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May 22, 2018, 03:06:38 PM

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Author Topic: APB: Reloaded Clan?  (Read 1650 times)

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APB: Reloaded Clan?
« on: June 30, 2011, 04:40:42 PM »
For those who know what APB: Reloaded is, allow me a few moments to explain what it is to those who don't.
The world of San Paro is a dangerous one indeed; a world rife with criminals who stop at nothing to get money. To bring a halt to this unlawful activity, the mayor has drafted the City Security Act, allowing the privatised police (enforcers) to use whatever force nessasary to catch, or kill the law-breakers. You will either step into the shoes of one of these criminals, attempting to make a name for themselves, or one of the enforcers; attempting to bring justice back to the streets of the two worst distrcits of San Paro; the Financial District, and the Waterfront District.
Starting out with a basic car, and guns you team up with people, and are sent on missions (either against someone, or with the potential to have someone sent against you) to complete specific objectives; hacking ATMs allowing you to steal security-trucks, breaking into jurors houses and removing evidence, and re-covering criminals graffiti, are just a few of such missions.

Cars can be, obtained, upgraded, customised, and tricked out; along with your wardrobe, and to a lesser extent your weaponry. The more 'random actions' in missions you do (breaking into cars, mugging pedestrians, stunning criminals, spraying / covering graffiti) unlocks better equipment, allowing you to do actions faster. This just touches on what you can do in APB.

Since RealTimeWorlds liquidated, APB has been taken over by GamersFirst, and has had some minor updates - still being in beta, there are plans for quite a few overhauls and updates still to come. The main change to the game; it is now free to play.

As with all MMOs, APB is a game best played with others - and it is this reason that I am starting this thread. I am considering starting an elliquiy clan; levels and skill of players isn't important, neither is how much you come on, or the weapons you choose to use - we only ask that you respect Elliquiy's rules, and have fun. For now though, this is just an initial water-testing; seeing if there are other Elliquiy APB players, and if they want to join - or in an attempt to get more people to join and get them interested in the clan.
Currently my main character is a criminal in Obeya (the europe server), but if there are others who use other servers and different factions want to partake, I am more than happy to create a second character in another server and start a clan there too.

Edit: I am in the process of putting together a video for those still unsure about APB, but may take some time and the quality may be fairly shoddy.
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Re: APB: Reloaded Clan?
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2011, 04:48:30 PM »
I also play ... occasionally ... on Obeya. I have an Enforcer, but I've been meaning to make a Criminal. I just can't really get my character right. I'm completely indecisive when it comes to customization, and the more I can customize the worse it gets. And with the level of customization in APB ... it's a nightmare. >_>;

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Re: APB: Reloaded Clan?
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2011, 05:45:30 PM »
Haha, I've seen a lot of people who have got the same cut-and-paste style of crims, so I decided to go in an alltogether different direction for my character:

and my car: