The taming of the twins

Started by Polymorph, July 03, 2011, 12:45:44 PM

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The taming of the twins

Mrs Fitzhugh, wife of Captain Reginald Fitzhugh of the Inniskillen dragoons has a beastly dilemma. Her husband's regiment is off on campaign fighting the Zulus in southern Africa. Her husband was a strict disciplinarian and had previously dealt with the matter of chastisement of their twin daughters for their misdeeds.

In his prolonged absence Mrs Fitzhugh found the twin girls becoming increasingly willful and disobedient. Matters came to a head when the girls reached the age of eighteen. Discovering the stains of womanly spending upon the girls bed linen Mrs Fitzhugh entered the girls room the next night to discover the twins in a shameful state of undress and wantonly pleasuring one another.

Mrs Fitzhugh of course attempted to punish the girls, only to be openly defied and have her daughters refuse to submit for chastisement. Unable to physically force her daughters to accept their rightful punishment and unwilling to involve any of the household serveants in the scandal Mrs Fitzhugh has sought out the services of a professional lady to administer the punishment and bring her daughters to heel.

I'm looking for a writer (or possibly two) to play a female character to join me in this RP. Which role they would play is open, one or both of the twins or the dominatrix employed by Mrs Fitzhugh. The roleplay would involve non consensual bondage, corporal punishment and the treatment of the daughters for female hysteria.