Crossing The Line M/M

Started by traci80, July 02, 2011, 11:43:06 AM

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  I would be willing to play either role in the following...

Crossing The Line A teenager is drawn to the neighborhood perv. He has a girlfriend, but still curiosity leads him to the man's doorstep one evening. He considered himself straight tho he did notice some boys his own age and wonder what it would be like to be with another boy. But he never fantasized anything with a man. Certainly not a guy old enough to be his dad. The man had been flirting with him since the guy had moved in down the street a few months back. The whole thing had actually flew right over his head until his girlfriend pointed out why the man was always so nice to him. At first the whole thing freaked him out. But the more he thought about it the idea that an adult, even it was a man, had the hots for him swelled his ego some. Having a man checking him out turned him on. Why he wasn't sure. With his girlfriend giving him nothing more than kisses getting a blow job was tempting. At least that was all he figured the man would want to do.

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Sending you a pm now. C: I'm super interested.