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Author Topic: S C O T S M A N's Glorious Book of Idea's and Suggestions!  (Read 686 times)

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S C O T S M A N's Glorious Book of Idea's and Suggestions!
« on: June 23, 2011, 06:43:02 PM »
Welcome Guys and Gals, thanks for taking the time to have a quick browse at the idea's I've put up for show. Before I do so, they are mostly only rough outlines, I don't like having things set in stone. Usually I prefer a little bit of discussion so we can mold it into something we can all enjoy. In due time my IM details will be posted on my page, if any of the below ideas take your fancy then feel free to add me on there, otherwise drop me a message.

Now, I have numerous interest, all generally coming from a mix of things. So, here's what I'll do:-

001. Video Games
002. Television
003. Literature
004. OC

Also, if the below plots are currently full and I'm no longer willing to take anymore on, I'll put a strike through it, just so everyone knows what's going on. Please, if any of them interest you, PM me, don't reply via the actual topic itself.

Italics= Character I will be using.
Strike Through = Story no longer available.

001 Video Games

Metal Gear Solid

Pairing: Raiden X Vamp

Plot: Unable to reach the chopper in time, Raiden is instead stranded to the mercy of Vamp, his immortal enemy. Set upon by a horde of Gecko, Raiden is forced to his knee's, battered and exhausted. Artificial blood that kept what little of his humanity alive now gushing from his metallic body thanks too Vamp's onslaught, Raiden can do little but watch as Liquid Ocelot's pawn delights over his victory and prize, before his entire world go's black. Vamp, although Raiden's enemy, is not so eager to finish the cyborg of in such a manner. Not when he possesses enough skill tom possibly be his true end. That does not mean, however, Vamp is simply going to walk away...

Dragon Age

Pairing: Main Character X Alistair

Plot: Having seemingly been hunted down by the Darkspawn Horde, the Grey Warden and Alistair are forced to split from the rest of the main party, lest they are all torn apart. Taking refuge inside a darkened cave, which the Horde are traveling overhead the duo are forced to wait in silence, the only sound of marching above them and the odd drop of water coming from the cavern's roof. As hours turn into days, with the frequent sound of Darkspawn snarling above them growing what seems to be more and more frequent and their supplied dwindling the pair begin to reflect on the time since they met one another along with a few honest truths even they had so far been unaware of.

Pairing: Hawke X Carver

Plot: Having joined the Templars, Carver returns to the districts of Kirkwall after three years of rigorous training, installed with a new found loathing of renegade Mage's under the teachings of Knight Commander Meredith. Uncaring that a certain apostate happens to be his last living sibling, Carver storms the Hawke household with a platoon of Templar Hunters and corners the Champion, stripping him off the title and respect he had built over the years. Now but a simple Mage locked within the Gallows, Hawke is forced to endure daily punishment and humiliation by his little brother, beaten, raped and broken for the years of inferiority he had unintentionally caused the younger Hawke.

Resident Evil

Pairing: Leon S Kennedy X Jack Krauser

Plot: Beaten to within an inch of his life by Krauser's overwhelming strength thanks to the help of the the virus coursing through his veins, courtesy of his employer, Albert Wesker. Stripped of his guns and combat knife, Leon can only hope that Krauser shows him some form of mercy and end him quickly. As he's forced to stare into those smug, murderous eyes though, Kennedy is well aware he's going to suffer before his death...

Pairing: Billy Coen X Leon S Kennedy

Plot : The previously believed deceased Billy Coen has been spotted within the general public of America. Aware of the incident that had taken place during his supposed death, the US Government dispatch Agent Kennedy to track down and capture the man. Billy however, is more than prepared to deal with any pursuers, having spent everyday looking over his shoulder since the incident.

Pairing: Steve Burnside X Chris Redfield

Plot: Having been captured by Albert Wesker during the T Veronica Virus outbreak, Steve Burnside has been subjected to many cruel experiments to observe the effects caused by the virus within him. Chris Redfield, having been sent in to shut down any operations, comes across Steve, seemingly being kept prisoner. Upon being released, Steve viciously overpowers his saviour with the use of the virus in his blood, a natural instinct kicking in to use the man...

Legend of Zelda

Pairing: Link X Ganondorf

Plot: Beaten by the hero of Hyrule, Ganondorf, the King of Evil, is subdued before Link, broken and helpless within the fields of Hyrule. Link, unused to such temptations of power, allows his mind to wander, twisted ideas forming in his head. Descending upon Ganondorf, Link forces him into a position of submission, a fitting punishment...

Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic

Pairing: Sith Student X Republic Captive

Plot: What better way for a budding Sith Apprentice to train and grow strong, than to mentally, and physically break one of those who would suppress the power they so craved? With only a Vibroblade and the most basic of rags to protect himself against the Sith's lightsabre and force powers, the Republican Soldier faces what he believed to be his final battle.

Pairing: Sith Student X Sith Student

Plot: In a world where power is everything, it's only natural for the weaker to kill the more powerful in any manner possible, honorable or not. As fate would have it, the Sith are anything but honorable. In order to sruvive, the strongest must weed out any potential threats and the weak must resort to other tactics to become strong.

002 Television

Desperate Housewives

Pairing: Andrew X Justin

Plot: Not much really going with this one actually, I'd just really like to do this pairing. Obviously we can come up with something, just drop me a message and we can work something out.


Pairing: Kiba X Naruto

Plot: Whilst on a routine mission together, Naruto observes Kiba's training ritual, in which his bestial side the Inuzaka clan are most well known for comes forth. In that moment, Naruto feel's something stir and pull within him, an almost instinctual hunger that seems to be quickly overtaking his body. Suddenly, the fiery blonde notice ever drop of sweat, every pant of breath that his comrade makes and knows, without a doubt, that things will be taking a far more interesting turn.

Pairing: Shikamaru X Temari

Plot: Troublesome woman. That's what he thought of her. A troublesome woman who visited his dreams every night and made his heart rate skyrocket. She was the first thought to enter his head when he woke up and last before he went to sleep. It was because of her that his heart done a flip when Team 10 were issued a mission from the Hokage to visit the Hidden Sand for a political meeting. Yes...troublesome, troublesome woman...

003 Literature

Erm...coming soon.

004 OC

Pairing: Prince X Prince

Plot: An arranged marriage has taken place, two Nations united and celebrating the coming days. One Prince is a violent, spoiled, sadistic brat whilst the other, a mannered, respectful and gentle Prince have been forced into the union of marriage. After his father leave him to the Brat Prince, young Alexander is left to the mercy of his betrothed, his careful upbringing leaving helpless to the vicious nature that he has become chained to.

Pairing: Lust X Wrath

Plot: Finding humans to be far too easy in the current day and age, the Sin known as Lust turns his attention to something more of a challenge. Something that so rarely thinks of the pleasures of flesh. Of the other six Sins, Wrath intrigues Lust the most, his violent and unforgiving nature often sending chills up his spine. Determined to test the taste of his Sinful brother, Lust sets out to seduce the very embodiment of anger.

Side Notes

Now, I will be adding more to these as time go's on, I had more in mind earlier but they've evaded me for the time being. If any of these idea's interest you, please PM me and we can work something out, or if you have an idea that involves any of these universes and think they may interest me, go right ahead and hit me with 'em.

Hope to hear from you all soon.
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Re: S C O T S M A N's Glorious Book of Idea's and Suggestions!
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2011, 10:58:09 PM »
Added Dragon Age Plot.