lay beyond it and she was quite certain she would never want to know...but, she owned that mask, another version, locked away in a velvet box in a corner of her room.  It had been a rite of passage, when her mother had given the mask to her.  Megan took it out, every now and then, and stroked it, trying to imagine who had once worn it.  Wryly, she supposed now, she knew.  Perhaps she had always known.

Her pulse quickened as she watched his hand stroke along her great ancestor’s walking cane as he stepped closer to her.  Fear gripped her and she pondered, idly, that her shunning of his voice and notes must have greatly offended him to warrant such a personal appearance.

She winced, and dropped her head to the side, as he talked.  She had needed him, but the true question was—who needed whom more?  Her purpose to him had been clear from the beginning—to be his eyes and in ears in exchange for the additional income to support her mother.  He was wrong, to her, at least to assume that this arrangement was one sided on her end.  But, of course, she would never tell him that and thus, her mouth remained shut in a thin line.  Megan’s heart skipped a beat as he mentioned Olivia Gold and Micah...would she be at fault if some great harm befell to them...or her students?  Who would become his new desire of obsession...if her recollections could be remembered correctly.

Megan had not seen his hand reaching for her and she gasped softly as the cool leather touched her face and she was forced to suddenly meet his eyes.  She struggled against the desire to close her eyes, so as to not look into them.  What could he see in her green eyes, she wondered?  Because she certainly couldn’t see very much in his, couldn’t read him in the way she was certain he could read her.  The smell of roses and parchment wafted over her as she sensed his breath and she continued to stare into his eyes, wanting to be defiant...yet, unable to do so. Her mouth opened and she spoke softly to him, speaking against his eyes and his breath, which made him feel suddenly more real than she could ever remember over the last five years of her life.

“What can I do to appease you, monsieur?”

She hated him. Oh God, how she hated him in this moment.

What is going on in this scene? Megan is teaching a first time student the five positions of ballet.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide


 Megan studied Celeste’s techniques and nodded somewhat and quirked her head at other movements, but overall, she was very pleased.  In just the initial steps of simply guiding her through the proper stretches, Megan could see the girl listened well and aimed to please.  She certainly listened well than the six year olds Megan had been tasked with teaching over the last few years.

She blinked for a moment after Celeste inquired about moving the ankles in the opposite direction and smiled warmly.  “Ah, oui, Celeste that is a good idea.  I do apologize for not covering that part.  My mistake.”  To show that Celeste was, in fact, correct in her questioning about moving the ankles in a counterclockwise position, Megan did so with her ankles, again countering a bit more difficulty in her right ankle, but once again, she showed no indication of anything and made no mention of it.

After a moment, Megan stood up and smiled softly at Celeste again, ready to move onto the next part of the lesson.  “Alright, mademoiselle, now that we have done our stretches properly, it is time to move into learning the various positions.  I will show each one to you and than, after I am done, I’d like to see you replicate them one by one.”

She moved to grasp her hand lightly on the ballet bar, standing directly in front of Celeste. “Now, the first position is simply to...well, get you into position.  It also helps to build strength in your legs and help you find your center of balance.  You want to make sure you do not use the bar as your cane.” Megan demonstrated this move for a second, gripping onto the bar and letting her knees go loose.  “Instead, it’s a tool you should use to help you keep your balance.  For the first position, which is simple, we’re only going to move our feet and ankles outwards so that they are facing away from our body.”

Slowly, to emphasize the movement, Megan shifted her ankles into position and held herself there, in perfect time out.  While her ankles did not touch as some ballerinas did, her own came very close—they only remained about an inch apart.  She continued to explain her movements. “As you can see, I have my ankles as close together as I can keep them while keeping my legs and my knees straight.”  She brought a hand down her back and her front.  “I also have my stomach and my back tight, with my shoulders back and a long, graceful neck.”  She held the pose for a few more moments and then continued on with her explaining.

“Now, to arrive in second position, we simply move our foot out and touch our toes in a tendu and lower the heel back to the ground.” Megan replicated the move she explained and held her posture again.  “You can see that this position is very similar to first position, the only difference being my ankles are a bit further apart now—it should generally be about the width of your foot as the spacing.  Also, keep in mind that nothing has changed in the upper part of my body.  Everything is still taught and tight.” She nodded at Celeste and continued.

“For third position, we simply do another tendu, but then—which can be at times difficult for young and first time dances—we cross the foot we did the tendu on front of the other, making sure the back of that heel falls into the arch of your opposite foot.” Again, Megan did as she explained, making it look as easy as breathing.

“Fourth position is also simple, we simply extend the front foot in front of the other, making sure to point the toe and we bring down our heel again, replicating third position almost, except for the fact that one foot is roughly about the width of your foot in front of the other.” She demonstrated the move again for Celeste, still explaining. “Once again, please keep in mind you still have everything tight and postured.  It is very important you do this because it helps maintain your center of balance. It will become easier to find over time.”

“Finally, for the fifth position, we bring our front foot forward again to point and we move back to what at first seems like third position again, but this time, you will notice a slight difference—your toes should now back up to the heel of the forward foot.  Essentially...” Megan paused for a moment as she demonstrated the move flawlessly.  “Essentially, you really do now have both feet crossed over each other entirely.  This move is difficult for beginner dancers, so if you should have some trouble, I will not be surprised.”

Megan paused again and moved to adjust her feet to a normal standing position.  “I’ll run through the positions once more, slowly, and then I’d like to see you do them.  So! First position...second position...third position...fourth position...and fifth position.” She demonstrated the corresponding move as she named each position, moving slowly so Celeste could see all five position in one, continuous motion.  After pulling her feet into fifth position, Megan stopped and went to stand normally, her hand off the bar, smiling at Celeste.

“Alright, mademoiselle! It is now your turn.  Please feel free to ask questions as you go along!”

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Updated story ideas with new TMNT. Check it out!

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Re: A Red Rose's Musings [Seeking Male Roles--Craving TMNT]
« Reply #3 on: July 12, 2014, 11:56:43 pm »
Cleaned up a few things and still craving a TMNT RP!

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Re: A Red Rose's Musings [Seeking Male Roles--Craving TMNT]
« Reply #4 on: July 13, 2014, 09:38:34 am »
Cleaned up a few things and still craving a TMNT RP!

Hey! I'm very interested in doing this RP with you! I have seen another request for a TMNT role play but that member has been denied ages ago. So since you're here, I'd be willing to experiment and role play as Donatello for your pleasure! I don't know if you previously mentioned it, but does your character have a set name (I didn't see it earlier)? Also, are you willing to mix both canon/headcanon attributes that I might have for Donatello in this experience? I want to play him based off of the show naturally, but if I added other small behaviors (which are undetermined for now) for him, would that be ok? As your character is an OC I'd respect that totally! :)